How to Troubleshoot Disney Plus Error Code 14? Have You Tried These Fixes?

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Trying to watch a new flick on Disney Plus, and the result is Disney Plus Error Code 14. As Disney Plus offers its viewers access to the app through various devices, one can face issues while entering the credentials. Disney Plus has its own way of showing the technical bugs through error codes, and Error Code 14 is one such issue.

Disney Plus error codes can be disturbing as they hinder the smooth browsing experience. When the device or an app asks you to enter the login credentials, and you enter either of the details wrong, such codes appear. However, there are fixes for every error.

Whatever the code is, there are reasons and fixes for every issue. A minor bug, server down, wrong e-mail id, or wrong password can lead to such error codes. So, scroll down to troubleshoot Disney Plus Error Code 14

Troubleshoot Disney Plus Error Code 14: What, Why & How

So, you want to troubleshoot Disney Plus Error Code 14? First, understand the error code, and then jump to the causes and the solutions.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 14?

Disney Plus Error Code 14

Disney has given access to users to function the Disney Plus App on four devices. So, this multiple device use can lead to Disney Plus Error Code 14 due to log-in failure or incorrect password. Due to this multiple device access, users switch back and forth. This activity leads to messing up parameters in the Disney Plus App’s database. 

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What are the Reasons for Disney Plus Error Code 14?

As discussed above, Disney Plus Error Code 14, can be due to email and password issues. Here are some possible reasons that can be a quick fix to your Error Code problem as well. 

1. Account Activation E-mail 

Disney Plus Error Code 14

When we create an account, we receive an activation link from Disney Plus on our e-mail. This e-mail has an activation link, which is mandatory to activate. Once you click on that link, you have to follow the instructions. This way, you can fix the issue of Error Code 14. 

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2. Changed Password

Disney Plus Error Code 14

Ensure that you have not changed your password, and you are trying to enter the wrong password time and again. If you have installed Disney Plus on multiple devices, ensure that you use the same e-mail and password. This will make it easy for you to retrieve the password. 

3. Your E-mail Address and Password Combination are the Same

This is a common and major problem. We create numerous e-mails and their passwords, and then we forget them. So, ensure that you are using the correct set of your e-mail and password to sign in to your Disney Plus account to avoid Disney Plus Error Code 14.

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4. Switch to A Different Streaming Device

Disney Plus Error Code 14

If you are facing Disney Plus Error Code 14 on either of your devices; try switching the device and check if the problem persists. Might be, that the issue is with the device or the app. In this case, re-install the application. You can contact the support team for the same if these quick fixes do not work.  

5. Log in With a Single Device

Yet another fix is to log out from all the associated devices, and then sign in with a single device for the Disney Plus App. This will help the database to focus on a single device if there is some back-end issue with the application.

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6. Re-install Disney Plus

Disney Plus Error Code 14

Re-installing the Disney Plus App is the best solution for Disney Plus Error Code 14. Minor bugs can simply be fixed by just reinstalling the app. Sign out from the app, and uninstall it. Wait for a few minutes, and reinstall the application. Try signing in now, the code shall be fixed by now. 

7. Disney Plus Needs A Password Reset

Disney Plus Error Code 14

Reset your Disney Plus Password as Disney Plus Error Code 14 is related to e-mails and password mismatch or wrong credentials. Plus, this step will ensure that the e-mail has a valid password, and you are not going for hit and trial means. To reset the password, follow the steps below. 

1. Visit the main site of Disney Plus and click on the login button. 

2. Enter the e-mail address whose password you do not remember. 

E. Click on Forgot Password selection. 

4. Disney Plus will send a code through e-mail. 

5. Enter the code and continue.

6. Now, the app will ask for the new password to reset. Click on the Continue tab.

7. Now, log in using the new password, and check if the issue has been solved.

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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 14? Watch the Video

Wrapping Up

The reasons can be the fixes when it comes to codes and errors on Disney Plus. If you figure out the reasons, you can easily Troubleshoot Disney Plus Error Code 14 by figuring out the reasons. Like, if you know that the wrong e-mail address and password combination are the reason for the code error, you can simply work on them, and fix them by asking for a reset password, and you are done. 

Pro Tip: There is a unified registration system at Disney Plus. Same login details are used for all the Disney services. So, if you change the password for either of the Disney services, the changed password shall be applicable for all the services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disney Plus Error Code 14 associated with a networking problem?

No, Disney Plus Error Code 14 is associated with e-mails and wrong password details. 

How long does it take for Error Code 14 to be fixed?

If your e-mail and the corresponding password are matching, the problem will be solved. 

3. Should I keep the same e-mail address and password for all my Disney Accounts on multiple devices?

Yes, keeping the same e-mail address and password account for the Disney accounts on multiple devices means making things simplified. 


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