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Clash of Clans or Clash Royale: Which one is the better choice for you today? This is a common question in everyone’s mind today. But don’t stress out too much because further is the answer to your every question. Read along and learn everything about Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, and most importantly what is the difference between Clash Royale and Clash of Clans?

Where Clash of Clans is quite popular among the Gen Z for obvious reasons, Clash Royale is the talk of the town for its different arena and decks. Nevertheless, choosing one of them is a tough grind to follow but here it comes, Path of EX to the rescue. 

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Written further is everything you are probably looking for regarding Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Go on and see what pointers can explain well for Clash Royale Vs Clash of Clans?

Clash Royale

Clash Royale Or Clash Of Clans: Which One Is better | Clash of Clans VS Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a card-based multiplayer mode game that requires at least 2 players to play against each other in real-time. Each player owns one king tower and two princess towers on both sides of the king. Players are required to acquire the most crowns possible within a limited time frame as in the Clash Royale gameplay. 

Clash Of Clans

Clash Royale Or Clash Of Clans: Which One Is better | Clash of Clans VS Clash Royale

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer mode game, launched in 2012 AD based on the gameplay where players acquire their own village and build, upgrade, and defend accordingly. It has gained a lot of fan base over the years and indeed, it continues to do so in the coming future. Players playing Clash of Clans can attack other villages and gain multiple resources to continue with their upgrade. 

Difference Between Clash Royale & Clash Of Clans | Clash of Clans VS Clash Royale

Which one is better: Clash of Clans or Clash Royale? Well, tough choice! Go along further for the dropped-down pointers of Clash of Clans VS Clash Royale and choose the one that suits you the most. 

1. Gameplay

Clash Royale: It is considered a very fun, casual game that allows players to play one-on-one without waiting for the troop. It can be played as many times as you wish and can be played with your trusted clan mates. 

Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is a more intense game than to be tagged as the casual one. It requires a lot of commitment, patience, and time from players. Players can also request troops to play in multiplayer mode. 

2. Progression

Clash Royale: Players who start with the Clash Royale game begin at the 11th level with 4000 trophies and all the cards initially. It all goes well without spending a single dime. 

Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans lasts till level-9 in two total years and doesn’t give all of the defenses or heroes to players until they rush. 

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3. Content & Support

Clash Royale: Talking about the Content & Support of Clash Royale, it brings in a bundle of updates in reference to tournaments, new arenas, and new challenges. It is said to be a skill-based game. 

Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans has managed to be on roll since its launch and always comes up with something massive and huge although it is a little slow with new updates. 

4. Updates

Clash Royale: Clash Royale is surely one of the famous games that never fails to surprise its players with new updates timely. Whether they are about challenges, emotes, war models, or tower skins. Clash Royale updates every 3 to 4 days. 

Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans can be upgraded with its base and units after players use their resources or collect from the collectors. 

5. Other Differences

Other pointers that draw a thin line difference between Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are as follows:

  • Clash of Clans includes gold mines, however, Clash Royale doesn’t.
  • Clash of Clans doesn’t provide a suitable platform for players to flaunt their skills on, but Clash Royale does. 
  • Clash of Clans is a strategy-based game, however, Clash Royale is a card-based game. 
  • Clash of Clans is more complex than Clash Royale. 

Clash Royale is a fun, casual game that serves you with the latest updates and improvements on a timely basis. This means that players must keep a thorough check regularly. Clash of Clans, on the other hand, is an intense game that drives a wholesome passion among the players throughout the game. 

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Wrapping Up

So what should you choose today? Clash Royale or Clash of Clans? Well, that depends upon your vibe today. Think what could feed the best to your sudden cravings today after reading out loud the above-mentioned features of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans and decide further. 

I hope all of your questions regarding Clash Royale Vs Clash of Clans are answered well. It is always a pleasure to serve you with the best. Path of EX never fails to surprise you with timely updates on such insightful information. Come along and hang out a little more.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Clash of Clans the same as Clash Royale?

Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are belonged to the same developer, Supercell, and are considered the most popular mobile games.

2. Is Clash Royale still popular in 2021?

Supercell’s real-time strategy Clash Royale has generated its highest player spending for almost two years. According to Sensor Tower, Clash Royale accumulated $42.5 million from player spending across the App Store and Google Play for June 2021.

3. Why is Clash of Clans so addicting?

Even if you don’t have a friend to play with, Clash of Clans is geared towards social interaction and you will get to know new people in no time. We are also addicted to the brilliant friendly challenges that allow us to practice our battles.



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