Covid: Swiss deaths down 30% this week

Covid: Swiss deaths down 30% this week

Switzerland’s Covid figures have improved significantly since the peak of the second wave in November and December, when deaths rose to around 100 a day.

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Over the seven days to 5 February 2021, Switzerland reported 10,553 new positive Covid-19 cases and 216 deaths. The number daily cases reported in Switzerland over the same period averaged 1,508, a figure 12% lower than the daily reported average of 1,720 reported the week before. Over the last 24 hours the results of 31,916 tests were reported, with test positivity of 5%.

The number of weekly reported deaths fell 30% from 309 to 216, reaching a total death toll of 9,570 (8,868 confirmed positive).

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The reproduction rate reported this week was 0.88, sightly higher than last week when it was 0.86%. Only the cantons Geneva (1.03) and Fribourg (1.01) had rates above 1, the rate at which case numbers grow. Reproduction rates contain a lag. The most recent calculation is dated 27 January 2021.

The strain on intensive care units (ICU) has fallen slightly. The percentage of places occupied declined from 74% to 73%. However, not all of these beds are certified for ICU use. Of those that are, 85% are occupied.

By 5 February 2021, 369,085 doses of vaccine had been administered in Switzerland, according FOPH.

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