Disneyland’s Instagram Hacked & Facebook Spammed | What’s Happening?

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Social media platforms are the best places to interact with someone. It is also used by business houses to promote their company and their products as with one click they are able to reach thousands of viewers. Entertainment parks like Disneyland also use their social media platforms to connect with their viewers. Lately, viewers found Disneyland’s Instagram hacked, and with what!!

On Thursday viewers noticed that their Instagram and Facebook platforms of Disneyland are being hacked. There was disturbing content on their social media handles. The concerned authorities have removed the content and released a statement that they are investigating on the said matter.

So, if you wish to get more news on Disneyland in detail kindly read our article in detail below. You would get all the required updates.

Why is Disneyland’s Instagram Hacked?

Disneyland's Instagram Hacked & Facebook Spammed | What's Happening?

According to Walt Disney Co, their Instagram and Facebook profiles has been hacked on Thursday. Both their social media platform were filled with malicious content which sparked the news of the platforms being hacked. Although the content was taken down very soon.

They even released a statement that the disturbing contents have been removed from their social media platforms and they are investigating this matter.

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The posts made on the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook were made by a hacker who had racist content in it. He claimed to be a big hacker and wanted to take revenge hence Disneyland’s Instagram was hacked.

Wrapping Up

The news about Disneyland’s Instagram Hacked spread like wildfire. The authorities have taken all the measures to save the reputation of the park. We have curated this article to provide you with all the necessary information about the news. If you wish to receive more news on your favorite social media platforms stick to our website Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disneyland Instagram Hacked?

This is the latest news on Disneyland’s Instagram profile which was hacked with disturbing posts.

Have the authorities taken any action against Disneyland Instagram hacked?

Yes, the disturbing posts on Facebook and Instagram profiles of Disneyland have been removed and the investigation is hacked.

When did the Disneyland Instagram Hacked take place?

The authorities of Disneyland came to know about the hacking on Thursday morning at 4 am.


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