Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas | Elegant and Festive in 2021

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Still, looking for good Christmas tree decoration ideas? December is almost here and I can’t wait to bake some ginger cookies and hot chocolate and sit near my Christmas Tree just to sing carols all day. But the first step to creating such a Christmas vibe is decorating the Christmas Tree. One of the favorite parts of Christmas month has to be the tree decoration. I have been obsessed with decoration for years and years. From Christmas lights to paper cutting to decoration material and beautiful warm fragrances and the Christmas tree toppers and all those things that shout Christmas have been an essential and traditional on every Christmas.

If you love Christmas decorations like a junkie, then I have the best Christmas tree decoration ideas for you. There are countless ways in which you can decorate your Christmas tree. You can choose an indoor setting for your tree with the supreme royal look or go over the top with the decorations on your deck. You can ditch the traditional and classic red and green hues this Christmas and think outside the box or even create your own box.

Christmas tree decoration has to be a family activity which brings merriment and your family close. The main purpose is to have fun and celebrate the coming of hope and happiness.  

We have curated a list with a bold, statement color scheme, classic, royalistic ideas for your Christmas tree decoration.

1. Nordic Luxe

Nordic Luxe

If you are a Scandinavian aesthetic person, then this holiday season we have the best idea for you. The Nordic Luxe is a winner for the season decoration. Mix White, Silver, and Glass colored bauble to the tree and just sit consume the eye-pleasing corner of your house.

You can use fall-scented candles and LED lights as an add-up. You can maximize the natural look by adding animal skin under the tree. Also, use matt silver, bronze, and white gift wrappers for the last touch.

2. Touch of Frost

Touch of Frost christmas tree

For this type of Christmas tree decoration, there is no holding back. You have to go all over the board to achieve the Frost look. Icy tones of white and the palest blue color will create magic for your Christmas tree. You can use Christmas tree decoration materials like snowflakes, small gondola cars, huge silver balls, and glittered, patterned and glassy finishes to light up the Christmas tree a little extra.

3. Color Pop

Color Pop christmas tree

This is my personal favorite Christmas tree decoration idea. Are you a unicorn and rainbow person? If yes, then bring all your colors to your Christmas tree and make your place more vibrant. There is no stopping and stepping back when it comes to colors.

You can use all kinds of colored candies and layer the tree with more and more. A white frosty Christmas tree with all your loved colors will just look high-spirited and scrumptious. This is the best kind of Christmas tree decoration idea for toddlers as well.

4. Rustic Elegance

Rustic Elegance christmas tree

If elegance is your vibe, then go for this idea. The natural beauty of the tree is in itself more than enough. For an elegant Christmas tree décor, you can add white fairy lights. You can also use a single decoration material and use it all over the tree in a proper symmetry. This kind of decoration will blend perfectly with your elegant preference and sense of style.

5. All Silver

All Silver christmas tree

If your calling is classic Christmas, then go all silver for your Christmas tree decoration. The snow-capturing theme for Christmas is evergreen and super classic. You can use all kinds of silver decorative material and it still won’t be enough. You can also use huge balls and frosty cars and glittery stars. Make sure that you add gits all around the tree with scented candles.

6. Vintage Ribbons

Vintage Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for a Christmas tree decorating idea with ribbons, why not go all vintage with it? You can use all the prize ribbons as a decorative material. This Vintage Ribbon will make you nostalgic and you will have tons of memories to relive.

7. White and Calm

White and Calm Christmas tree decoration

All white Christmas tree is all dreamy. Snowflakes and ice skate toppers are the best add-on if you decide to go for the all-white theme. Add as many white ornaments as you can, and there you go with the dreamy, frosty Christmas tree in your own house.


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