Did Odetari Buy Half of Roblox: Who Owns Roblox & How Much?

Odetari buy half of Roblox

OMG, Is this true? Did Odetari buy half of Roblox, or is it just a rumor? Odetari is a rapper and songwriter well-known for his tracks and works of art. The buzz is all around the air concerning Odetari making its way into the gaming world. Step further through this page, and I will reveal whether Odetari buying Roblox is true.

Roblox is a massive platform that unlocks new doors of thrill, adventure, and crazy gaming sessions all along the gameplay. With its vast popularity, many new rumors keep flashing on our screens every now and then. As per recent news, I also heard that Roblox is shutting down in 2024, which was a complete bluff, but is the news of Odetari buying Roblox just as false? Let’s see!

It all started from a viral TikTok video that went live in June 2023 that clearly said, ‘Odetari bought a 50% stake in Roblox.’ However, this statement has brewed many unanswered questions among all of us. So, did Odetari buy half of Roblox? Let’s clear the air.

Odetari Buy 50% Stake of Roblox | Did Odetari Buy Half of Roblox?

did odetari buy half of roblox

Taha Othman Ahmad, also known as Odetrai, is a popular face in the Music industry who started his career at the age of 13. As per rumors, Odetari is also making his presence in the gaming industry and has got his hands on 50% of Roblox. But is it true? Did Odetari buy half of Roblox?

Unfortunately, the news about Odetari buying Roblox is not true and is just a rumor because the artist is still in his early stages and is unlikely to spend 11 billion dollars to get Roblox’s 50% stake.

No, Odetari did not buy Roblox.

Roblox is a vast platform that has managed to attract a major chunk of the population under its wall over the years. Hence, it is unbelievable to trust such big news without getting any official announcement from the Roblox developers. This is expected to be just a random buzz, made to gain everyone’s attention.

Who Owns Roblox & How Much is the Roblox’s Market Value?

Roblox is a gaming platform, which is owned by David Baszucki and Gregory Baszucki with 2.3% and 2.6% stakes. Undoubtedly, its market share is rising day by day, and as of now, its market capital is $25.72 billion.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about ‘Did Odetari buy half of Roblox?’ We just discovered it is just a rumor, and Odetari is still in the early stages of claiming a bigger stake in a well-known company with such a higher valuation. Give this article a thorough read, and let me know if you have any more confusion.

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