Alert! New Clash Royale Season 38: Clash From The Past Released | New Features & Skins

Alert! New Clash Royal Season 38 | Releasing On August 1

Well! Well! Well! I’ve got something amazing for you. The news is that a new Clash Royale Season 38 is heading your way anytime soon, and you can do is dance with excitement and buckle up your gaming power. In this article, we will reveal everything about the New Clash Royale Season including its release date, what is expected in this new season, and much more.

Clash Royale has always been one of our favs with the contiuous deck tournaments, gems, and much more. Though people have always been looking for the major key differences of Why Clash Royale is better than Clash of Clans, but all we can say is it is because of its epic gameplay, timely updates, and amazing sessions.

Go along with me to uncover every bit of information you require to know about the New Clash Royale Season 38. Whether it is about its release date, new skins and updations expected in this new season, and fans comentaries; its all down there!

When Is The New Clash Royale Season 38 Releasing?

Alert! New Clash Royal Season 38 | Releasing On August 1

This may come out as a surprise but Supercell has just revealed that the new Clash Royal season 38 is going to air on August 1, 2022, Monday and the game server will be down a few times as a course of maintenance.

The reason behind such a server bug is so as to allow the game to adapt to this new Clash Royale season 38 extensively without being an area of trouble in the coming future.

What Is Expected To Be Added In Clash Royale Season 38?

There are higher expectations that Clash Royale Season38 will make its official launch on Monday, 1 August 2022, and it may bring in:

  • Retro designs
  • New skins
  • Cosmetics

What’s New In Clash Royale Clash From the Past | Season 38

As we know, Clash Royale updates and new Seasons always comes with hidden surprises. and the same is true this time. New clash Royale, clash from the past had come along bearing many interesting gifts. This new clash Royale season 30 adds a new Pass Royale with rewards like Chests, Jokers, and Gems. Moreover, you can also unlock other rewards like new Tower skin and a pixel-art emote with the season’s logo.

New Clash Royale Skins

  • Arcade-Tower skin

New Clash Royale Emotes

Three new Clash Royale Emotes are added in the Clash From the Past

New Clash Royale Banners

Many new Clash Royale Banners are added in the Clash From the Past game.

New Clash Royale Challenges

Many new Clash Royale Challenges are added to the clah from the past game like-

  • Barbarian Launcher Challenge

New Clash Royale Updates

Some character and feature degradations that took place in Clash Royale season 38- Clash from the Past are-

  • In terms of card balancing, the Prince and Ram Rider buffs charge faster
  • The Mega Knight can jump more often.
  • On the nerf side, the Skeleton King and Golden Knight legendary cards were deemed too strong.
  • Fireball pushes enemies back less
  • Electro-Giant inflicts less damage to towers.

Clash From The Past Introduces New skin & Challenges to Clash Royale

As expected Clash from the past- the new clash royale has created its buzz with new features and elements. The most exciting and intriguing Clash royale features that fans have gone crazy about are-

Arcade Tower Skin

The New clash Royale will bring an awesome arcade tower skin. The newly launched YouTube video had clash royale fans going crazy about Clash from the past’s arcade tower skin.

Pixelated Arena

Another upgrade that the Clash from the past creators has created in their new clash royale game is pixelating the new Arena. The arena is pixelated now. Exciting right?

What Does Fans Have To Say About Clash Royale Season 38?

There have been many debates happening lately with the new Clash Royale season 38 announcment. Fans are continuously pitching on their take on the what needs to come back in Clash Royale an what not.

One fan on Reddit said, “Where in the Barbarian is Infinite Elixir in party modes? Would’ve been perfect in a 5-week August season too. The last time Infinite Elixir appeared was Season 33 (March 2022), the season before Masteries were introduced. Before that, Infinite Elixir last appeared in Season 26 (August 2021), Season 21 (March 2021), and Season 16 (October 2020).”

Another fan added, “It’s the best game mode they’ve ever created. Close second is Mirror, and call me crazy, love 2v2 Touchdown. When is SC going to fix the bugs and bring 2v2 TD back? And yes, Spawner Modes are broken in Party Modes because of the exploit. 1v1 Showdown doesn’t respect average card level matchmaking.”

The Clash Royale Season 38 is still a surprise to many. Fans are still figuring out what it may bring in because the official launch hasn’t revealed any statements yet. Though there are many retro designs and skins expected, but let’s see what this season hs instored for you.

Watch Clash Royale Season 38

Wrapping Up

This was all about the new Clash Royale Season 38. Head on to your screens on August 1, 2022 and see what this new season brings to your table.

Anyways, I hope every question of yours is answered well. Path of EX is an open space, Come along if you have any doubt and we will come back to you asap.


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