Dead By Daylight Lights Out Mode: Release Date & Features

Dead By Daylight Lights Out Mode | Release Date & Features

Dead by Daylight is coming up with new updates and perks lately, and Lights Out mode is one of these. It is expected to be released anytime soon in the game. Head on further through this article and learn everything you need to know about DBD Lights Out mode, starting from its release date to its ultimate features. 

Talking about the DBD gameplay, players can get on a thrilling journey with this horror-survival game and have the most adventurous time of their lives. According to the rumors, Alan Wake is coming up to Dead by Daylight super soon, which has made the noise extensively. Its exclusive perks are worth drooling over. 

Read this article and learn everything about Dead by Daylight Lights Out Mode. Whether it is about its release date or power-packed features, I have covered you in every regard. Let’s go and step into this intriguing world with DBD. 

What is Lights Out in Dead by Daylight?

Dead By Daylight Lights Out

Lights Out is another mode in Dead by Daylight that features a flashlight in the game. It is only available for a short time period in the game, to new exciting features in your gameplay. There are many exciting game modes in Dead by Daylight, and each one brings new, unique experiences to the game. 

The Lights Out mode is one of these modes that is not officially revealed yet by the developers, but we can assume it from the recent Survivor teaser. Read this article and learn when to access Lights Out Mode in DBD and its features. 

When Can You Access Lights Out Mode in Dead by Daylight?

You might be able to access Lights Out Mode in DBD from January 30th, 2024

As of now, the DBD Lights Out Mode is still in the Public Test Build (PTB) phase and is not officially live in the game. However, we can expect to access the Lights Out mode from January 30th. Although, there is no official statement by the makers yet. 

What are the Features of Lights Out Mode in Dead by Daylight?

According to the community discussions and survival teaser from the PTB, here are some of the exclusive features of Lights Out Mode assumed in Dead by Daylight. Have a look further and see what you can expect in this release. 

1. No Lights

The map reflects sheer darkness with only occasional light flashes, exposing some areas around the killer and survivors. Survivors can use this flashlight to move further and navigate the map. A killer can look through the dark and have no red stains, making it horrifying for the survivors. 

2. Hatch Update

Although the Hatch is closed, you can relaunch it using the special objective. For this, you would have to wait until the official release. 

3. Killers & Survivors

Using the Lights Out mode, killers can use the sound hints and Terror Radius to track the survivors. Survivors can use flashlights to blind the killer for a short period of time. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about Lights Out mode in Dead by Daylight. This mode is assumed to come out on January 30th, 2024. It has some amazing adventures that enhance your excitement to another level. Read this masterpiece and drop your questions, if you have any, in the comment section below, and I will try to solve your doubts ASAP.

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