Cocoon Game Ending Explained: What Happens at the End of Cocoon [2023]

Cocoon Game Ending

The gaming world is no stranger to intricate plots, but Cocoon stands apart with its complex narratives and endings that keep players hooked. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the Cocoon game ending and the essence that makes it a gaming masterpiece.

It’s no surprise that the Cocoon game has taken the gaming community by storm, offering a blend of rich storytelling and engaging gameplay. All you need to do is dive deep into Cocoon’s multifaceted endings, unravel the impact of player choices, and discover the art of interactive storytelling.

Are you ready to find out what happened at the end of the Cocoon gameplay? In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to unlock the mysteries of the renowned Cocoon game and find the explanation of the Cocoon game ending.

What Happens at the End of the Cocoon Game | Cocoon Game Ending Explained

Cocoon is a game about worlds, the protection of those worlds, their legacy, and regenerating life to preserve what’s there. Every choice and action in the game molds the storyline, leading to varied conclusions. Key moments in the Cocoon game can turn the story on its head, leading to unexpected finales.

Let’s delve deeper into the Cocoon game endings to find its explanation and meaning to understand the game’s conclusions:

When the moth activates a portal that flings it up and out of the atmosphere, it’s revealed that the canyon-like biome was, in actuality, safely tucked away inside a glowing orb inside of a vault. What’s interesting is that the biome is, in turn, watched over by a large and intimidating insect-like guardian.

This Guardian angrily awakens and disappears inside of the orb to more closely look after what they are actually protecting, tiny creatures that you must have seen throughout the game.


What’s interesting is what happens next: the moth picks up and carries the weight of the world on its shoulders. The world’s weight on the moth’s shoulders is similar to what Atlas went through in Greek mythology, although he had the weight of the heavens on his.

The moth must battle the four guardians for control of the cosmos. After you defeat each of the four guardians in battle, a power is released which grants a special ability to the orb that the world is contained in. You can now use this power to activate different mechanisms.

There are three magical orbs in Cocoon:

  1. Orange orb: Makes hidden oaths visible.
  2. Green orb: Elevators and platforms from solid to gas for easy traversing.
  3. Purple orb: The purple orb is able to be transported by being grown and plucked from spores.
  4. Gray orb: It fires a laser that activates cosmic crystals.

With the orbs, you reach a door you expect to house a guardian, but it has an unexpected insect god that you need to battle. But to battle the insect god in Cocoon, you must first awaken by embedding the orange, green, and purple orbs in it.

Cocoon Game Ending

With every trial you complete, it grants you one orb back. Once all tests are complete, it hands you the proverbial torch, and you ascend to an ethereal plane where the statues of the four world Guardians are. You also see the Moon ancestors with the moons they were once holding now revolving at the center and around a common axis.

Biiome Ending in the Cocoon Game

Cocoon Game Ending

With their unique properties, the biomes have to be placed one inside the other to create a seed of sorts, the Arid and Rocky terrain for string industry and Mechanics for the advancement of Technology.

There is also organic living tissue for the creation of life and rainwater and vegetation for Life sustainability. Each sea forms its own planet, and it’s encircled by the moons of the ancestors and held in Rotation by the gravitational pull of the Ethereal world that still rests inside the sun.

In the end, the little moth, you, now transformed into a new God of Worlds, looking over your success and waiting for the cycle of life to begin again.

Wrapping Up

The Cocoon game has complex gameplay and an interesting storyline that keeps you hooked. Since the Cocoon game ending is a bit confusing, many gamers need help trying to decode the meaning behind the complex animation at the end of the game. But at the end of Cocoon, you are into a new God of Worlds, looking over your success and waiting for the cycle of life to begin again.

Happy Gaming!

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