Cute and Simple Mothers Day Gift Ideas for 2021

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Bhaviya Koul
Bhaviya Koul
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Our mothers have always been there for us, making our lives easier. Mothers Day is one of the days that is especially dedicated to all mothers worldwide. It allows us to pamper our mothers and shower them with extra love and attention.

We have made for you a list of some of the possible Mothers Day gifts. A gift you give is a mark of your love and affection for the other person. Depending on various choices, you can choose for your mother a gift that resonates with her. Your grandmother, your mother-in-law, everyone deserves something extra this day. 

Be mindful of her needs and think about it, if there is something that she has been eying for some time now. A new gadget, something for the Kitchen, a gardening tool, a new makeup tool, anything at all. We have taken care of all kinds of mothers, so no matter what her interests are, you can always find something that will come in handy. 

These gifts can be cheap and expensive both and our list will take care of it all. Nothing can go wrong with any gift that you choose. She deserves all the attention and all the gifts in the world and we are hopeful that this will come in handy. 

Best mothers day gift ideas

We have made this list keeping in mind various interests and budgets. No matter what you are looking for, you will find more information about it here. Read further to find the perfect Mothers Day gift.

1. Flowers

Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Source: Good Housekeeping

Flowers are the most beautiful and the simplest of the things that you can give your mother as a Mother’s Day gift. It doesn’t cost much and does not necessarily have to be a rose. You can give her any flower that she loves. It will be a symbol of your love and affection for her. Buy flowers online or from any florist near you.

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2. Spa Voucher

Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Source: 101 Gift Certificate

Nothing is more relaxing than a day at the spa for her. Pamper her with the best spa services and give her a day to relax. Gift her a voucher for a one-day service at her favorite spa and make her day better. 

3. Clothing

Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Source: Vox

A woman can never have enough clothes! Pamper her with a piece of cloth she has been wanting to own. Gift the clothes of her favorite brand and make her happy. Choose her favorite color, her favorite brand, and her favorite piece of clothing and tada! your mothers day gift is sorted. 

4. Makeup Products

Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Source: Society 19

A hamper of some makeup products can be a great gift this Mothers Day. You can buy individual products and curate a package on your own, or just use any brand’s service and purchase a box of theirs. Put in lipstick, some nail paints, a foundation, and done! It can be as simple and easy as these basic products if you don’t want to go overboard.

5. Bag

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Marie Claire

Women’s bags are no longer restricted to just a wallet. There is a variety of bag types and designs to choose from. Go for a sling bag, shoulder bag, or just a card wallet. Keep in mind the purpose of giving the bag and you know exactly what to give as a gift. There is no longer a scarcity of brands available to choose from. It can most likely be the easiest gift to find.

6. Staycation

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Forbes

Give your mother a staycation as a gift this Mothers Day. If you cannot plan a long vacation for her, you can just book a hotel room or suite to give her a few days to herself ensuring she has the best time relaxing. She deserves to have a couple of stress-free relaxing days, and you can ensure that by gifting her a Staycation.

7. Selfcare Package

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: YourHomeStyle

While she is busy taking care of you, it is at least on Mothers Day that you can make sure she prioritizes herself. Make her a package of her favorite food and products and you’re good to go. A self-care package can be one of the most thoughtful of the gifts that can be given. A package that has some skincare products will help her unwind and feel loved. 

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8. Wall Art

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Lumas

Make her some special wall art products that she can put up anywhere in the house. This will make her feel special not just on this one day, but every day when she is walking past it. Put up your favorite family pictures, or her favorite quotes, or some cute little messages that you want to give her. Decorate it as you like it. 

9. Gardening apparatus

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Better Gardener’s Guide

If your mother is someone who loves plants or gardening, this will be the ideal gift for her. Give her some gardening tools or just some plants for that matter. Get her things that you think can make her garden better. Or best of all, just spend some time with her doing her favorite activity and you might come to know about her more. 

10. Shower Steamers

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Amazon

Whenever she goes to have a bath, with the shower steamers you give her, it can be all the more relaxing for her. These come in different smells, filled with essential oils like lavender, peppermint, etc. giving her a spa-like experience right at her home. 

11. Custom Family Portrait

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Cool Mom Picks

Giving her a family portrait showing her how she is the most important in the family, what can be better than this? You can make it yourself, or get it made by an artist near you. Sketch, doodle, graphic model, painting, mosaic art, the portrait can be in any form. As long as you get the picture right!

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12. Mothers Day special products

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Science Times

The Mothers Day special products are the products that most brands make especially for the occasion. Give her a T-shirt that says ‘I Love You Mom’ or a Mug that says ‘You are the best Mom’. You can never go wrong with these products. Even after the day is over, these sweet Mothers Day products will manage to bring a smile to her face.

13. Jewelry

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: One Kings Lane

Give your mother a perfect necklace or anklet this Mothers Day. A lot of brands have Mothers Day sales or offers, so you just might end up saving some money too. The jewelry you gift her can be gold, diamond, silver, platinum, or just some metal too as long as it fits her and is of her liking. There are now a variety of options to choose from.

14. Handwritten letter

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Source: Beliefnet

Expressing your feelings and love for her in the form of a letter can never go wrong. Tell her what you feel for her and let her know how much you appreciate her presence in your life. This letter is all about you and your expression of love.

15. Special Dinner

Make your Mother a dinner of her favorite food. If you aren’t very good in the cooking department, take her out for a fancy dinner. Surprise her with a special dinner at her favorite place, make her laugh, and keep her happy.

No matter what day of the year it is, Mothers deserve all our love and care. This Mothers Day makes a promise to your mother that you will take care of her better than before. An added element of a gift never does any harm and I am sure she will appreciate any gift you get her. Hope this list was of help to you. 

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