RealMe Hints a Coca Cola Phone on Its Website- Here’s the Tea

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I was following my morning ritual and scrolling through Twitter, and guess what? I saw the phone with Coca Cola. Well, smartphone users are experimenting with phone cases every now and then, so using a Coca-Cola case is quite common, right? But my eyes literally popped out when I got realize that this was not the case. Coca Cola theme is not limited to the phone cases only, but it is the back cover of the phone same as Apple with the half-cut Apple fruit.

Many Twitter users are forwarding the post of Coca Cola smartphones from the RealMe company. The excitement of smartphone users does not end here. All they want is if this is going to be real, then when will they get the phone to experience it? There are multiple questions about the Coca Cola and RealMe brand collaboration.

If you are excited to know when this Coca Cola theme smartphone of RealMe is going to launch and which will be the lucky country of it, then read more. I have given all the details of Coca Cola phone below, so stick to the post.

RealMe Coca Cola Phone Release Date

RealMe Coa Cola ; RealMe Hints a Coca Cola Phone on Its Website

Coca Cola RealMe smartphone will be released in the first quarter of 2023. Mukul Sharma, a popular tipster, has shared an image on Twitter about the smartphone of RealMe with the news of its launching. The phone will initially be available in India only, according to Mukul Sharma.

According to the tweet, the famous Coca-Cola company is working with the smartphone company to give the best smartphone to the Indian market. Maybe it is true, but both companies have no official confirmation about the brand collaborations. The Twitter image below was posted by Mukul Sharma so you can get a better idea.

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What are the Specifications of Coca Cola Phone?

Coca Cola Phone ; RealMe Hints a Coca Cola Phone on Its Website

We could not find the chance to experience the phone, but the smartphone was rebranded as RealMe 10 4G smartphone. The 10 4G was launched last year by RealMe. So, we can easily guess the specifications of the upcoming smartphone. Before moving to the phone’s specifications, check out some highlights of the RealMe Coca Cola phone.

  1. RealMe has officially started teasing the Coca Cola smartphone. They have created the event page for the rebranded 10 4G smartphone.
  2. The device will launch in India in the coming weeks.
  3. RealMe Coca Cola is already posted on Twitter.

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Specifications of Coca Cola Phone

The Coca Cola phone has not launched yet, but as per the news, it is rebranded from 10 4G, so it is expected to offer below mentioned specifications.

  1. Display – 6.5-inch FHD+AMOLED
  2. Refresh Rate – 90Hz
  3. Chip – A Media Teik Helio G99
  4. RAM – 8GB
  5. Main Camera – 50 Megapixel
  6. Selfie Camera – 16 Megapixel
  7. Headphone Jack – 3.5mm, with HiRes Audio Support

What is so Special About Coca Cola RealMe Phone?

Coca Cola Phone ; RealMe Hints a Coca Cola Phone on Its Website

The front side of the RealMe Coca Cola phone has not been revealed yet. However, there are many images you must have seen on social media that show the back side of the phone with Coca Cola design. The back side of the phone is quite cool, with the red color Coca Cola name from top to bottom. Users find it so attractive. If the phone has the same feature as the 10 4G smartphone, the users will have fun using this theme phone.

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Is Coca Cola RealMe Phone Available Everywhere?

The RealMe Coca Cola phone is going to launch in India only. Even in the Twitter post of Mukul Sharma, the smartphone is only going to launch in India first; we are not sure about other countries. There is no official announcement about the other countries’ availability. So, we can assume the target market is India only for now.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, RealMe is impressing the youth with high smartphone specifications along with the Coca Cola theme. The phone is going to launch in the coming weeks. So, wait for the launch and explore the 10 4G specifications, as it could be the same in the Coca Cola phone. It’s time to wrap Up. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of Coca Cola phone?

Coca Cola phone is expected to release in the first quarter of 2023.

Is Coca Cola phone is same as 10 4G RealMe?

Yes, it can be because Coca Cola phone is rebranded as a 10 4G smartphone.


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