‘Destiny 2’ Wants Season Of The Hunt Feedback, So Here’s Mine – Business Quick Magazine

‘Destiny 2’ Wants Season Of The Hunt Feedback, So Here’s Mine – Business Quick Magazine

Yesterday, Cozmo went on Twitter to ask for feedback about Season of the Hunt, both good and bad, as it’s something Bungie can absorb and either make changes during the season, or perhaps for future activities in later seasons, if there’s something we do or don’t like about the content now.

I believe he is asking only about Season of the Hunt in this instance, separate from Beyond Light, given that the content is very separate this time around both story-wise and the fact that it’s literally sold separately, while Undying and Shadowkeep were a bit more intertwined.


While the bulk of this storyline seems like it has yet to unfold, I do appreciate what’s been shown so far, as it’s very surreal to interact with Uldren as a new Guardian when we were the ones who killed him after he killed Cayde two years ago in Forsaken. And to make us feel empathy for him since he’s essentially Spider’s slave is even more confusing, but it’s a good sort of internal conflict the game is making us confront.

I do wish that we had gotten a cutscene to see Sagira sacrifice herself to save Osiris. That seemed like a big moment that shouldn’t have just been delivered in a line of dialogue or two or in out-of-game lore. And it only seems like it didn’t happen because they probably couldn’t get Morena Baccarin to do a few more lines of voicework, which is a shame.

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But all in all I think the storyline of this season has started out strong, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


The “Great Hunt” aesthetic of the season is something I am really digging. I like season passes with actual themes, and it all works well together from the armor ornaments to the emotes to even Duality as the exotic. This is a well done aspect of the season, and a way it makes it distinct from Beyond Light content.

The Weapons

I like the way the weapons feel, though there only appear to be five, and they are not…the most exciting. The only truly interesting one is the new breach grenade launcher that can roll with ambitious assassin to get two in the mag, but everything else is pretty standard. The new GL has the chain reaction perk that also rolls on the new Gambit GL. The scout is just a scout, even though it does feel good. The SMG is solid but there are probably better options in that class in that slot. I do like the linear fusion, as it feels like Arbalest. It’s all fine just…not terribly exciting.

Lure Slotting

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It is difficult to enjoy farming for this gear because of the randomness of the Lure options. You cannot simply pick a gun and try to farm for a roll with all your charges, you have to wait until it comes up in a seemingly random rotation that is also full of junk options like class items, recon data or mutation mods, and you’re lucky if every five lure charges you get…two shots at the gun you want? For an activity that seems mainly about targeted farming through mutation mods, it’s weird that you…rely on randomness to even have a shot at the weapon you want in the first place.

Lure Charging

It’s simply not fast enough. It needs to be one charge per playlist activity, when right now I can run three strikes or play three Gambit matches and it’s like, 1.3 charges. I know there is a “speed charging” method that changes daily, but no one wants to be forced to like only play Crucible and only kill Guardians with Void damage to make that work. It needs to be faster, and the cap should be higher.

The Hunt Itself

I guess I don’t mind the “public event” start, though it gets a bit old after the first five times you do it and you have more or less memorized all the locations, so you wonder why you can’t just go straight there instead of bothering with “tracking.”

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It’s weird to me that soloing Lost Sectors is a far more engaging activity than these hunts themselves. They all have the same mechanic, stand in a pool to damage an immune shield, but the bosses, even at tier 2, have such little health that any super or power weapon will pretty much instantly destroy them, and unless you badly screw up or are way underleveled, these encounters can be literally ten seconds long. I can’t think of anything else in Destiny that’s quite that short. It’s very weird to spend three strikes charging a single lure only to have the activity itself be seconds in length.

So, that’s my feedback based on what we’ve seen so far. We have more hunts in more zones coming, though I assume they will function similarly. We have more story content to come. We have the Hawkmoon quest. But overall while I like aspects of this it does seem like one of the lightest seasonal activities…ever, even more so than Undying’s Vex Offensive. And I don’t love that.

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