10 DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

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Smriti Razdan
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Taking a family photo, putting it on a website, and fitting it on a template. Sounds familiar? We all have done this in the past and now it’s time to actually make our loved ones feel special. Not that the online card sharing isn’t good enough, but nothing of this sort can beat the feeling that comes after you receive a personalized DIY Christmas Card

Even if you have a bad hand at art and crafts you can easily make some customized Christmas cards and that too within a few minutes. You will require some basic materials like sheets, glue, scissors, and colors for every item. On top of that, you can use wool, old Thanksgiving wreaths, and washi tape.

Your DIY Christmas Cards can make anyone’s heart mushy and full of love. Plus, it can be a great way to have some fun with your kids. If the idea of being a little creative sounds great to you, then go through these best DIY Christmas cards and create magic this festive season.

10 Homemade Christmas Card Ideas For Everyone

Are you too worried that you aren’t creative enough to make something personalized? Don’t worry, most of us are born without a natural talent for art. You can only try to create these DIY Christmas once and you will be addicted to making them every year. Don’t believe me? Simply take your sheets out and get going!

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

1. Easy Artistic Ornaments Christmas Card

This very basic but equally chic Christmas card requires only a few watercolors and a pen. Start by taking a sheet of your choice. It should be enough thick to hold the watercolors. Now dray the bulbs and ornaments using a light pencil. Put some watercolor and blow. Now mark the clear lines of your ornaments using the pen and you are good to go.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

2. Fingerprints DIY Christmas Card

What? Do you not have any paintbrushes? Or are your kids too young to use paintbrushes? Whatever it is, you can make this simple DIY Christmas card anytime by using just your fingers and a little bit of paint. Create a curve on your sheet, put some color on your fingertips, and dab dab dab. Finish your fairy lights by applying some white around the corners.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

3. DIY Christmas Card Idea With Washi Tape

Give your homemade Christmas card a very simplistic look. Use some washi tape to make a Christmas tree. Draw a flower at the top and finish by using wood color tape at the bottom. Write beautiful messages at the back of the card to make it more personalized.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

4. Black & Golden Ornament Christmas Card

Take a sheet it can be of any color, but the basic ones like white and brown are more preferable. Draw some ornaments with a pencil. Now take black watercolor and fill your drawn ornaments in between. Complete the gaps by putting on some gold paint. Do not forget to finish your DIY Christmas card by making those white little holding tops.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

5. Action Shots Card For Christmas

Want to make your Christmas cards more fun? Easy! Get the action shots of your family members, print and cut them. Tie all the pictures with a thread and put them inside an envelope. If you want to make their heart go aww, simply write a message on a sheet and put the same sheet in your envelope. Easy, right?

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

6. Stocking DIY Christmas Card

Do you have any kids or are you expecting? Give your loved ones the good news by using a little stalking with your DIY Christmas card. If you can’t look for stalking you can simply draw one on your card and write Merry Christmas from the little one.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

7. Pop Up DIY Christmas Card By Sweatteal

I know this time can get your inner creative person too much alive and that’s why you can try this fun pop-up Christmas card. Make a Snowman or a tree. Paste them in between your card and wish them Merry Christmas. It’s easy and great to look at. You can also cut out some snowflakes and paste them on your homemade Christmas card.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

8. Button Wreath Idea For Christmas Card

We all have some waste buttons somewhere in the corner of our homes. You can use them to make a small wreath on your Christmas card. You can either use thread or glue to stick them with the card. Make a little bow from a red-colored cloth or a ribbon. Decorate the card with doodles and Christmas greetings.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

9. Muffin Top DIY Christmas Card Idea

Make great use of all the leftover cupcake liners. Obviously, they will not be the same size, and that’s precisely what we need here. If you somehow get your hands on same-sized cupcake liners then you can easily cut them to make a Christmas tree over your card. Draw the bark of your tree using a brown pencil.

DIY Christmas Cards That Are Prepared Under 5 Minutes

10. Simple Homemade Christmas Card

If you think you are bad at drawing, just try making doodles once. Anybody can make short little drawings and they don’t need to be made with precision. Only some leaves, some dots here and there, some shading and you will have your best ever DIY Christmas Card ready to gift to your loved one.

Wrapping Up

Creating all these homemade Christmas Cards is more fun than just looking at them. Get your cards, markers, colors, and scissors and make a beautiful piece to wish Merry Christmas to your family members. I am quite sure they will feel special after getting these creative cards. After all not everyone will take out them just to wish someone Merry Christmas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a simple Christmas card?

To make a simple Christmas Card, you need to write “Merry Christmas” in the middle of the card with clean handwriting. Use some washi tape to make a Christmas tree or simply make small doodles. Your Christmas card cannot be simpler than this.

What do you write inside a Christmas card?

You can write the following wishes inside a Christmas card-
1. May the splendor of this festive time
bring you and your family love and happiness,
today, and for the year to come.
Merry Christmas!
2. Naughty or nice, I hope you have a very
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
3. Have a holly jolly Christmas,
It’s the best time of the year.
Season’s Greetings.
4. All our love at Christmas, and always.
5. What’s better than Christmas carols,
Christmas feasts and Christmas gifts?
It’s having all those things with a family like you.


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