Discord Shutting Down AI Chatbot Clyde: Is It True?

Discord Shutting Down AI Chatbot Clyde | Is It True?

Is it true? Is Discord really shutting down AI Chatbot Clyde? Well, the news is all over the media right now. Artificial Intelligence is currently booming, and every new company is inclined toward new AI tactics. However, the sudden shutting down news has shocked us to every extent. Let’s go further on this page and learn more about it. 

Discord is a wide platform where users can share many new experiences. Whether it is about chit-chatting on various channels all day long or streaming Disney Plus, the excitement is unmatchable. Currently, the platform is experimenting with many new AI features, focusing on AI-generated conversations. One such experiment was Clyde.

Make your way onto this page and see if the buzz is just a rumor or if we have some extent of faith in it. Also, I am eagerly waiting to read your comments. Let’s bring on the conversation in the box below.

Is Discord Shutting Down AI Chatbot Clyde?

Discord Shutting Down AI Chatbot Clyde: Is It True?

Yes, Discord is shutting down AI Chatbot Clyde

Well, the rumor is true! Discord is shutting down AI Chatbot Clyde by the end of this month, and fans cannot use it from December 1. AI Chatbot Clyde was just launched eight months ago, and it intrigued users to ask various questions to the chatbot and message other members. However, due to some unstated reason, Discord decides to deactivate Clyde. 

It may be because of the Chatbot’s possibility to come as a paid Nitro-only feature or Discord doesn’t need it anymore. 

Why is Clyde being shut down?

AI is the new trend of today’s time, and Discord is really making the most of it by bringing new things onto the interface. Clyde was one of them. However, as per the recent news, it is being shut down.

The reason for such a big decision is unknown as the official team has not revealed anything on their official online portals. Although, you can hope and pray that they are planning something greater than this. So, cross your fingers and bid the Clyde GOODBYE!

How do I get rid of Clyde AI on Discord?

To remove Clyde AI on Discord, you must Open Discord, update the Bot Settings, and confirm the removal of Clyde on Discord. You can click here for a detailed guide on the steps you need to follow for the same.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Discord Shutting Down AI Chatbot Clyde. Well, unfortunately, the answer is YES. Drop your comments in the box below, and I cannot wait to read what do you have to say about this heartbreaking news. Path of EX is an open space. Let us know if you have any more questions, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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