Dead By Daylight Alan Wake DLC (Jan 2024): Release Date, Voice Actors, Perks & New Updates

Latest Updates On Dead By Daylight Alan Wake (2024) | Dead By Daylight New Survivor

The Internet has gone crazy after Dead By Daylight Alan Wake collaboration news, and I totally get it. After all, what could be more interesting than this iconic horror video game collab? If you have woke up today without having a clue about the fuss, this article on Dead By Daylight Alan Wake collaboration will guide you through

Neither Dead By Daylight nor Alan Wake need an introduction; they are both known for their legendary works in horror video games. While the former is an iconic multiplayer horror video game, the latter is a brilliant horror video game writer with his own Alan Wake universe

Recently Dead By Daylight Alan Wake collaboration news surfaced with a jaw-dropping trailer, and fans want to know more about it. So, here I am with all my gathered information that will keep you updated on Dead By Daylight Alan Wake fuss. Read ahead to learn more.

Dead By Daylight Alan Wake Is Coming: DBD Alan Wake DLC

Latest Updates On Dead By Daylight Alan Wake (2024) | Dead By Daylight New Survivor

DBD Alan Wake is trending online for all the right reasons! Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment, confirmed, “We are thrilled to bring Alan Wake, our tortured writer, into the acclaimed Dead by Daylight. We feel the lore of our two horror experiences is a match made in the Dark Place and can’t wait to experience the horrors that await him in the Fog.”  

Dead By Daylight is well-known for its awesome collaboration with popular characters like Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, Ghostface, Chucky, etc., in past years. Now, Behaviour Interactive, the game developer, has confirmed that DBD Alan Wake is happening for real, and Alan Wake will join Dead By Daylight in one of his chapters on the release date of 30 January 2024.

As I searched for a way out, for a little light in the dark, I recalled a script I wrote for Night Springs about a place engulfed in fog. As those memories poured back, the same fog surrounded me. Once again, I find myself in an unfamiliar place — trapped. I need to find a way out. I don’t know why, but I know rewriting that script is key.” So, the Dead By Daylight Alan Wake crossover promises intense gameplay with thrilling adventure.
– DBD Alan Wake excerpts state

How Long Will Alan Wake Stay in Dead By Daylight?

Ever since the grand success of Alan Wake 2, gamers were eagerly waiting for this collaboration and now it seems that the wait is over. However, the Dead By Daylight team has not confirmed whether Alan Wake will join the Dead By Daylight chapter for a long time or not. As of now, Alan Wake is all set to explore the cursed land with his incredible perks and escape from the brutal killer.

Dead By Daylight Alan Wake Voice Actors

Popular actors Matthew Porretta and Ikka Villi will grace their voice and action to Alan Wake’s character in the game. The chapter revolves around a stuck Alan Wake who got trapped from one dark land to another, and now he must rewrite his story to escape the foggy land alive.

Dead By Daylight Alan Wake DLC Perks: DBD Alan Wake – New Survivor

Alan Wake will have incredible perks that will help him in the foggy land of cursed deaths. As of now, we know about three perks that sound as cool as the character himself.

1. Champion of Light

Since the place is full of mist and fog, Alan Wake’s perks include the Champion of light power. When the player uses this perk, a flashlight shows light and guides the path. It enhances the speed (50% Haste), blinds the Killer, and 20 % hinders him for 6 seconds. Champion of Light perk vanishes after 1 minute.

2. Boon: Illumination

The Boon Totem is another incredible perk in the game. The player can activate it by pressing and holding the Ability button 1 near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Currently, you can use one Boom Totem at a single time. Once the perk is activated, soft chimes ring in a 24-meter range. It shows the aura of all Chests and all Generators in blue color.

3. Deadline

When the player gets injured, he/she can activate the Deadline perk. It enhances the survival skills of the player by healing the injuries. However, if the player misses Skill Checks, it gets reduced by 50%.

Latest Updates On Dead By Daylight Alan Wake (2024) | Dead By Daylight New Survivor

Wrapping Up

This article covers the latest details on Dead by Daylight Alan Wake. If something surfaces online, I will keep updating more about the game and the crossover. Till then you can download Dead by Daylight game and use DBD codes to cross hard levels. If you have any queries related to Dead by Daylight Alan Wake, drop a comment below.

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