COVID-19 vaccine shortages lead to vaccination appointment delays in Las Vegas valley

COVID-19 vaccine shortages lead to  vaccination appointment delays in Las Vegas valley

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is out, it seems like everybody is just waiting until it’s their turn to get it, but recently here in Nevada there has been a COVID-19 vaccine shortage causing major concern.

Places like ‘Sun City Anthem’ in Henderson just announced they are having to postpone their appointments for February.

Candice McDaniel with the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services acknowledges the lack of doses available in Nevada at this time.

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“As you know the state of Nevada is receiving limited doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from the federal government each week,” said McDaniel. “Many vaccination sites are having to scale down because of the limited allocation we are set to receive next week.:

On Friday, the state reported that more than 137,000 Nevadans have received the COVID-19 vaccine, and for the past five weeks, Nevada has received approximately 36,000 doses a week.

The goal however is 18,000 doses per day — a goal the state is well behind at this point. 

“The federal allocation should be based on population. which is what we were told it would be. Our assessment is that, it is not being done based on population from the federal government. we have been making requests through FEMA,” said Caleb Cage, Nevada’s COVID-19 Response Director.

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The City of Henderson posted on Twitter they were going through a temporary COVID-19 vaccine shortage, with Sun City Anthem being one of the affected locations. As of now that location is still able to administer the vaccine through this week but will stop in February. 

CDC data shows Nevada is second to last in the country for people getting their vaccines, but as for more doses coming in weekly, it’s still unknown.

“We are communicating through the emergency management system as a state for the additional doses,” Cage said. “As the Biden administration takes further control of this process, we anticipate having more conversation with them going forward.”

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