11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers | Best Indoor Plants in 2021

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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The Christmas countdown has officially begun. Soon your place will flood with lots of love and laughter. It’s about time you start decorating your indoors with the most aesthetic Christmas decor ideas. While I know you will get some beautiful ornaments, you should must not miss out on some Christmas plants and flowers. They are perfect for gifting and decorating your place. 

Plants are always in trend. You can never go wrong with an indoor plant, especially the ones like the Broken Heart plant. In the same way, you can never go wrong with these Christmas plants and flowers. They will be the perfect choices to gift your friends and even colleagues. Plus, they look super chic.

Bring a little more life to your home decor and get the most amazing Christmas plants this December. Some of them stay healthy for years and others only bloom in the winters. Scroll a little and you will want to get each and every one of these Christmas plants. 

11 Best Christmas Plants and Flowers in 2021

Christmas is so much fun when you have a Christmas tree to decorate. You can use multiple LED lights, decorate them with funky Christmas ornaments, and do everything that makes the season more festive.

Just don’t forget to buy at least some of these beautiful Christmas plants and add more aesthetics to your interiors.

Poinsettia; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

1. Poinsettia Christmas Plant

The red blossom of Poinsettia is everything we want to look at this Christmas. Also, if you only remember the red Poinsettia from the movies then you are probably missing out on a lot of movies. There are so many new shades in the market including hot-pink, cream, and even yellow. Choose one that matches your home decor.

Christmas Rose; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

2. Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose is definitely not any red Christmas plant, instead, it has a touch of light pink that soothes into the yellow in the center. Want to know an unknown fact? Christmas Rose is not from the rose family originally.

Amaryllis; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

3. Amaryllis Christmas Plants

Amaryllis is one of the most popular Christmas plants that are gifted in the holiday season. Most probably because of its red color. Moreover, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the flower to bloom.

Mistletoe; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

4. Mistletoe Christmas Plant

There’s no way you wouldn’t want to kiss under this beautiful Mistletoe Christmas plant. Hang it with beautiful ribbons and all your guests will adore it forever. Don’t forget to click pictures under it.

Christmas Cactus; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

5. Christmas Cactus

You can turn a popular houseplant into an eye-striking Christmas plant by keeping it on your dining table. Or at a place where everyone will simply not ignore this Christmas Cactus. The leaves-like petals bloom into white, red, purple, and even pink colors.

Paperwhites;  11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

6. Paperwhites Christmas Plant

This plain white Christmas plant is tall and that’s the best thing about it. Perfect for gifting, you can get some Paperwhites for yourself too. Grow some in your planters and have a bloom full of narcissus bulbs.

Candy Cane Sorrel; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

7. Candy Cane Sorrel Christmas Plant

Oh My! My! Have you seen a prettier flowering bulb? Cause I definitely haven’t. Candy Cane Sorrel will definitely remind everyone of eating more candies and that’s exactly our intention. Gift this pretty Christmas plant to your friend and let it create magic in their balcony.

Rosemary ; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

8. Rosemary

If you don’t have enough time to take care of all those big flowering plants, you can simply get a Rosemary. Your place will be filled with fragrance in no time and it is super easy to grow without any major knowledge of plants.

Cyclamen; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

9. Cyclamen Christmas Plant

The lotus-like structure of the Cyclamen Christmas plant sets it aside from the rest of the lot. There’s not one thing about Cyclamen that doesn’t attract people. Do you want red? You will get a red flower. Do you want white? You will get a Cyclamen with pure white color. With many variations, you can be sure Cyclamen is a great choice for your Christmas indoor decor.

Lemon Cypress; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

10. Lemon Cypress Christmas Plant

Some cherishing little trees like the Lemon Cypress are a popular choice for all Christmas lovers. Why? Duh! Isn’t it clear from its shape? The little Christmas plant is perfect to be kept in places low on space. The only key point with Lemon Cypress is that you need to give it a little sunshine.

Norfolk Island Pine; 11 Decorative Christmas Plants & Flowers in 2021

11. Norfolk Island Pine Christmas Plant

Do you hate messy plants? The ones that leave their dried leaves behind. Choose Norfolk from our list of best Christmas plants. You only need to cut it to give it a proper shape and then it will rarely regrow. You can also decorate it with light ornaments.

Wrapping Up

Decorative Christmas plants are surely a great way to enhance the chic look of your indoors. Keep then on your tables, fireplace, dining table, or anywhere you feel it will look great. If you are buying Christmas plants for yourself then do decorate them with light-weight ornaments and fairy lights.

I hope this article helped you in finding a perfect plant to gift for Christmas. If this article was informative then comment below.

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