COVID-19 Travel Checklist

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With all the chaos in the world, some people can only find sanity in traveling. 2020 and COVID-19 have changed everybody’s life and routine. Earlier, whenever we planned to go on a trip, we used to be worried about clothes, nice places, amazing food and going out as much as possible. But the time has changed, no more worrying about parties, dresses or anything else. Now, everyone is just worried about sanitizing and quarantining. 

If you are planning to travel during times like these, then there are some things that need to be added in your COVID-19 Travel Checklist. 

Your travel reason can be anything- returning home, going back to college, moving to some other country or state for a job, visiting some tourist destination, going to meet your parents or anything else. There are certain things that you need to carry with while traveling. 

Making checklists was always an important part of traveling and now making a COVID-19 travel checklist is equally essential. 

The important things to add to your COVID-19 Travel Checklist

Get a Flu Shot

COVID-19 Travel Checklist
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The first is not something that needs to be added to your COVID-19 travel checklist rather it is something that needs to be done beforehand. Getting a Flu Shot is very important this year or the years to come before the vaccine is made. We know that the Flu Shot is not going to protect you from the coronavirus but it can surely help you build a strong self-defense system to fight the virus.

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COVID-19 Travel Checklist
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The first to put in your backpack is a PPE kit (Personal Protective Equipment) even before you start packing your clothes. The Personal Protective Equipment includes Masks, Gloves and self-sanitizing equipment. There are many countries where masks are obligatory, but even if they are not mandatory, you must not forget to carry some extra and of course, wear them even when you step out of your room. Carry some extra N-95 masks, face shields, gloves if you desire a good level of protection.

Disinfectant Wipes

COVID-19 Travel Checklist
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How did things change? From facial wipes to disinfectant wipes. But it is what it is! Disinfectant wipes are very important which needs to be added to your COVID-19 travel checklist. Make sure to keep these wipes in your handbag and use them as much as possible. Also, use them carefully to clean the chairs and tables you are going to use. Do not use the same wipes to clean your hands or face. Use these disinfectant wipes to clean your mobile phones, watches, wallets, sunglasses. 

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COVID-19 Travel Checklist
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Don’t forget to add a handy, pocket-friendly hand sanitizer to your COVID-19 travel checklist. The most important and the smallest thing that must not be forgotten. Carry the hand sanitizer in your pocket all the time and use it very frequently. Clean your hand and arms properly with sanitizer before eating and doing any work. Also, use the sanitizer after doing some work or touching anything.

Brass Key

COVID-19 Travel Checklist
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Brass key is the most innovative thing during the pandemic yet the least known and used. This key is such an amazing idea to keep yourself protected from the COVID-19. You can use this key to press buttons and open doors. You can also customize your key in a hook shape. The hook-shaped key will help you grab the handles of the door. A small key will help you avoid touching so many places and will reduce the risk of contamination.

Power Bank

Even though you are travelling, Quarantine is very important. While you will be quarantining and maintaining proper social distance, you will probably be connecting with your family and friends over the phone. It certainly becomes very important to make sure that you have your mobile phone fully charged. Power banks will definitely come handy. Carrying a power bank was always important, with COVID or without COVID. So, leave everything aside and add your power bank on the COVID-19 travel checklist. 

Download COVID Tracking Apps

Many countries have developed special COVID-19 tracking apps that make the people aware about the COVID-19 cases, health centres near them. Do your research properly before leaving for somewhere. Download the apps that are being used in the specific country, state or city you are planning to travel.

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Again to be clear, that these apps will not protect you from the virus, but will definitely reduce your chances of going to someplace that is contaminated.

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