Best Plan to Buy Among Discord Nitro Basic Vs Classic | Which is Better?

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Wanna know which is the best and who wins in discord nitro basic vs classic? Let’s compare them together with relevant statistics and find out the best among the two. Scroll on further to find out the ultimate winner. After going through this article, you can make your decision whether you wanna buy discord nitro basic or classic.

With more than 150 million active users every month, Discord is a platform that is expanding quickly. Although it is free to use, customers can subscribe for a monthly fee to obtain more benefits from the service. Let’s find out the best among this discord nitro basic vs classic battle; it’s gonna be interesting so hang on.

If you regularly use Discord, you’ve probably realized that there are some restrictions that come with it. These restrictions are put in place by Discord to encourage users to pay for its service. There are 2 available communication methods on Discord’s servers since they have two plans, Nitro and Nitro Classic, which we will examine below.

Discord Nitro Basic Vs Classic | Which is Better?

Best Plan To Buy Among Discord Nitro Basic Vs Classic | In-Depth Comparison

The battle of comparison between discord nitro basic vs classic goes like this; Nitro offers two servers that enhance it for free each month, which sets it apart from Nitro Classic. There are no server enhancements in Nitro Classic. Nitro costs a little more than the Nitro Classic. Nitro is more expensive than Nitro Classic. Regarding the file uploading process for Nitro and Nitro Classic, compared to Nitro Classic, Nitro has greater upload restrictions. Classic has 50 MB while Nitro has 100 MB. Nitro has a higher character restriction than Nitro Classic. 2000 characters are available for each message in Nitro Classic. 4000 characters are available for each message on Nitro.

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Let’s compare the benefits in detail below to decide which is the best plan among the discord nitro basic vs classic.

1. Discord Nitro Basic

The Discord nitro Basic is paid subscription plan of Discord where users can access a number of extra features, like animated avatars, greater upload sizes, and global emotes.

Best Plan To Buy Among Discord Nitro Basic Vs Classic | In-Depth Comparision

The Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic are two separate subscription tiers. If you haven’t noticed, Twitter and Facebook carry advertisements, while Discord does not. Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered how Discord generates revenue, this is one of the ways it does it.

The benefits and price of discord nitro Basic are –

  • Just $2.99 a month.
  • Can utilize customized and animated emoticons irrespective of servers.
  • In addition to the 300+ exclusive stickers to Nitro, you may order stickers anywhere.
  • Personalized video backgrounds.
  • Can upload 50MB worth of files.
  • Badge for a special Nitro profile.

For that amount, that’s truly not a bad offer. You won’t receive HD streaming or server increases, but many users probably won’t require these things. Will this plan win in the battle of discord nitro basic vs classic? Let’s find out, but before that let’s hear the Nitro Classic’s side first.

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2. Discord Nitro Classic

The Discord Nitro Classic can be thought of as Nitro’s subversion. It is offered with a relatively small feature set and is reasonably priced. Additionally, it offers the same fundamental functions as the Discord app. Custom and animated emojis that can be used anywhere are among the features. Apart from the basic offerings, below is the list of benefits of Discord Nitro Classic.

Best Plan To Buy Among Discord Nitro Basic Vs Classic | In-Depth Comparison

The benefits and price of discord nitro Classic are –

  • The monthly cost is $4.99, or $49.99 annually.
  • Better video screen sharing at 720p at 60 frames per second or 1080p at 30 frames per second.
  • GIF avatars are uploadable.
  • Can alter your four-digit Discord tag.
  • Server enhancements are 30% off.

The better video quality for screen sharing and getting server boosts at a big cost is truly the primary feature. Will this feature make this plan a winner in the battle of Nitro Classic? Let’s find out the final verdict.

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To sum this all discord nitro basic vs. classic benefits in one place, look at the summary table below –

Parameters of ComparisonNitroNitro Classic
Uploading LimitUp to 100 MBUp to 50 MB
Server BoostsTwo server boostsNo server boosts
Character Limit4000 characters per message.2000 characters per message.
FeaturesOffers, animated avatars, custom tags, custom emojis, and higher-quality screen sharing.More emojis than Regular and Classic, Better bandwidth, HD Go Live streaming, uploading limit is more, etc.
BadgeSpecial Nitro BadgeSpecial Nitro Classic Badge

Which Discord Plan Is The Best | Discord Nitro Classic or Basic

You don’t really need to upgrade to the Nitro plan if you’re just an average Discord user who doesn’t communicate on Discord every day or every week. Because you probably don’t require the other perks and features like server upgrades, higher-quality streaming, and enhanced file size limits, you’re better off with the Nitro Classic. 

Best Plan To Buy Among Discord Nitro Basic Vs Classic | In-Depth Comparison

With reasonable prices and benefits with server enhancements being 30% off, we announce the Discord Nitro Classic as the winner of the battle discord nitro basic vs classic.

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Although creating a server on Discord is free, server boosts undoubtedly give you access to some benefits for the servers you own or frequently use. See, if you are an average user and you don’t stream then, you can buy Nitro Classic, and if you are someone who is seriously in Discord, you must buy and utilize discord nitro Basic.

Wrapping Up

So, this is the ultimate face-off between discord nitro basic vs. classic. I hope you enjoyed the battle and decided which plan to buy. As said, I recommend using Discord Nitro Classic if you are an average user, and if you are someone who is seriously in Discord, you must buy and utilize discord nitro Basic. 

Check out Path of EX for more intriguing articles, and enjoy your new Discord plan. Till then, I’ll soon be back with another interesting trending article to keep you updated and entertained. Take care, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Happy Gaming!


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