RuneScape 3: Tips to Master and Defeat Yakamaru

RuneScape 3: Tips to Master and Defeat Yakamaru

Are you seeking ways and tips to Master and Defeat Yakamaru in RuneSape? This is where this tutorial will play its role. Keep reading through this page, and I will look into the battle itself and guide you in getting the upper hand here. Go on! 

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Through this page, learn how to enhance your gaming sessions in RuneScape 3 by learning about the tips to Master and conquer Yakamaru. Go on and embark upon the victory! 

Tips & Tricks to Master And Defeat Yakamaru

Following is the list of tips and tricks you need to follow to master and defeat Yakamaru. Check out and conquer your opposition:

1. The First Tips

RuneScape 3: Tips to Master and Defeat Yakamaru

An essential thing a player must note in RuneScape 3 is that Yakamaru is immobile during a fight. When a boss’s health starts deteriorating, he will start jumping from one pool to another. Yakamaru performs multiple techniques displayed in the pool around the room. There are five stages, and they will likely make 5,600,000 damage points overall. 

While a fight is happening, Yakamuru will launch an assault that comes on everyone within a 20×20 foot area; although they are only magic assaults, you don’t have to panic about the close-quarters combat. You are three spaces farther away from the monster and will begin absorbing damage from ranged attacks. 

The players will have to suffer from attacks from tentacles that come from the earth. Hence, the players who decide to assault Yakamaru get hurt in return. You can either use Devotion or Debilitate in return.  

DPS players would have to position themselves at a praying distance from the monster. You can also embark upon defensive strategies and use armor to shield yourself against Yakamaru’s pinpoint precision. Even if some of the strikes made by the boss miss somehow, they will be clubbed with the ones that won’t get missed anyway. 

The second strike will make the 50% damage of the first one. Therefore, the strongest armor, Tank, must be added to the collection. You would have to fight Yakamaru with a defined strategy closely to be successful in your combat, 

2. Don’t Run!

Here, while escaping the battle, a player will be informed that Yakamaru is not taking your cowardice supportingly. There will be various messages reflecting depending upon the situation. 

The monster will make an additional 2,000 damage to the ones who will not fight with him, with a message saying, “Yakamaru is unhappy with your cowardly behavior and launches dangerous projectiles at you!” 

Hence, you can either beg the group leader to toss you out or step back from the group. 

3. Think in Roles For This Fight

RuneScape 3: Tips to Master and Defeat Yakamaru

To fight with the boss correctly, one must switch roles and personalities. For instance, a player will be given a Base Tank to use as Yakamaru’s chief goal. He is the one who can handle enough harm overall. At the end of each pool, Yakamaru’s poison will be collected from the Poison tank and served to the player to finish it. 

Direct damage dealers must always head towards the killing. You should always focus on performing your rotations smoothly rather than thinking about the damage taken by monsters. 

To make it through the shark pool section, swim to the northern end of the tendril pool. You must also liberate people stuck in the sand to escape from the casualties in the sand pool; before taking any harm, Ensure the stun pool is free from any stun effects so that you can use melee and magic easily.  

If you can somehow take Yakamaru into the next phase, you can do more damage and witness some of the jellies blooming. And as you are doing your best to eliminate them ASAP, during mirage and sand periods, there is a possibility that it may not happen. 

The Poison Tank’s job is easy! They would have to grab the poison and use it to kill Yakamaru. CPR is a secondary DPS that will allow the Poison Tank to move out after it has completed the mission. Both these positions are necessary in the conflict. 

The Shark Tag can also divert players from the DPS. The primary focus has to be on doing greater harm as much as it is possible without thinking about being tanked. 

Whereas the Stun DPS will focus on discarding the Stun pool pretty soon. One must also pay attention to the Base Tank, as the boss will most likely attack it with the greatest force possible and frequently. Hence, one has to defend himself to embark upon the winning.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Tips to Master and Defeat Yakamaru. Check out the above guide and see how you can ace your attacks and deal with the damage in order to defeat the boss and practice defensive strategies. 

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any questions, and I will get back to you the sooner I can. 

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