7 Best Christmas Proposal Ideas For All The Romantics At Heart

Get the 'YES' from your love with these dream-come-true proposals.

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Someone said it right, Christmas is not a holiday, it’s a feeling. The first snow of the season, the daily sounds of jingle bells, everything wonderful makes you think of your partner. Isn’t that what love and companionship are about? Sharing our experiences?   

However, to get the magical Yes, you have to put up the heart-throbbing question. Many of you might have kept the ring hidden for long or must be thinking about getting one. (It’s alright, Christmas comes with love in the air.) Go over some of the best Christmas Proposal Ideas and you will be the new couple goals for sure. 

Why should you propose at Christmas? Every person has innumerable memories attached to Christmas. If I begin how Christmas made our life wonderful in childhood, I would never stop. So, if you ever get the chance to propose to your partner at Christmas, you should not miss it at any cost. 

Here are plenty of Christmas Proposal ideas that people haven’t tried yet, but are just as special if not more. Scroll down a little and imagine the whole proposal with your partner. The intention here is to make you all mushy in love. 

7 Most Romantic Christmas Proposal Ideas

Even if you have been with a person for a long time, you will feel a little anxious to ask “Will you marry me?” It’s all normal to feel the anxiety. But, that shouldn’t stop you from proposing the love of your life. Along with all the preparations, make sure you know all the dos and don’ts of proposals cause you don’t want to mess anything up. 

The Christmas proposal ideas mentioned below are for both, couples who are all exuberant and love PDA, and for couples who want nothing but privacy.

1. Propose At A Public Tree Lightning

Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

Many couples have it as a Christmas tradition to see a public tree lighting. It’s pretty common in cities like NY. If you want to take your partner all by chance, then you can take him/her to a public visit. In front of everyone, you have to make your move and get down on your knee to propose. 

This Christmas proposal idea is definitely for partners who don’t mind getting proposed in public. Displaying love in front of the world is a romantic gesture for them. Only if your partner is comfortable with it, you can look forward to this proposal idea. 

2. Customized Advent Calendar For Christmas Proposal

Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

If you define yourself as a romantic at heart, then this Christmas proposal idea will definitely make you want to propose your love this Christmas. Full of surprises, you can either make this DIY Advent Calendar (it’s super easy) Or, you can order it. It has 24 bags.

You can fill them with every small thing your partner likes. It can be anything, from candy to a chain. But make sure you fill all the bags and when s/he asks where’s the gift for 25th, you can pop up your question.  

3. Hang Your Ring On The Decorated Christmas Tree

Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

If you live with your partner, then it is totally possible to propose to him or her by this simple yet surprising Christmas proposal idea. While you guys are decorating your Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments, you can hang your ring from a ribbon. 

This Christmas proposal idea is one of my favorites for so many reasons. You guys could be with your family when you wish to hang the ring, or even if you two are alone. You can still make it a very special moment. Christmas will lock your date and you will remember it forever. 

4. Christmas Card Proposal

Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

We have already shared so many creative and easy Christmas card ideas with you. You can pick anyone up, write what you feel, ask “Will you marry me?” and simply give it to her. When she reads your question, you can go down on your knee and take out your ring. 

Proposing with a Christmas card might be very simple, but she will forever treasure that card and it will be your token of love. 

5. Propose At A Tree Farm

Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

I know, many might not take their partner to a special location, at a tree farm, and then propose. But, guys you have to take a little effort to get the yes. It will be a total surprise for her, or him. You can say you just want to visit a tree farm to buy a Christmas tree. You know some of these farms have made special spots for pictures. You can take your partner there and drop the question. 

Whatever their answer is, s/he will definitely get touched. Plus, after taking so much effort, the chances of getting that yes, increase exponentially. 

6. Christmas Treasure Hunt | Christmas Proposal Idea

Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

Treasure hunts are among some of the best Christmas games for adults and kids. You can simply pretend you have planned a surprise and I am sure anyone can get excited about a treasure hunt. Especially if it is on the night of Christmas. You can write different clues and pieces, or even buy an actual Christmas hunt from any online platform. 

At the last location, you can either place a ring with a note or simply write “Will you be my wife” or “Will you be Mrs. Jonas”. 

7. Ring Box Bauble Proposal

Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

If you are getting confused among all these Christmas proposal ideas, then this last one will finally be your ultimate choice. Just like we suggested you to hang your ring among all the Christmas ornaments. But, that way, anyone at your place can see the ring, even before your partner. And that’s not something you want. Do you?

Get yourself a Bauble Box. It’s a small ornament with enough space to keep a ring in it. This way no one but your partner will see your surprise and it will only be between you guys. 

Wrapping Up

I really hope all of these Christmas Proposal Ideas work for you. If I were to choose one, then it would be the Customized Advent Calendar proposal for me. After all, one has to think of 24 gifts before asking the question. What about you? Do you think the same? How would you want to propose or want to get proposed?

That was all about this article on “7 Best Christmas Proposal Ideas For All The Romantics At Heart”. If you liked it, then do not forget to share it with your friends. Have a great day! 


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