Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload | Boss Battles Overview in Persona 3 Reload

Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload | Boss Battles Overview in Persona 3 Reload

Are you looking for Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload details and want to know about the adventure video game’s mini-battle? This article is exactly what you need to know about. So, stay on topic and explore all about the Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload details.

Persona 3 Reload is the fourth installment of the Persona series. It was launched by Altus on 2nd February 2024 for various gaming platforms like PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. It is a single-player video game and has lots of challenging levels.

The Persona 3 Reload has added several new features and items to make it magnanimous and engaging. However, the social-simulation video game retains its core story of the protagonist summoning Personas to battle Shadows during the mysterious Dark Hour. Explore all about Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload in this guide.  

Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload: An Overview

Deviant Convict is among the most powerful foes in the Persona 3 Reload video game. You will find the Deviant Convict in the Tartarus dungeon. However, the dungeon opens only during Gekkoukan High’s Dark Hours. So, there will be limited time to beat the foe. The battle between the protagonist and the Deviant Convict involves a lot of combat skills, fighting powers, and strength. Since the Deviant Convict has no weakness or resistance, defeating him requires a team effort and clever strategy.

Resistances And Weaknesses Of Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload

Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload | Boss Battles Overview in Persona 3 Reload

If you want to know about the Deviant Convict’s weaknesses and affinities, here are the details-

  • Weakness: None
  • Null: None
  • Resistance: None
  • Repel: None
  • Drain: None

How To Beat Deviant Convict In Persona 3 Reload? How To Defeat Deviant Convict In Persona 3 Reload?

Since Deviant Convict has no weakness, defeating him requires a clever strategy and a lot of team effort. Despite being an invincible foe, you can defeat Deviant Convict by following these tips and tricks-

  1. Ensure that you have your whole party at level 31+.
  2. Keep your Persona powers with Crit Rate Boost and Rebellion to yourself. 
  3. Use the Fuuka’s Sylphid Aura powers before engaging in the combat rounds.
  4. First of all, kill the Tome of Atrophy and then challenge the Deviant Convict.
  5. Use Tarunda to debuff the foe and use the Herculan Strike to inflict heavy damage.

Boss Battles Overview In Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload has many powerful and challenging opponents who will cross your way throughout the game. I have compiled the complete list of bosses in Persona 3 Reload that you must defeat to win the game. You can find different kinds of bosses in Persona 3 according to their strengths and abilities. 

Check out the Boss battles overview in Persona 3 Reload-


As the name suggests, Superbosses are supremely powerful and have extraordinary abilities. You will come across them in hard levels or challenging quests only. Persona 3 Reload Superbosses include-

  • Reaper
  • Elizabeth
  • Margaret

Story Bosses

Story Bosses are very powerful and hostile enemies you will encounter throughout the game. They will keep tracking and hunting you while completing the levels. 

The Persona 3 Reload Story Bosses include-

  • Priestess
  • Emperor & Empress
  • Hierophant
  • Lovers
  • Chariot & Justice
  • Hermit
  • Fortune and Strength
  • Takaya Sakaki and Jin Shirato
  • Hanged Man
  • Chidori Yoshino
  • Jin Shirato
  • Takaya Sakaki
  • Nyx Avatar

Guardian Bosses In Tartarus

You will face Guardian bosses as well in Tartarus. They are as unique as their names. Persona 3 Reload Guardian bosses include-

  • Ruthless Ice Raven
  • Barbaric Beast Wheel
  • Swift Axle
  • Will O Wisp Raven
  • Disturbing Dice
  • Clairvoyant Relic
  • Servant Tower
  • Lascivious Lady
  • Fleetfooted Cavalry
  • Ochlocratic Sand
  • Heretic Magus
  • Arcanist Decapitator
  • Tome of Atrophy & Deviant Convict
  • Controlling Partner & Dependent Partner
  • Venomous Magus
  • Bloody Maria & Executioner’s Crown
  • Imposing Skyscraper

Monad Bosses And Foes

  • Elegant Mother
  • Phantom Mage
  • Nemean Beast
  • Eternal Eagle
  • Chaos Cyclops
  • Cowardly Maya
  • Rampage Drive 
  • Shouting Tiara
  • Magical Magus

Wrapping Up

I hope you have all the necessary information about Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload now. Please ask in the comments section if you have any doubts or questions about Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload details. Though the Deviant Convict Persona 3 Reload video game ends with many intriguing questions, don’t forget to explore Persona 3 Reload’s alternative ending here. If you want to explore more gaming-related articles, we have a huge collection of articles waiting for you!

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