Did Spotify Remove Lyrics? Are Lyrics Still Available For Users?

Did Spotify Remove Lyrics

If you using Spotify’s free ad-supported tier and enjoy looking up song lyrics in the application itself, then you may be headed for an unpleasant surprise. The customer base of Spotify is expanding by a large number, but when it comes to a comparison between the paid users and the free users, the ones with a subscription fee stay out of pace. Over the last few days, the music-streaming company has stopped the lyrics from the free users by making the lyrics super exclusive. This article will help you learn about the same query that says, “Did Spotify Remove Lyrics?”

With getting an enormous amount of users to their streaming service, the music company wants to make a balanced ratio between the free users and the subscribed users. The company is currently testing the idea of providing free lyrics to its exclusive subscribed members.

In this article, you will learn more about why Spotify lyrics not showing in an all-inclusive manner.

Did Spotify Remove Lyrics?

Did Spotify Remove Lyrics

Several Spotify ad-tier customers have lately realized that their devices no longer have access to the in-app lyrics that tend to display at the bottom of the screen as a song begins. On the contrary, a notice displays advising them to “enjoy lyrics on Premium,” along with a URL to sign up for the subscription service.

The music streaming company acknowledged in an extensively advertised announcement the company is currently evaluating the notion with just a handful of Spotify subscribers in multiple locations. If there is an increase in subscriptions among people who have lost the ability to view lyrics, the private company will be incentivized to expand its rollout. Nevertheless, if the company receives any criticism from free-tier customers, Spotify may abandon the proposal.

Spotify reported in its recently published financial report that the monthly active users of its advertising-supported section had increased to 343 million, which is a huge number. Throughout that time, the organization’s paying monthly listeners increased slightly, which is rising to 17%, 220 million.

Spotify Premium presently goes for $10.99 a month for a solo account as well as $14.99 per month for the Couple option, which provides two Premium memberships for two individuals who reside together. A household subscription for a maximum of six individuals costs $16.99 each month, whilst a Premium account for college students is $5.99 per month. The smartphone app’s free, ad-supported tier has different constraints, whereas the desktop version gives a more comprehensive experience with occasional advertising.

There’s no assurance that Spotify will take away lyrics from the free tier on a permanent basis, although presumably, you shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

Wrapping Up

This article talks about the query that says, “Did Spotify Remove Lyrics?” I think I have explained it thoroughly with different aspects and perspectives of the company. The music giant Spotify is trying an experiment and looking to gain additional output from ad-free subscribers. I hope you like the information, and if you have any comments, please write them down in the comments section below.

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