Different Types Of WeChat Accounts

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WeChat is a convenient way to promote your brand to the millions of users who use it every day. It can help you give your brand top of the mind recall very efficiently. And it is free! It is used by media companies, small and big enterprises, even celebrities. It is a Chinese messaging app that is becoming very widely used. 

Almost 700 million users by the end of 2020, and by now, the user base could have jumped more than doubled. That is why it makes competitors like Facebook nervous and makes them take several steps to counter this huge threat. 

The world of social media and chat messaging is growing fast enough to accommodate many players, but WeChat has captured the lion’s share so far, is making others very nervous. Let us try to understand the reasons.

Types Of WeChat Accounts

So why is WeChat becoming so popular, leaving even Facebook behind? The biggest reason is that WeChat is itself used as an app, but it contains a humongous number of sites & apps within itself. Additionally, it has a payments feature inbuilt. 

There are several types of WeChat accounts you can have. Let us understand two of them. 

  • Subscription Accounts: It is an easy way to share fresh information with readers, whether you are a media house or an individual. It is a good option for individuals, media houses, medium or small enterprises, government departments, etc. Your messages would show up in the Subscription Accounts folder of the reader. You can send up to 1 group message every day. It has the provision of an API for the basic sending and receiving of messages, and it also has a custom menu at the bottom of the chat interface. You would need to apply with complete details of yourself or your organization.
  • Service Accounts: How this differs from a regular subscription account allows you richer content in your messages and has additional user interfacing options. It can be considered a two-way communication where the reader can respond to your messages by sending information, validating phone numbers, or replying to your queries/requests. This is more useful to you because it will increase user interaction with you, instead of being a set of information (sent by you) that he reads. This kind of account will allow you to send up to 4 group messages in a month. The messages on this type of account would show up in the friend session list.

Conculsion | Types Of WeChat Accounts

So if you are a company that is using WeChat, then not only can you promote yourself on it, but another user can buy from you directly using WeChat’s payments facility. Also, Facebook is blocked in China, so the huge Chinese population is kind of like a captive audience for WeChat and have very few other options & write for us here. But apart from individual users, who are anyway there in large numbers, WeChat is also attracting enterprises and media houses because of the advantages mentioned above.


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