Why is Disney Genie Plus Not Working? 4 Best Solutions

What Causes Disney Genie Plus Not Working? 4 Best Solutions

Are you fond of Disneyland attractions? Then, standing in long queues might frustrate you. You should use the Disney Genie Plus services to eliminate these long queues. There are many users who have reported that the Genie Plus App service is facing some technical errors. So, many Genie Plus service users are eager to know why is Disney Genie Plus not working. Scroll down and find common reasons and the best solutions. 

Getting technical errors on apps is a common thing. As Disney Plus app has already encountered issues like error code 14 and error code 92, and now facing difficulties with Genie Plus services is also a common thing. However, the solutions to these issues are not solely reliant on technical means. You can proceed with common resolutions like restarting your app, toggling on or off your Wi-Fi, and many more to resolve the issue with your Genie Plus services. 

In the below Post, I will help you know why Disney Genie Plus is not working in detail. I will also help you get the best solutions to fix Genie Plus service issues. 

Why is Disney Genie Plus Not Working?

What Causes Disney Genie Plus Not Working? 4 Best Solutions

The possible reasons for Disney Genie Plus not working are the overloading of Disney servers, maintenance of the Genie Plus App, or the overloading of Disney servers. So, now, if you are not getting the details for these common causes. Then, do not worry; look at the below points and find the details for these reasons. 

  1. Technical Issues: The technical problems include glitches, bugs, and server outages. 
  2. Overloaded Disney Servers: This mainly happens during holidays or weekends. These days, viewers like to spend time with family and friends watching exclusive content, and this causes Disney Genie to face overloaded servers. 
  3. Genie+ Maintenance or Update Service: Although Disney Genie Plus always announces these outages in advance, sometimes they can also occur unexpectedly. 

How to Fix Disney Genie Plus Not Working Issue?

After understanding the common reasons for not working on Disney Genie Plus, you must be curious to resolve these issues at the earliest possible. Follow the below troubleshooting measures to resolve the Disney Genie Plus not working problem. 

  1. Restart My Disney Experience App: Force restarting the app fixes minor glitches. You must force shut down the My Disney Experience app and restart it on your preferred device. As soon as the device restarts, check whether the issue is resolved. 
  2. Ensure You are Using the Latest Version of My Disney Experience App:  If you are using the older version, you may also face the Disney Genie Plus app not working issue. Therefore, check on the App Store or the Google Play Store whether there is any pending update available. If not, then it’s good. Otherwise, if you find any pending updates, install the latest version. 
  3. Restart the Wi-Fi Device: Disney’s Genie Plus works with stable and strong internet connections. So, there might be a fluctuation in the network, which can be resolved by restarting the Wi-Fi connection. 
  4. Try Using a Different Device: If you have another smart device at home, you can try accessing the Disney Genie Plus or book Lightning Lane reservations on that device. If it runs smoothly on another device, then there might be an issue with your device. 

How Can I Contact the Disney Genie Plus Support Centre?

What Causes Disney Genie Plus Not Working? 4 Best Solutions

If you cannot access Disney Genie Plus services after trying all the measures stated in the above header, you must contact the support center. Every query has different phone numbers; you must call (407) 934-7639 for My Disney Experience App. Also, you must visit Genie Plus’s official page so that you can get an accurate phone number to lodge a complaint on different issues. You can get a resolution as per their working hours from the concerned team. 

Also note that, importantly, if you cannot book Lightening Lane or access Disney Genie Plus, you might get a refund. I am not sure; you must contact the service center, inform them of your issue, and then ask for the helpful steps they can provide. 

Additional Troubleshooting Tricks for Disney Genie Plus Not Working Issue

What Causes Disney Genie Plus Not Working? 4 Best Solutions

If you do not want to follow the long steps or contact the support team to resolve the Genie Plus service not working issue, then follow the below points. These quick tricks will help guests resolve the Genie Plus issue immediately. 

  1. Ensure you are logging in to the correct My Disney Experience app account on Google Play and App Store
  2. Check out to ensure you have a valid Disney Park Pass reservation for the day to use the Genie+ app. 
  3. Ensure that you have purchased Genie+ for the day. 
  4. Ensure the lightning lane you are trying to book is eligible for Genie+. 
  5. Try booking Lightening Lane at different times of the day. 

Wrapping Up

Genie+ is a paid service. Hence, if you face a Disney Genie Plus not working problem, it might frustrate you. Check the above post for the four troubleshooting measures to resolve the Genie Plus service error. I have also mentioned the quick troubleshooting tricks to resolve the issue without proceeding with the long steps. 

Are you able to fix the Disney Genie Plus not working issue? Please share your experience in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Disney Genie Plus not working? 

The common reasons for not working Genie Plus service can be technical issues, overloading the My Disney Experience app, or maintenance issues. 

2. How to Fix not working Disney Genie Plus services? 

You can fix the Disney Genie Plus not working issue by restarting the My Disney Experience app, toggling on or off the Wi-Fi, updating the app to the latest version, and accessing the app on different devices. 

3. How Can I Disney Genie Plus? 

You can active the Disney Gebie Plus by following these steps: open My Disney Experience mobile app > Go to the main Menu > Choose the “My Disney Genie Day” option > Scroll and select the “Tip Board” tab > Finally, tap on the “Get Disney Genie+ for Today.”

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