Best Dating Apps for iOS 2021

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Best Dating Apps for iOS 2021
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Looking for some dating apps for iOS? The dating circle is very widespread. While people were apprehensive about online dating at first, they have now grown used to the idea of finding love online. There are now hundreds of dating apps available online. We help you choose which app is the best for you.

The world is now shifted online. Everything that was once done online can now be done online too. With the changing times, online dating apps are also getting used to new demands and are constantly striving to get better features for their users. While some people prefer talking and connecting with like-minded people, others prefer to connect to the ones more diverse and different from them.

Some of the best Dating apps for iOS that you can most definitely try are:

#1. Bumble

#2. OkCupid

#3. Hinge

#4. Happn

#5. Her

Though most of the online dating apps work with the same focus of helping you find your love, most people are not looking for long-term relationships on these apps. Reading on in the article you can find out which apps work the best for whom. After understanding what each of these apps is good at, you can find the right “one” (app) for you.

The Best Dating Apps for iOS

The dating world is complicated, but with the right dating apps for iOS, finding what you are looking for is not difficult. The iOS devices much like android devices have a diverse list of online dating apps. A lot of apps have integrated the LGBTQ+ community in the pre-existing apps, others have been exclusively made for these communities.

1. Bumble

Dating Apps for iOS
Source: The Verge

Bumble gives the women the first day. The females on the app have the option of messaging first which makes this app very intriguing and more susceptible to the females. Not just from the point of dating, the app is also great for developing networks. You can connect with the people around you. The bumble app is available in most parts of the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, India, Italy, etc. It has three sections catering to different aspects of social life.


  • Bumble Date lets the women make the first move to talk to the boy they like.
  • Bumble BFF helps you expand your friend circle and build meaningful friendships online. 
  • Bumble Bizz finds you for your better career opportunities. You can find a mentor and get started.
  • The app is Queer friendly, in which case either one can contact first.


  • You can connect your Instagram with the app.
  • Sharing music with your connections can also be done.
  • After a connection is made, you can send voice notes or video call them through the app.
  • Women are safe from the overwhelming world of messages.


  • You need to act quickly as the match expires in 24 hours.

2. OkCupid

Dating Apps for iOS
Source: Profiled

OkCupid is a straight forward dating app. It mainly focuses on making your dating experience better by adding in new features frequently. The app has enhanced its features so that you always get the best. It has integrated messaging tools and certain quizzes to make the app more engaging and fun to use. There is a compatibility test so you are always connected to the best match for you.


  • You can choose what you are looking for on the app, Long-term relationship, short-term relationship, hookups, etc.
  • Answer a few questions about yourself and the app will find you the best partner.
  • The app offers 22 genders and 12 orientations. 


  • The more compatible you are, the more likely you are to find them.
  • OkCupid asks you questions about your interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes so that you are paired with the best.


  • Data privacy has been an issue on the app. It is easy to hack into OkCupid.
  • OkCupid has more fake profiles than on any other app.

3. Hinge

Dating Apps for iOS
Source: Profiled

Contrary to a lot of dating apps available online focusing on hookups and short-term relationships, Hinge wishes for their users to make long-term meaningful relationships and works under that. Based on your passions and interests, the app connects you to the best matches for you. This app is way beyond the swipe right and swipes left feature of the other dating apps.


  • You can like any profile that appeals to you or comment on any specific part of their profile.  
  • Find a lot of pictures and stories on the profiles of other people and connect.


  • Keeping the pandemic in view, the app has introduced stay-at-home dates. 
  • The app syncs with your Facebook keeping you away from your exes or family ties.
  • It is like an Instagram for dating, having a lot of substance for you to make the right choice. 


  • You might find it difficult in making your Facebook details appear the way you wish for them to come up. 
  • You can use the free version of the app for a limited period, after which you’ll have to buy a monthly subscription to continue using it.

4.  Happn

Dating Apps for iOS
Source: Daily Mail

Happn is very different from generic dating apps. It does not bring forth the usual swipe right- swipe left feature or scrolling through random profiles, but helps you connect with the people who might’ve crossed paths with you. Users have found Happn to be a very exciting and interesting app for you to find the love of your life. The app is used in more than 40 countries.


  • It is difficult for scammers to make a happn account because you have to connect your Facebook to it.
  • The people you connect with, you’ve crossed paths with them, so it is easier to communicate with them.


  • You can send voice notes on the chat.
  • Send your favorite songs to your connections on the app.


  • Matching is purely based on proximity. There are no other matching algorithms at play.
  • If you live in a small town, your options can get exhausted fast. 

5. Her

Dating Apps for iOS
Source: CellularNews

Her is one of its kind dating apps. Her lets you find the most ideal dates for you. The app is meant for bisexual, queer, and lesbian users. It is also a social networking site so that you can connect with more people of your liking. Once you have signed up with Facebook or Instagram you can message and find anyone all over the globe. 


  • Like the photos of the profiles, you like and if the interest is mutual you can take the connection further.
  • The app offers socially connecting platforms with the latest news and events.


  • The app is free to use.
  • If the interest is mutual, the app will connect you to the chatting link. 
  • It gives you all the latest news and articles related to LGBTQ issues.
  • You can take part in events, and answer quizzes related to them.

These dating apps will help you connect with the love of your life and help you connect with them. Whatever you wish to have, you can get it. From hookups to long-term relationships to short-term relationships these apps will help you get it all.  

Feature Image Credits: Cult of Mac


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