Top 14 Amazing Christmas Snapchat Filters in 2024

Christmas Snapchat Filters

Christmas Snapchat filters are out. People are flaunting their preparations and Christmas decorations along with the Xmas trees. It is that time of the year when roses and flowers wither, but hearts and smiles bloom to their best. If you want to add frames, lights, Santa’s hats, and Christmas blushes to your selfies and photos, try out my collection of the 10 best Christmas Snapchat filters.

When we talk about filters, lenses, avatars, and the use of AR technology for selfies, Snapchat is #1 in this field. You won’t have so many integrated features of lenses, filters, and effects anywhere else. And when the biggest festival in the world is around the corner, you can expect some extra filters from the best camera app, Snapchat.

Let’s have a look at the collection of my favorite Snapchat Christmas filters in 2022. Try them along with my collection of Christmas hashtags for 2022 and post them on Snapchat stories, Snapchat spotlight, and outside the Snapchat platform. Let us dive in.

Best Christmas Snapchat Filters and Lenses

Christmas Snapchat Filters

Plenty of Snapchat lenses for Christmas can be used to make a cuter face or a funnier one. They can be used throughout the year. But the Snapchat Christmas filters listed below are limited to the holiday and the best ones to enjoy and share the eve. Here is the list:

1. Snow Makeup Lens by Snapchat

Snow Makeup lens is one of my favorite Snapchat Christmas filters for 2022. It brings snowflakes to your cheeks and softness to the foreground at the same time.

2. Winter Freckles Lens by Snapchat

Inivite Xmass trees’ tattoos to your blushing cheeks with the Winter Freckles lens by Snapchat. It is one of the most used Snapchat Christmas filters. Try it out today.

3. Christmas Lens By AdrianK

Want the Santa Claus look? Here is one of the best Snapchat Christmas lenses that do the job, Christmas Lens by AdrianK. It puts the hat and white beard of Santa on your face along with some shining stars coming directly from the heavens.

4. Holiday Horns Lens by Snapchat

The Holiday Horns lens developed by Snapchat is another on the list of my favorite Snapchat Christmas filters for 2022. It has a dark maroon lip color for your lips, snowflakes for the background and foreground, and cute candy horns to make you an innocent devil this Christmas.

5. Green Holiday Frame Lens by Snapchat

Green Holiday, created and promoted by Snapchat, is an awesome filter for Christmas 2022. It turns your photos into a card with its pleasant green background designed with classic floral work. Lately, my niece told me this is one of the best Snapchat Christmas filters, and she has even printed some photos in the filter.

6. Family Portrait Lens by Snapchat

Make your face your entire family, and pose for the Christmas family time photo if you are not home with a Family Portrait lens Snapchat. It is among the best Christmas-themed Snapchat lenses in 2022. Click the button below to try it out.

7. Winter Cartoon Lens by Snapchat

Love cartoons? On the list of my favorite Snapchat Christmas filters, Winter Cartoon is for that purpose. Hit the filter and shoot yourself in a cartoonish appearance wearing the Christmas hat with fluffy fur.

8. Snowy Bunny Lens by Snapchat

Transforming yourself into a cute geeky bunny Snowy Bunny lens is of the cutest and innocent making Snapchat Christmas filters. It is developed by Snapchat; you can guess the perfection and coolness of this Christmas lens!

9. Merry Christmas Lens by Under 25 PDA

If you want to wish your fellows “Merry Christmas” accompanied with your Snapchat username, try the Merry Christmas lens by Under 25 PDA. It makes a perfect background with a touch of Christmas redness on your face. It should also be on your list if you try different Snapchat Christmas filters this season.

10. Merry Christmas Lens by Snapchat

Previous Christmas Snapchat lens was a third-party lens. Here is the developers’ own Merry Christmas lenses. It is an awesome and teh latest addition to the collection of Snapchat Christmas filters. It is cute. It transforms you into a fluffy cute animal. Try it out and make your name on the top of the lens page.

11. Merry Christmas Lens by Karn Matharoo

Another one on the Merry Christmas Snapchat filters list is the Merry Christmas lens by Karn Matharoo. It is so cute that I cannot stop myself from trying it out. The wish message in the foreground and a snowman add magic to this Christmas-themed Snapchat filter.

12. Christmas Tree Hat Lens by Speed 3D

Grow a Xmass tree on your head and send the gifts to your fellow Snapchatters with Christ Tree Hat lens. Speed 3D has created an awe filter. Though it is on my list of best Snapchat Christmas filters, it is not my favorite. It kind of drags out charm and blush from your face. It is still on the list for its perfection and work.

13. Christmas Butterflies Lens by Snapchat

A sprinkle of beauty blemishes, three animated butterflies, and a touch of Christmas lights make the Christmas Butterflies lens on my list of favorite Snapchat Christmas filters for 2022. It is also developed by Snapchat. The filter works wonders on girls’ faces, as most filters usually do. Sorry male world!

14. Soft Shimmer Lens by Snapchat

Last on the list of best Snapchat Christmas filters for 2022 is Soft Shimmer Snapchat. It is an awesome representation of AR technology lenses. The shimmer part ways when you walk ahead and gives a real feel in photos. Try it a couple of times and share the video on Facebook or Instagram; I bet non-Snapchat users will believe the shimmers to be true.

that is all about my favorite Snapchat Christmas filters for 2022. If you wonder how to get more filters for Christmas and other occasions, refer to the section below. I will help you how to get Snapchat Christmas filters.

How to Get Snapchat Christmas Filters

Getting access to Snapchat filters is easy. Follow these steps to witness the easiness alongside me.

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap the laughing emoji right on the camera shutter button.

Step 3: Either swipe to the last lens on the right side or hit Explore in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Tap on the Happy Holidays tab, if it is not there, tap on the search bar at the top.

Step 5: Type either the filter name or just “Christmas” and hit enter on your keyboard.

Step 6: Tap on any lens from the results and enjoy.

Christmas Snapchat Filters

Wrapping Up

There are hundreds, even thousands of Christmas Snapchat filters available for free across the globe. However, the 14 mentioned on my list are the best ones for Christmas 2022. I hope you will love them.

The team Path of EX has prepared multiple articles to help you on Christmas Eve. These articles include filters, hashtags, quotes, and more for Christmas 2022. Browse those articles and share them with your friends and family as a token of an advance gift.

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