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Bikini Bottom is the only place you should be this Christmas. Any guesses why? First of all, it’s Christmas and you want to spend all your time in the jolliest place in this world. Secondly, there’s no one who can make you laugh better than SpongeBob and Patrick. That’s why you must watch the Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes

Be it a Snowball fight, giving everyone treats, and even curing everyone from Jerktonium, every episode will make you giggle. Plus the adventure is all to ask for this Christmas. Sit with your whole family and enjoy watching SpongeBob. 

You can also watch other Christmas movies and shows on Netflix. However, you can never have to same fun. Watch how SpongeBob saves his Bikini Bottom and makes everyone ready for Christmas. Let’s not keep you waiting. Quickly go over all the best Christmas SpongeBob episodes. 

Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes Every Kid Should Watch

We have sorted out all the episodes based on IMDb ratings, however, the last one on the list is my personal favorite. Despite the ratings, all of these best Christmas SpongeBob episodes are a must-watch this holiday season. You will be entertained and there’s no doubt about it. 

1. The Snowball Effect | Season 3 Episode 5

The Snowball episode is the highest-rated Christmas SpongeBob episode. Bikini Bottom is covered in snow as an iceberg has crashed above it. While many might have been worried, but SpongeBob and Patrick, like every time, make the best out of the situation. 

The friends have a snowball fight and somehow Squidward gets involved. The little guy also fights with SpongeBob and Patrick and then after some time, he realizes that he’s enjoying the fight quite a little too much. Making us enjoy with them even more. 

IMDb Rating- 9.2

2. Christmas Who? | Season 2 Episode 8

7 Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes | Mr. SquarePants & His Adventures

In the eighth episode of season 2, you will see Sandy decorating the tree for Christmas. It comes as a surprise for Patrick and SpongeBob. Before this, they have never heard anything about Christmas. 

Sandy tells them anything and then SpongeBob and Patrick tell everyone in Bikini Bottom about it. Kids can learn a lot about Christmas in this episode and that’s one of the reasons why it is among the best Christmas SpongeBob episodes. 

IMDb Rating- 8.8

3. Survival Of The Idiots | Season 2 Episode 13

With a very funny episode name, “Survival Of The Idiots” is also among all the best Christmas SpongeBob episodes. As usual, SpongeBob and Patrick are on their adventure and visit Sandy’s house. However, they get stunned after seeing a “Keep Out” sign at the door. 

Somehow, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak in and find Sandy in deep sleep. After some research, they realize it’s actually not Sandy, but a giant mean squirrel. What happens next? I guess you would have to watch the episode to find out. 

IMDb Rating- 8.8

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4. New Digs/ Krabs A La Mode | Season 5 Episode 5

7 Best Christmas SpongeBob Episodes | Mr. SquarePants & His Adventures

The next adventures lead us to the next best Christmas SpongeBob episode. Mr. Krabs is firm on his decision to not turn the heat up in the Krusty Krab. Do you know why? All of it is because Mr. Krabs thinks turning the heat up is too expensive for him. So he will rather have everyone freeze to death than paying a little money. 

Moreover, Krusty Krab is turned into an ice rink and people are using skates on the floor. As hilarious it can be, Plankton jumps in and makes the episode even more hilarious than it was before. 

IMDb Rating- 8.1

5. Plankton’s Old Chum | Season 12 Episode 24

Plankton tries to play smart pants in the “Plankton’s Old Chum” episode. He creates a fake holiday just to get all his old chum out. So, Plankton convinces SpongeBob that it’s the official “Chum Day”, people celebrate it just like Christmas and you have to gift your chum to your friends on this day. 

SpongeBob then spreads the word around and soon the whole Bikini Bottom is filled with filth. As the health inspector rushes to investigate, Plankton is the one to be blamed. Overall it’s a really fun Christmas SpongeBob episode to watch. 

IMDb Rating- 7.8

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6. Frozen Face-Off | Season 8 Episode 4

Froze Face-Off” is a super entertaining SpongeBob episode to watch on Christmas. There is a sled competition in Bikini Bottom and the winner gets $1 million. Clearly, everyone will be more than eager to participate and win the prize money. 

Here comes the funny part, Squidward has chosen a worm to ride his sled, Patrick has chosen a bunch of gummy worms and SpongeBob is led by Gary. You already know how it is going to turn. While everyone is busy with the competition, Plankton tries to steal the infamous Krabby Patty recipe. 

IMDb Rating- 7.4

7. It’s A SpongeBob Christmas! | Season 8 Episode 23

It’s A SpongeBob Christmas” is longer than all of the other Christmas SpongeBob episodes. In Bikini Bottom, everybody is excited about Christmas. However, someone has to play evil there. Any guesses? Plankton it is! Plankton decides to mix Jerktonium in fruit cake and anyone who eats it turns into an absolute jerk. 

When SpongeBob finds out that it is only him who is not affected by Jerktonium, and why, he gets everyone in their goodwill again to celebrate Christmas.   

IMDb Rating- 7.2

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Wrapping Up

SpongeBob is everyone’s favorite cartoon series, in fact, it has always been more than that. From holiday specials to fun competitions, SpongeBob has it all. If you want to choose a series to watch this holiday season, then do not miss SpongeBob SquarePants by any chance. 

These seven best Christmas SpongeBob episodes will give you the exact dose of laughter you need on Christmas. Watch them with your whole family and tell us how it went.

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