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Crosswordle Answer Today! If you think about a world where Wordle seems to be falling for Crossword and Sudoku at the same time (sus right?), just picture the kind of chaos which would occur in the game world. You no longer have to imagine it, because guess what? Such a terror is already in existence. We present to you this fallen angel in the face of a game, Crosswordle. But what’s the crosswordle answer today? Couldn’t make out? Then let’s explore what is Crosswordle August 1, 2022 Answer.

Crosswordle is a game that consists of the essence of Wordle, just that it is reversed. Yes, you read it right; this game was created by Reddit user, ymichael with his wife. All they had to do was put in reverse principles on the exact original game, Wordle. Although it still portrays sentiments that are similar to the original game by copying the colour indicators Green, Yellow, and Grey, on top of that, it also has a similar checkered grid.

So, we are going to dig deep all the way into the roots of this hybrid called Crosswordle to uncover the peculiar working of this mind-boggling game. Read along, and find out Crosswordle August 01, 2022 Answer.

Crosswordle August 1, 2022 Answer Today

Spoiler Ahead!

The Crosswordle August 01, 2022, Monday, Answer is mentioned underneath. Run, pals, before you guess today’s Crosswordle Answer in merely 2 guesses. 

Crosswordle August 1 Answers are-

Crosswordle Given Answer-

  • Row 1- SHULS
  • Row 2- COLED
  • Row 3- ELBOW
Crosswordle August 01, 2022 Answer | CrossWordle Answer Today
Crosswordle August 01, 2022 Answers are SHULS, COLED, ELBOW.



Crosswordle August 01, 2022 Answers are SHULS, COLED, ELBOW.

P.S. It took me 5 mins to guess Today’s CrossWordle July 30, 2022 Answer. You must make more.  

Where To Play Crosswordle?

Are you wondering about where you can play this interesting game? Well, for your maximum ease we’ve added the direct link to the game Crosswordle. You should definitely give it a try and it’s our guarantee that you are bound to enjoy this one!  

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Crosswordle August 01, 2022 Answers are SHULS, COLED, ELBOW.

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Wrapping Up

Had fun? Crosswordle does hold the capacity to drive you crazy. Crosswordle August 01, Answer is Olive. I really hope you got everything you were looking for in regard to Today’s Crosswordle answer of August 01, 2022, Saturday. It is always a pleasure to serve you right. 

Path of EX will see you guys tomorrow with a new Crosswordle Answer for the day and much more. Come along and allow us to be part of your big win for the day!


1. What is Crosswordle Answer of August 01?

Crosswordle August 01, 2022 Answers are SHULS, COLED, ELBOW.

2. What is Today’s Crosswordle Answer?

Today’s Crosswordle August 01, 2022 Answers are SHULS, COLED, ELBOW.


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