Discord Shaming Server 2022 | Find Everything About the Name and Shame Discord Scam

Discord Shaming Server scam

Another day, another scam! This time it’s the Discord app in everyone’s eyes. The Discord app has been making rounds on the internet for the Discord Shaming Server scam. It is also known as the Name and Shame Discord scam. So, what is this scam all about? Let’s find out!

Discord is majorly used by gamers around the world to communicate with each other. The app lets the users communicate with each other through text messages, video, and voice calls. The unique thing about Discord is that it lets the users connect as communities known as ‘servers’. However, one can only be a part of a ‘server’ through invitation links.

So, what’s Discord Shaming Server? And, why are people falling for this scam? Scroll down to find out everything about the Discord Shaming Server scam.

What is Discord Shaming Server?

There are so many ways to scam or get scammed on the internet. Let’s look at the most recent and innovative Discord Server Shaming scam.

The very first incident of this scam can be traced back to 1st July. A new server named ‘Name and Shame’ popped on Discord. It took this server just some time to attract thousands of people. The Name and Shame Discord server is server that is not authentic. It has been made to steal the personal information of people who fall for the scam.

How Does the Discord Shaming Server Scam Work?

discord shaming server scam

I have told you what is Discord Shaming Server. Now, it’s time to know how the Name and Shame Server has been scamming people. This server sends invitations to Discord users to join. Once a user clicks on the link to join, the bots get access to the user’s account. After that, the user’s messages get blocked and they lose their Discord contacts.

Our data is a form of wealth in today’s time. So, your personal information and data being stolen can cause a lot of trouble. That’s why one should be cautious while dealing with such scams.

What to Do If You Receive Discord Shaming Server Message?

IGNORE! The only thing you need to do when you get a message like this is to ignore it. I know these messages are curated to be persuasive. They will try to entice you, but if it looks fishy, you need to stay away from them.

As discussed above, your personal information is your wealth and you can’t let that go into the wrong hands. So you need to beware of such frauds.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to wrap up! If you use Discord, you must have heard about the Discord Shaming Server scam. It’s quite a unique way to scam people for their personal information. If you didn’t know about the Name and Shame Discord scam, now you are aware. So, be cautious and do not click on any random links.

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