Everything to Know about Crossbow Expert 5e Feat in DnD | Use Crossbow Expert with Sharpshooter

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Hello Dungeon Dudes!! Using a Crossbow Expert 5e feat is an arousing part of DnD. It is used to readjust all the crossbows and other weapons during the mid and late stages of the DnD campaign. Where this feat allows you to do multi-attacks with their crossbows, it also loses its power majorly when it is put to action late. Undoubtedly, there is much more to know about how to use the Crossbow Expert 5e feat in dnd. This write-up includes every detail about Crossbows. 

If you are talking about my experience with Crossbow Expert Feat, trust me, I got chills in my veins. I played this character with Sharpshooter 5e feat and I loved it. So, if you need to kick this, you have to make the most of it. 

Crossbow Expert feat allows you to do multiple attacks with automatic loading. To thrive into it deeply, go on and be a Dungeon Dude or Diva.  

How to Use Crossbow Expert 5e Feat in Dnd?

Crossbow Expert feat has majorly three main benefits in DnD 5e-

 Use Crossbow Expert 5e feat in D&D

1. With Crossbow Expert feat, you can do extra attacks using a crossbow. It means that you can only avail the benefits of extra attacks like bonus attacks when you have a crossbow.

2. Even within 5 feet distance between you and your hostile creature, there is no such disadvantage on the part of your ranged attack rolls. 

3. A bonus action can be used to attack with a hand crossbow when you attack with a one-handed weapon and use Attack action.

How does Crossbow Expert Feat Works?

A crossbow expert player can use the same crossbow as players with other weapons. Other players with different weapons have crossbows with long and short bows. It also permits a player to use close-range crossbow action. 

Crossbow Expert Feat has special rules regarding its usage that are stated below:

  •  A player can ignore the loading property of crossbows as long as he has proficiency with them. Loading becomes an obstruction in the multi-attacks with crossbows. It has a natural tendency of being loaded and reloaded in between the shots. With the Crossbow Expert 5e feat, a player in DnD can make multi-attacks in a turn.
  •  It is used by damage dealers who wish to wield a crossbow as their main weapon. 
  • With every one-handed weapon attack, a player gets a bonus action to attack or the attack action for a whole will. 

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Which Classes can take Crossbow Expert? | Classes with Crossbow Expert

In DnD, Crossbow Expert can be taken by any class that has the Extra Attack Feature and wishes to wield a crossbow as their primary weapon. It lowers the damage with Extra Attack Class. Extra Attack Class doesn’t give the player the benefit of Extra Attack. 

 Use Crossbow Expert 5e feat in D&D

1. Rogue:  

As Crossbow Expert was specially made for Rogues, they have a close-range disadvantage negation. They can also earn a bonus attack with a one-handed crossbow. 

2. Ranger: 

Rangers will use the close-range buff only if they somehow get cornered by the enemy. However, if any ranger’s primary weapon is Crossbow, they can use the Extra Attack feature. Ranger has the disadvantage of having a hunter’s mark. Hunter mark with a bonus action is competing with his straight-up attack.

3. Fighter:

A Fighter is the fastest class. He earns an additional feat at the sixth level. This allows him to use his crossbow expert at 4th level, sharpshooter at sixth, or play human. He can choose any combination. A fighter is also eligible to avail all the benefits of the Crossbow Expert feat, like Rogue. A ranged-focused fighter with a Crossbow Expert feat can fire their crossbow up to four times a turn, make four attacks with a melee weapon, and then fire their crossbow as a bonus action.  

What are the Requirements to Use a Crossbow Expert 5e feat?

Use Crossbow Expert 5e feat in D&D

Considering the requirements of a player to use a Crossbow Expert 5e Feats In DnD- A player should have a hand-crossbow as the only weapon you are wielding, he should have a free hand, and he must use an Attack action on his turn, to attack with that weapon. After all this only, you can use your bonus action to attack with the same weapon. 

(As according to the Player Handbook) 

Sharpshooter Feat 5e in DnD

A pair of Crossbow Expert feat and Sharpshooter, if used together, can level up your ranged game to the sky. Sharpshooter has high-potential features that double the power profoundly. Check them below:

  • Players can ignore the half cover and three-quarters cover while using a ranged attack.
  • Players can ignore the penalty for attacking at long-range while using ranged attack proficiency.  
  • A player can add a +10 penalty to the attack damage if he gets a -5 penalty to its hit.   
Use Crossbow Expert 5e feat in D&D

Crossbow Expert feat has a range between 30 to 120. Sharpshooter negates this range of a head crossbow. To add on, Sharpshooter also allows the player to spot his enemy as they cannot go any long-range. 

A -5 and +10 always trigger the player to hit his last. But, a player can hit extremely hard with this. And the fact that the crossbow is giving you the third attack, means that a player is gambling on two of the three lands. Use it with a class that has the extra attack class feature. To the minimum, Crossbow Expert and Sharpshooter in DnD allow you to have three attacks per round. Although, a player has his actions and bonus actions.  

Tips For Dungeon Master With Crossbow Expert (And Sharpshooter)

What did you think? We are going to leave you halfway there? No Chance…!

The following list includes the whole tips and tricks to use for Dungeon Master. You need to know this, especially when you have a Crossbow Expert (plus Sharpshooter) player on the table:

 Use Crossbow Expert 5e feat in D&D

1. First things first, A Dungeon Master should get the fact that his Crossbow Expert player is extremely thrilled and excited about their strategy. This means that a Dungeon Master’s throw against his player will lead to frustration and vexation. However, a Dungeon Master can have a one-throw-away combat encounter with their damage dealer. 

2. A Dungeon Master can also challenge his player by

  •  Changing the weather, 
  • Block the ranged attacks within a certain area with spells like Fog Cloud and Wind Wall, this will also allow creatures with blindsight to fight effectively, and
  • If Crossbow Expert is a human, this means they don’t have a dark vision. Then, a Dungeon Master can also turn the lights off. 

These challenges will make the game daring, stimulating, and strenuous. 

3. A Dungeon Master can also give plenty of magical ammunition, instead of awarding a magic weapon to your Crossbow Expert. With this, you can prevent your Crossbow Expert and Sharpshooter from flying. 

Wrapping Up

Reload: Prepare: Attack!

A Crossbow Expert incorporated with a Sharpshooter is a rock. It takes the ranged attack to the next level. This article has wrapped up every detail that you wish to know about Crossbow Expert feat 5e in DnD. Read, learn, try, and make your shot. You have got this dude. 

Don’t let Dungeon Master trick you, I know you will find your escape. 

Drop your any query below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Keep visiting Path Of Ex.

See You Soon Fighter! Adios!!


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