Difference Between Chaos bolts 5e & Chromatic Orb in DnD | Twinned Spellcasting

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This is a tough task to differentiate Chaos Bolts 5e & Chromatic Orb in DnD, considering the fact that they both are one of the amazing spells we have on the plate. Even if it is about their damage deal, levels, powers, or targets, they both hold a power source at their individual levels and even when they are twinned together. However, on this page, you are going to find a difference between DnD Chaos bolt 5e and Chromatic Orb, Twinned Spellcasting, their spell descriptions, and their influential combination. 

With Chaotic energy, a target deals with damage of 2d8+1d6 and 3d8 in the case of Chromatic Orb. However, the kind of damage differs from creature to creature. The attack roll can be made on the other creature with a forward bounce by using Chaos Bolt 5e. There is a whole prolonged theory on this jump, about which we will be talking further. 

These spells are all about attacking the creature or the creatures. Nevertheless, you need to head on further for more details.  

Difference Between Chaos bolts 5e & Chromatic Orb in dnd. 

Difference between Chaos bolts 5e & Chromatic Orb in dnd

There are various parameters, on the basis of which Chaos Bolt 5e and Chromatic Orb are differentiated. Read along to know how these two are completely different from each other.

DnD Chaos bolt 5e vs. Chromatic Orb

1. Damage

The major difference between Chaos Bolt 5e DnD and Chromatic Orb, in regards to damage, is that Chaos Bolt 5e DnD makes a damage of 2d8+1d6, at the 1st level. However, with Chromatic Orb, the creature deals with a damage of 3d8.

2. Twinned Spellcasting

There are high chances that a Chaos Bolt 5e can be twinned, whereas, Chromatic Orb cannot, which is a greater aspect in difference between Chaos Bolt 5e DnD and Chromatic Orb. 

3. Range

Another point of difference between Chaos Bolt 5e DnD and Chromatic Orb is that a Chaos Bolt 5e spellcaster is allowed to make an attack strike within a range of 120 feet. With Chromatic Orb, a range so included is merely 90 feet.

4. Diamond

A diamond worth 50 GP is the prerequisite for casting Chromatic Orb. There is no such limit in Chaos Bolt 5e. This is an important pointer in the difference between Chaos Bolt 5e DnD and Chromatic Orb,

Although, this is not it. Chaos Bolt 5e and Chromatic Orb own some prominent features that work amazingly well when used single-handedly or twinning together. Head on to learn more. 

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What is Chaos Bolts 5e? 

Chaos Bolt 5e is a 1st level Evocation spell that does a damage of 2d8+1d6 when a high bolt of chaotic energy hits the target. This does not require any diamond to make a hit. The attack roll made for 2d8 damage plays a significant role in DnD. It means that a spellcaster gets an advantage to choose the nature of its damage before making an attack roll. If an attack roll is doubled, the spell is ought to jump onto another creature.  

This allows you to strike a target irrespective of its distance. 

Difference between Chaos bolts 5e & Chromatic Orb in dnd

Attributes of Chaos Bolts 5e

Casting Time1 Action
Range120 feet
Components Verbal, Somatic
Spell Sorcerer
Source: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

DnD Chaos Bolt 5e doesn’t have a hold of any material element. This allows the spell caster to prefer a subtle spell over it and get rid of the requirements wholly. 

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What Is DnD Chromatic Orb 5e? 

Chromatic Orb 5e is a 1st level, costly, single-target damage-dealing spell in DND. It is vital to own a 50 GP of diamond to cast a spell. This spell allows you to make a 4-inch diameter sphere of energy at a creature. The kind of orb can be anything- acid, cold, fire, light, thunder, or poison. The target is ought to deal with a damage of 3d8, depending upon the kind of attack you choose to make. 

Difference between Chaos bolts 5e & Chromatic Orb in dnd

The damage rises up by 1d8 per spell slot when you cross the 1st level.  

DnD Chromatic Orb 5e Attributes 

Range90 feet
ComponentsV, S, M
Casting Time1 action

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Twinned SpellCasting  

Difference between Chaos bolts 5e & Chromatic Orb in dnd | What Is Twinned Spellcasting

When the Chaos Bolt 5e and Chromatic Orb are twinned with each other in 5e DnD, a spell caster will probably double the bounces from one spell to another. This allows the caster to choose any kind of damage type he wishes to, without any restriction. They jump and climb at high-level slots. 

Wrapping Up

Twinned spellcasting of Chaos Bolt 5e and Chromatic Orb is nonetheless a package deal that I never recommend avoiding. Using them single-handedly can be a task, but a combo is a blasting offer. Nevertheless, the difference between Chaos Bolt 5e DnD and Chromatic Orb is also a must-read if you wish to draw a significant comparison between them. 

Embark on and write your stories below. Also, let us know what kind of damage you chose for what creature. 

Good Luck! Adios..!!


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