DND Dispel Magic 5e | End The Magical Effect 

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As it is said, Iron cuts the Iron, in DnD it is referred to as ‘Spell ends the Spell’. DnD Dispel Magic 5e Spell is mainly used by the spell caster to end the harmful spell of any targeted goal. A target can be anything or anyone- A Creature or an Object. We are going to discuss the Dispel Magic 5e spell and the most common query, ‘Can it end the Bestow Curse 5e?’ in this article below. 

Dispel Magic 5e Spell works magically on the magical effect, and not on the creatures. This ensures that regardless of the fact that a creature is visible or invisible, it doesn’t make a difference. This spell resolves the major problem in combat. With the spell, a caster can surely save himself from the powerful spells held by the creatures. 

Do not take this spell casually…I dare you!

Anyways, dive right into the write-up and learn the basics of the DnD 5e Dispel Magic Spell. This is your chance to make the powerful creature powerless! 

Dispel Magic: Can the Spell End the Magical Effect? 

DND Dispel Magic 5e

Dispel Magic 5e is an exceptional 3rd level abjuration spell in DnD that ends the targeted magical effect within a range of 120 feet. This allows you to choose your target. It can be a creature, an object, even a magical effect. After you have picked your target, you can end the targeted effect with a spell cast. 

The spell ends if the effect of the target is equal to or less than the spell slot of Dispel Magic. If it is not, the caster is ought to hit a saving throw from their end, using their spellcasting ability. The DC of the saving throw is 10+ the level of the spell.

DND Dispel Magic 5e

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DnD Dispel Magic Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Range120 Feet
ClassArtificer, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Attack/SaveCaster’s Spellcasting Ability
ComponentsVerbal, Somatic

Role of Dispel Magic in 5e Dnd

DnD 5e Dispel Magic is primarily put to action to take off the spell prevailing on the target. It can be anything- a creature, monster, object, magic; anything. However, if there is no spell present on the target, the DnD Dispel Magic is of no use. 

DND Dispel Magic 5e

DnD Dispel Magic 5e at Higher Levels

Dispel Magic 5e DnD initializes its power at the 3rd level. When a character reaches up to the spell slot of 4th level or more than that, the effect of the spell ends on the target goal. This happens even when the level of the spell is either equal to, or less than, the spell slot of the Dispel Magic 5e DnD. 

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How Does the Dispel Magic Works? 

The spell Dispel Magic 5e works both for players and the Dungeon Master. It plays a significant role for the two of them. Go on and get yourself up for some details:

DND Dispel Magic 5e | End The Magical Effect 

Dispel Magic 5e for Players

The players using the Dispel Magic 5e Spell are ought to obey certain terms and conditions while putting a spell to the action. Check out the following Dos and Don’ts for a better experience with the spell. 

Do’s of the Dispel Magic 5e Spell

  • The spell must target a spell, for the sake of Dispel Magic’s effect to work effectively. 
  • All of the harmful spells like Black Tentacles, Call Lightning, Ice Storm, Blade Barrier, Delayed Blast Fireball, etc. come to an end with this Dispel Magic 5e DnD Spell.
  • DnD Dispel Magic Spell 5e also turns the NPCs with the spells like Alter or Disguise Self, back to their original form. This is mainly used if the spell caster wants the players to reveal their identity. 

Don’ts of the Dispel Magic 5e Spell

  • The spell does not affect the Magical effects generated by the objects like Wild Shape or other innate abilities.
  • Dispel Magic 5e does not work on Antimagic Field. In other words, no matter how high the spell prevails in the field, the Dispel Magic spell leaves no effect if the field is Antimagic. 

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DnD Bestow Curse 5e

DND Dispel Magic 5e

The Bestow Curse 5e Spell is a spell that requires touching, in order to leave an effect of the spell. When you touch your targeted creature, that creature is ought to, either, make a Wisdom rescue throw, or convert into cursed for the duration of the spell. 

However, there are the following possibilities, you can choose from after you cast the spell:

  1. You can decide your Ability Score. The Ability Score gives a disadvantage to the cursed target on Ability Checks and Saving Throws.
  2. The targeted creature is limited to the number of attack Rolls he can make while being cursed.
  3. The creature, who is targeted, must hit a Wisdom rescue throw during the beginning of its turn. Although, the hit goes to waste if the target loses his throw. 
  4. There is additional damage of 1d8 necrotic, dealt with the cursed target. This happens when you either cast a spell or make an attack. 

If your spell slot is either at Level 4 or it is higher than that, the duration loosens up to 10 minutes, said to be ‘Concentration’

Does the Dispel Magic 5e Remove Bestow Curse in DnD? 

DND Dispel Magic 5e

Unfortunately, the Dispel Magic 5e does not remove Bestow Curse in DnD. This spell, for a chance, can be cast, somehow. It ensures the caster that the target holds a curse and not a magical effect. 

Additional Tip- A special spell that is used to remove the curse in DnD is Remove Curse 5e. This spell is similar to the DnD 5e Dispel Magic. However, there is one major difference, that the Remove Curse 5e comes up with a clause of ‘Touch’. The Remove Curse 5e comes up with a Touch range and only works for curses. 

You have the advantage to remove the curses at all levels with the Remove Curse Spell 5e. This does not require you to upgrade the spell level. The curses are most like the ones inflicted by 5e Bestow Curse Spell. 

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Wrapping Up

Had fun, Right? Well, I am highly excited to try my hands on this spell. I promise I am going to bring it into my room as soon as I reach up to the 3rd level. Free Advice? You should too..!

Read it out thoroughly, learn the facets, and plan your game accordingly. Comment down below if you still have confusion in your head. 

Also, I am dying to read your experiences so do let me know your every gossip. 

Au revoir les amis..!!


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