A Comprehensive Comparison Between Netchex and Paychex

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The task of automating the payment of employees has never been easier for the HR departments and the CEOs alike, with the introduction of payroll software into the system. Gone are the days of individual paper-checking performed for each employee.

Nowadays, all companies, whether small or large, use the top-rated payroll software programs for this purpose. The sheer customizability and freedom offered while also automating the task of paying the employees with minimal errors and amazing speeds are what attracts the companies to use this software.

As in any category, 2021 sees a huge influx of payroll software designed for different kinds of companies. How can you make an informed decision regarding this choice, then? To start things up, we will look at two of the best payroll software companies’ products available in today’s market – Netchex and Paychex.

Following is a comprehensive comparison of these two systems for you to decide what would suit your business the best.

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Paychex is a leading company among payroll software developers with multiple products in the market. Their product is best suited for small-scale businesses, however, mid-scale businesses also make use of them.

Paychex is available on both mobile and browser-based platforms. Its login process consists of two-factor authorization, making it extremely secure and free from any data leakage. The users have reported it to be a very agile software, which is easy to use and comes with a rather simple and straightforward learning curve.

Paychex users feel the lack of customizations at their disposal when it comes to making reports. In order to get a specialized report, you need to contact their customer support. However, it does not help that the customer support service of Paychex needs some improvements to be made. Moreover, the downside to their software’s integration into multiple platforms also comes with some problems as you cannot get all your information from a single place.
The pricing is also huge as compared to Netchex, coming in at $200 per license, whereas Netchex only costs $12 per month. Hence, many users feel that the portability features that are lacking in functionality are not worth the high price.


While also used in small-scale businesses, Netchex is more suited as a payroll software program for midsize businesses.

Netchex focuses entirely on being web-based software. This makes it a much hassle-free alternative to Paychex. The dashboard is carefully maintained in order to keep the HR department connected to the employees at all times. The software is significantly cheaper compared to Paychex and provides better value for its money.

However, the standout feature of Netchex has to be its top-notch customer support service which is in a league of its own! The users have seen the support staff dive so deeply into solving their issues in such a helpful and friendly manner that it would be wrong not to appreciate their efforts. They are responsive and knowledgeable. On top of all this, the customizability of reports with such a service makes for an amazing experience for its users.

The login process of Netchex needs to be revamped. Its security can be bypassed, which means that people outside of its users can gain access to it. It also does not have a mobile application, ruling out any mobility for its usability.

Final Verdict
As evident from the comparison, Netchex is superior to Paychex. It can tailor solutions to fit your needs without any concern for the number of employees in your organization. The comprehensive nature of this cloud-based software combined with an exceptionally dedicated support staff makes it the best choice as payroll software in 2021.
The rare combination of easy-to-use online payroll software backed by excellent support staff is highlighted by the user reviews and ratings that confirm Netchex having superior value for money and better usability. The users have felt that it suits the requirements of their business better than Paychex. Not only that, the feature updates and roadmaps offered by Netchex are far more preferable than its competition. Thus, Netchex gets our stamp of approval as the best payroll software in 2021 for your small, mid or large-scale business.


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