14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

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It’s already December pals. Thank god for festivals and special days that offer us breaks from all the monotony this year has been throwing on our faces. To get off all the boredom, check out the Fun Christmas Party Ideas for friends and family.

Looking forward to Christmas party ideas right? Don’t leave the page and stay here for a list of party themes, ideas, and interesting activities that might help you add fun to your celebrations.

Wrap presents, bake cookies, decorate your tree, and do whatever makes you happy. Whether you plan to host a party for kids or adults, this list will help you both ways. It’s all about tasty food, sweet treats, fun games, music, and activities that will make your night memorable.

Best Christmas Party Ideas for Friends and Family  

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated all over the world. Below, I have listed a few party ideas that will make your Christmas more festive. Start preparing for the festival and the most amazing party of the year.

1. Color It All Golden

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

Golden is the color of celebration! We all want to decorate our homes with super pretty lights and decorations every Christmas. The color is all about elegance, antiquity, festivity, and aesthetics.

Why not make it all go Golden this year?

You can throw a Golden theme party, where everyone is dressed in bright shades and everything shines with a touch of gold. Decorate your Christmas tree with golden lights, gold-colored balls, and trinkets. Golden works amazing with black. You can pair the two colors and decorate accordingly.

2. Holiday Movie Marathon

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

Get inside your warm blankets and enjoy the spirit of the festival with holiday classics and the latest Netflix Holiday movies and shows

Invite your friends for a fun movie night and binge-watch your favorites, with some hot chocolate, cookies, cheese balls, and popcorn. 

3. Art & Craft | Christmas Party Ideas For Kids

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

Are you one of those who are more interested in shimmery gift wrappers, pretty packaging, bubble wraps, paper wraps, and ribbons more than what is wrapped inside them? If yes, then you are not alone. You surely have collected pretty gifting accessories and tools over the years. 

Invite your friends and make this Christmas super crafty. You can check out our article on DIY Christmas Cards and make your day super creative with your kids, friends, and family. 

4. Fun Fondue 

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

A fondue would add fun to your party. Cheese and chocolate are two great fondue options to choose from. Since it’s Christmas, chocolate fondue is a better option. Delight your guests with loads of melted chocolate. Don’t forget tasty dippers like bananas, green apples, rice treats, cookies, marshmallows, and more. 

These are the must-have Christmas food items at your party.

5. Pajama Party | Christmas Party Ideas For Friends

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

You don’t feel like getting all dressed up, do you? Let this Christmas be a fun night with friends and family, all comfortable in pajamas and night suites. 

Get cozy with your pals, offer light snacks and watch movies. Also, don’t forget hot cocoa and cupcakes. Play board games to keep up with the cool festive vibe.

A pajama party is also a great idea for a post-Christmas celebration. Since Christmas comes and leaves too fast. Carry on the celebration in a comfortable way after all the crazy and tiring Christmas activities.

6. Gift Exchange

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

Gifting doesn’t remain a boring task if you convert it into a fun activity. Ask the people on your party list to bring little gifts with them, out of their choice. It’ll be better if you fix a budget beforehand.

7. Girls Night

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

No one can have as much fun as a gang of girlfriends. Plan a night out or a comfy night in with your best buddies, this Christmas. You know you guys slay together. 

You can play games, exchange ornaments, be each other’s secret Santa, drink all night, or watch movies in your pajamas. 

8. Zoom Party | Best Christmas Party Ideas

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

We can’t forget Zoom parties. If you are far away from your friends and family, or your city remains closed due to lockdown, don’t stop yourself from celebrating.

Plan a zoom party with your favorite people and make this Christmas super unique. Tell everyone to decorate their rooms and dress for the night. You can add a common Christmas Zoom background to the video call so that you feel more connected, even if you are far off. Share a glass of fine wine or cake slice virtually, enjoying each other’s company.  

9. Classic Minimalist Theme Party

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

Make it all go white and subtle. No, you don’t need to skip decorations to make your celebrations simpler. But, you might want to cut on the extra expenditure and stressful arrangements.

10. The Worst Present Contest

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

Sounds unique right! You can actually plan a fun evening with your friends and family based on a gift contest. Ask your friends to think of the weirdest gift ideas for this Christmas. 

It’s easy to come out with cute little gifts like flowers, chocolates, candy jars, and Santa plush toys. But, this time competing on whose gifts are the worst of all. And, you will surely end your day with roars of laughter. Vote among yourselves and choose who’s the most creative among you all.

11. Mask It Up 

Masquerade Christmas Party ideas

How about a Masquerade party? It might sound a bit fancy, but the party idea seems super fun. You got to plan the themes (superhero, Disney, animals, fairy tales, Hollywood, retro, etc), decorate accordingly, and give guests costume suggestions based on the color coordination you plan to execute. 

Choose vibrant color coordination options like gold, silver, purple and maroon to add glamour to your party. Make your day memorable and super cool with a couple of dances, slaying and mysterious costumes, amazing food, and alcohol.

12. Photo Booth

14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)

You can then stack all gifts on a table and play an interesting game. Blindfold your friends one by one and make them pick one out of all the stacked gifts. You can also add a little fun by mixing empty gift boxes with the other gifts.  

Celebrations call for pictures and capturing moments. Set a photo booth at your place to add fun and quirkiness to your party. Arrange for photo booth props beforehand. And, your guests are surely going to enjoy posing and capturing bits from their day. 

13. Bonfire | Fireside Roasting

Christmas Party Ideas

What is better than ending your day with a Bonfire set in the driveway of your house or somewhere outdoors with everyone you love, sitting around you. Some music, wine, fun games, and cozy blankets would make it even better.

All you got to do is, arrange for a Portable Bonfire pit, marshmallow skewers along with comfy sitting arrangements. 

You can play a variety of games from classic Truth or Dare to Guess who? (Where you make everyone identify who’s who, based on childhood photographs).

14. Karaoke Night | Best Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas

Music is an essential part of the parties. And, Christmas is incomplete without Christmas songs. You can meet up with friends at a karaoke bar or create the karaoke vibe at your home. You can play song guessing games, Dumb Charades, and make your own fun lyrics.  

Wrapping Up

That was all about this article on “14 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Friends And Family (2021)”. If you liked these ideas then check out our other articles on Christmas. Moreover, you can also comment below your favorite ideas from this list.

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