Discovering the science behind weighted blankets and temperature for a healthy sleep

Discovering the science behind weighted blankets and temperature for a healthy sleep

Having a healthy and timely sleep is an utmost necessity of a human being. A peaceful and stress-free sleep prevents the chances of heart attacks, depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders, stomachs, and many more critical diseases. Besides, having a balanced diet, a good exercise schedule, and a happy life, consistent sleep is a key essential in maintaining a near to perfect health. However, according to a study, approximately 33% of the population suffers from various sleep disorders. A poor sleeping habit can damage your hormones, brain functionalities, and energy level. For some children, it can promote obesity and other risky diseases. 

The goal is to prevent sleeping deprivation and disorders by using effective and result-driven tactics. The focal physical factors for a peaceful sleep are:

–        Soft and comfortable mattress. 

–        Weighted and suitable material blanket.

–        A quiet room with a nice scent and temperature. 

–        Minimal and no room lighting.

–        Get the right sleepwear as tight clothes can wake you up frequently while sleeping. 

According to research and multiple studies, temperature and weighted blankets have proved to an efficacious source of divine sleep. Let’s dig in detail and learn how these two methods incorporate to yield a regular sleeping cycle.

How to get an 8-hour sleep cycle by setting a suitable room temperature?

As soon as a sleep wave strikes your brain, the body temperature naturally decreases and it becomes insufficient to produce the required energy. Very low and very high temperatures can alter sleep patterns and disturb mental health. This means the right temperature is just as vital as appropriate sleepwear if you’re to get a good shut eye. You can also buy your best sleepwear with use of coupons and promo codes to get maximum discount and save your money.

According to the research, the ideal sleeping temperature for a human being is 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature below 60 or above 68 can cause difficulty in sleeping as you will be having an 8-hour sleep with poor quality.

How to create an ideal sleeping temperature in your bedroom?

The prerequisite of temperature settings is to clean your air vents to make certain that clean and proper air is being circulated in the room. You can record the temperature setting and a cross-check it with your sleeping hours and choose the accurate sleeping temperature wisely. Most of the houses have central air condition systems where the temperature is automatically adjusted. Such types of systems are environment-friendly and keep the person rejuvenated throughout the day. Our body follows a circadian rhythm mechanism to adjust the internal body temperature when it’s time to sleep. Any alteration in the room temperature and air ventilation can hinder the sleep cycle. 

With the advancement in technology, a water-powered thermal technology based bed are being introduced which automatically creates an ideal sleeping temperature on both sides of the bed. These beds track your heartbeat and respiratory rate and accordingly set the temperature of your bed required for a peaceful sleep. You have a remote by which you can control the temperature and also shows you sleep score statistics that elaborate your sleeping hours and how much time you wake up in the middle.

Discovering the secret of using weighted blankets for a smooth sleep

The most negligible yet crucial part of fine sleeping is using the right type of blanket or sheet. According to studies, a weighted blanket is highly recommended to practice a mindful sleep. A weighted blanket weighs around 10 to 30 pounds and is stuffed with soft plastic pallets. It gives an intense feeling of cuddling which lowers down the rate of anxiety and depression. It is being introduced under the theory of deep pressure which claims that these blankets excites your nervous system and produces calmness throughout your body. Under this, the serotonin level is raised in the body which is a requisite neurotransmitter for sleep regulation. Weighted blankets also enhance the production of oxytocin which lower down your stress level and boost your immune system.

Citing a study being conducted in 2015, study to people used a 30-pound blanket to sleep and out of which 63% reported with mitigation in their anxiety level.

Adrian Pristas, corporate medical director at Hackensack Meridian Health quotes, “Weighted blankets have become a popular sleep aid because they help your body to produce endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ that allow you to feel comfortable and safe,”

To choose the right sleeping blanket, follow the rules below: 

  • Choose the material of a weight that you can wear. 
  • Do not choose any material to which you are allergic. 
  • Choose a blanket of size greater than the size of your bed. 
  • Choose a material such as cotton or polyester which can promptly absorb the temperature of the bedroom. 
  • P.S. For patients with health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes should consult their doctors before using any weighted blanket.

What else can foster your sleeping cycle?

Once you found out the importance of setting temperature and finding the right weighted blanket, you can use other complementary tools listed below: 

  • Keeping your room dark and quiet. 
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation before sleeping. 
  • No usage of mobile phones and other gadgets before 1 hour of sleep. 
  • Listening to peaceful music and rhythms.
  • Avoid caffeine consumption in the evening as it can stimulate your nervous system reversely.
  • Don’t elongate the duration of your power naps to hours in the day time.
  • Quoting from a study, a nap of 30 minutes or less can boost mental capabilities.

The final words 

It is a proven fact that sleep plays a vital role in assisting our brain to control all mechanisms of our body. An improper sleeping cycle can adversely affect your mood, energy, relationships, and concentration level required for active participation in your life. Considering the content above, all these factors can prove to be a failure if your lifestyle is not supportive. Excessive smoking and alcoholism can make it harder for you to sleep. Also, early to bed and early to rise speaks it all i.e. it is a useful tactic of living a regular sleeping pattern.

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