Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI: Know Which One to Choose!

Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI

AI technology has taken over the world, and the whole of the internet is flooded with AI versions of pictures. There are so many new and emerging AI apps that can help a user to modify and beautify their pictures to AI avatar versions and can share it across social media platforms. Most of the popular AI apps are ranked in the top downloads in the U.S. App Stores. AI-generated pictures are quite a thing presently, and users are using many apps and filters to do one. In this article, I will tell you everything about two popular AI apps Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI.

Lensa app is currently trending and has millions of downloads as of now and 12.6 million global installs in the first 11 days of December. Dawn — AI Avatars is in the No. 3 position, offering AI avatars that can be changed with a text prompt. So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI.

Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI

Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI

Since there are many apps that generate the AI avatar of pictures including Meitu app, a user can get confused about which one to choose from the lot. In the below-mentioned guide, I will help you draw a comparison between two top-ranking AI apps, Lensa AI and Dawn AI.

1. User Interface

Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI

Dawn AI levels up the user’s clicked selfies or portraits by creating high-quality avatars. Dawn AI avatars are well-lighted and feature unlimited face expressions with various angles, and you can share them easily on other apps. Dawn app is quite user-friendly, and you can easily use it to generate AI pictures.

Lensa is an AI app that creates the AI-generated result of your selfies, the app is currently charting at number 1 position, and users are paying to upload and generate their AI versions on the app.

Comparing the user interface, the Dawn AI art app notably simplifies the generation process better than Lensa AI.

2. Safety

The Dawn AI app is quite safe to use. It is authentic and legit as it is available in the Google play store and App store. In the same manner, Lensa AI is a 100% genuine app and is developed by Prisma Labs and helps a user to use artificial intelligence in order to transform their selfies into customized portraits. Both apps are available on the Google play store and App store.

3. Limitation

Lensa does not give you permission to access the best tools of the app. You cannot have access to the Face tab, where most corrections are usually wished for. You have only three chances to save images a day. Since Dawn AI is new, so far I didn’t find any particular limitation that will hinder in the generation of the AI picture and the many other features of the app that make it standout from the rest.

4. Pricing

Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI

Lensa AI is not free, and it is priced at $29.99 USD per year for the premium subscription. And in case you want to use the magic avatar feature of Lensa AI, it will cost you $3.99 USD for  50 avatars.

Dawn AI is free to download in-app purchase app, which means you can use some of the features for free, but to use its advanced version; you need to buy a subscription.

5. Privacy

AI-generated images have always raised a question about digital privacy. Since both Lensa AI and Dawn AI apps require you to put pictures in order to generate an AI image, it s quite possible that you will need to consider the kind of pictures you upload. The pictures might get stored at the developer’s end.

6. Ethics

Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI

No matter how popular the AI apps get, there are still many ethical questions regarding the usage of AI filters, as many experts claim that AI art will soon replace designers and society will be ruled by technologies to the extent that it will cut human labor drastically.

So, in a way, both Lensa AI and Dawn AI had a large impact on real artists, and artists are criticizing the technology’s potential repercussions on human life.

Overall Verdict

Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI

If you have gone through the article, it is quite evident that Dawn AI offers a better user interface and is free of cost for major of its features. I know Lensa AI is currently trending, but you get similar results on both of the apps, and the Dawn AI app takes less time to generate AI images. So, I would definitely prefer the Dawn AI app over the Lensa AI app. If you have used both apps, let me know which one do you prefer in the comment section below!

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Wrapping Up

AI-generated art is the next big thing on major social media platforms. Users across the world are using many apps to generate these pictures. Lensa AI is one among them topping the list, and the third-ranking is Dawn AI. To know everything about two popular AI apps Dawn AI Vs. Lensa AI, read the entire article and share it with your friends. For more trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dawn AI app free?

Dawn AI is free to download in-app purchase app, which means you can use some of the features for free, but to use its advanced version; you need to buy a subscription.

Is AI technology regulated in the U.S.?

Several use-case-specific AI rules emerged in 2022. But more general AI regulatory initiatives may arrive in 2023: state data privacy law, FTC rulemaking, and new NIST AI standards.

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