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Clyde Bot; Discord Clyde Bot

The market for AI-powered chatbots is hot, and various companies are coming with their versions of it. The wave of chatbots started with ChatGPT and led to the launch of similar bots almost every day since then. Discord has recently announced that it will be updating its Clyde bot using AI technology. Today, let us discuss Discord Clyde Bot.

An instant messaging social platform, giving its users the ability to communicate with voice calls, text messages, video calls, media, and files in either private chats or in communities called “servers.” “Clyde” is the name of the default bot account that is created automatically when you sign up for a new Discord account.  Discord also lets its users use AI apps on it. Millions of users on Discord use AI to create Avatars, generate novels, generate gaming assets, and much more.

A big update regarding the Clyde bot is that Discord is transforming its chatbot into a talkative bot. The chatbot will be updated on the same technology as ChatGPT next week. The launch will take place as a free public experiment. 

What is Discord Clyde Bot?

Robot working on Laptop; Discord Clyde Bot

The OpenAI technology that ChatGPT works on is the same that is being incorporated in the Clyde bot. The new Clyde is designed to have conversations and answer questions. Clyde bot can start a thread for your group of friends. A new bot that can suggest a playlist and still access GIFs and emojis for a Discord user. By typing in @clyde on the server, one can chat with Clyde on any channel. Discord is trying to make this bot smarter and better, but it still requires a lot of testing and experimenting. 

Just like ChatGPT is known to provide false information sometimes, and just because the Clyde Bot also runs on the same technology, it can be prone to it also. The Clyde bot comes with a warning message while you signup about the probability of being prone to some false information.

Four Commands You Must Try With Clyde Bot 

Four Commands You Must Try With Clyde Bot 

The possibilities of what can be done with the Clyde Bot are endless. Here are some commands that you can try with Clyde.

1. Memes

Life is no fun without memes these days. Clyde can be commanded to generate memes to keep you entertained. Every time you command Clyde to generate a meme, it gives you a meme taken from Reddit.

2. Trivia

Another command that can be given to Clyde is Trivia. With Trivia, a user can broaden his knowledge base by getting facts and general knowledge.

Clyde features screenshot; Discord Clyde Bot

3. Music

To make things more interesting, Clyde will play tunes for you. For that, all you have to do is write Play Music in a text channel.

4. Weather

With the Discord Clyde bot, you can check the weather without having to turn to the app on your smartphone.

Wrapping Up

The integration of Discord with AI technology has set a new trend, and maybe in the future, we might see more companies like Discord joining the race. Slack and Snapchat are also in league with ChatGPT-like features to sweeten their features. The world of AI is growing, and nobody knows how far it is going to take all of us.

Hope you liked reading this article about Discord Clyde Bot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Clyde Bot free?

Yes, the Clyde bot is free for all of its users.

Will Discord work the same way as before the upgrade to ChatGPT-like technology?

Yes, Discord will work the same way. By upgrading its Clyde bot with ChatGPT-like technology, it will have upgraded features.

Which is the most famous Bot of Discord?

The most famous Bot of Discord currently is MEE6.

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