COVID Live Updates:Johnson & Johnson aims to vaccinate 100M by April

COVID Live Updates:Johnson & Johnson aims to vaccinate 100M by April

NEW YORK (WABC) — Johnson & Johnson says it plans to have enough vaccines for 100 million Americans by April.

Right now, the vaccine is undergoing a large scale trial to make sure it’s safe and effective.

Doctor Anthony Fauci says Johnson & Johnson is close to seeking an emergency use authorization from the FDA.

This vaccine only requires one shot and does not need to be stored at as cold of temperatures as others.

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Here are more of today’s headlines:

NJ Vaccinates 500,000
The state of New Jersey has vaccinated 500,222 residents in a little more than a month, Governor Phil Murphy announced on Friday. He also added that two COVID patients in the state were found to have the more aggressive strain first found in the UK.

NY hospitalization rate of increase is slowing
The rate of increase of patients being admitted to New York hospitals for treatment for COVID-19 is slowing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday. Cuomo called it “good news,” but cautioned that the more contagious variants discovered in other parts of the world remain a threat and could cause cases to spike again. COVID hospitalizations stood at 8,846, down from 9,055 the day before and has now dropped by more than 400 over the past two days.

NYC and state could run out of vaccines Friday
93% of the state’s vaccine supply now exhausted, both the city and the state are on pace to run out of vaccines.
There are 300,000 shots waiting in storage for second doses.
The city is now considering giving them as first doses for those still waiting and backfilling the supply and delaying by a few weeks the second shot for those who already gotten the first.

Dr. Fauci’s message to MTA workers: Get vaccinated
Former straphanger Dr. Anthony Fauci had a special message just for MTA workers on Thursday morning.

“And so since I care about you all, I strongly encourage all MTA workers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus,” he said.

Acknowledging hesitancy among transit workers to get the vaccine, the MTA played the special message at its board meeting.

Top 7 COVID vaccine questions answered
You had questions about COVID-19 vaccines and 7 On Your Side is getting you answers from doctors on the front line of the pandemic.

Fauci resumes COVID-19 briefings in White House under Biden administration
Dr. Anthony Fauci is back in the White House briefing room. The nation’s leading infectious disease expert was tasked by President Joe Biden to give an update on the coronavirus pandemic after largely being sidelined in recent months by former president Donald Trump.

Fauci said the new administration would “be completely open and honest” in dealing with the pandemic and, in an implicit rebuke to the Trump administration, said everything now would be “based on science and evidence.”

Eli Lilly says antibody can prevent COVID-19 illness in nursing homes

Drugmaker Eli Lilly said Thursday its antibody drug can prevent COVID-19 illness in residents and staff of nursing homes and other long-term care locations.

It’s the first major study to show such a treatment may prevent illness in a group that has been devastated by the pandemic.

7 On Your Side: Tips for hiring reputable movers in the age of COVID
Scheduling a mover has taken on a greater sense of urgency in this age of COVID, but hiring movers is part art and mostly science. 7 On Your Side’s Nina Pineda has the tips to smooth out a stressful situation.

UK cruise liner to require all passengers be vaccinated
Saga Cruises, a U.K.-based cruise operator, announced it was requiring all passengers to have received the COVID-19 vaccine before embarking on a trip.
The cruise industry as a whole has grappled with multiple deadly outbreaks of the virus aboard ships since February 2020, and many cruise liners were forced to halt operations entirely amid the pandemic.

Saga Cruises’ vaccine requirement appears to be a first for major cruise operators. The company said it is moving the restart date for its cruises to May to allow time for more people to receive the vaccine.

While holding hands husband, wife die from COVID-19 days after 70th wedding anniversary
The increasing death toll from COVID-19 has devastated many families on a personal level. One instance illustrates that like no other.

An Ohio couple that had recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary both passed away minutes apart, leaving behind seven decades of memories, five children, 13 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.

Success Academy all-remote for rest of school year
Success Academy, New York City’s largest charter school network with about 20,000 students, will remain remote only for the rest of the school year. Virtual classes will end May 28, one month early. Classes will resume August 2, hopefully with a better chance at in-person learning than in the spring.


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