11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

Spread the Christmas cheer by playing these funniest family games.

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The zeal of celebrating Christmas at a family party can be a little exhausting if you are a do-it-all kinda person. Decorating Christmas trees, preparing dinner and God knows whatnot can come into your way when you are preparing for the night. Among all these don’t forget to play some Christmas Games For Family Gatherings. Trust me! There cannot be a better end to your night.

When you are planning your ultimate Christmas party, do not forget to gift your guests some DIY Christmas cards. Don’t worry! All of them can be made in under 5 minutes. Everybody does enough to make their guests feel entertained, a card will make your guests feel a little special.

Coming back to our Christmas games for family gatherings, you can be sure that you will have the best fun while playing these. For some background touch, you can play some Christmas songs to make your party merrier. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Check out all these games and enjoy your festive eve with happiness and laughter. 

Fun Christmas Games For Family Parties

I am sure you have already gone through our Secret Santa gifts for your family. Since there’s so much going on, you can still check for any last-time gift ideas. If you have covered everything then quickly go through these ultimate Christmas games for family parties and comment down what is your favorite game out of this list. 

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

1. The Hygge Game

Family gatherings are all about long conversations and funny talks and the Hygge Game brings out exactly that. Having a game that brings you more closer to your family is something that we all need this Christmas. That’s why the Hygge Game is one of the best Christmas games for family gatherings. You can get the Hygge Game for $20 on Amazon.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

2. Cookie Decoration Contest For Christmas

What’s the yummiest way to celebrate Christmas parties? Arrange a cookie decoration contest as a part of Christmas games for family parties. Whoever decorates the cookies most beautifully gets a gift. Now, you are actually giving everybody two reasons to play, a) cookies and b) the gift.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just waiting around the couches for the guests to arrive, set up a Scavenger Hunt. This will give the kids another reason to enjoy your party. Even better, you can enjoy it with them. Get the Scavenger Hunt at just $13 from Amazon. Scavenger Hunts is one of the best Christmas games for family gatherings without any doubt.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

4. Unwrap Gifts With Oven Mitts On

When you are looking for Christmas games without costing a penny, Oven mitts can be of great use. Wrap a gift and ask a guest to unwrap it with the oven mitts on. They cannot use any other body part to unwrap, nor can anyone help them. Most importantly, don’t forget to take some pictures and make fun of them.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

5. Christmas Movie Bingo

Prints some Christmas Movie bingo sheets. Spread the sheets among your guests and watch TV. Suppose “Holly” is written on your bingo sheet. Whenever you hear or see that word on TV, you mark it on the sheet. Whoever marks all the names on their bingo sheet first wins the game. It is one of the easiest Christmas games for family gatherings.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

6. Christmas Guess Game

Christmas Guess Game is the perfect game out of all the Christmas games for family parties that can be used at almost every holiday party. Make cards and write questions on them like “Who has seen a reindeer in real life?” or “Who hasn’t seen Disneyland yet?“. Spread these cards among guests and let them write answers on them. After everybody’s name has been written on the cards, hang the cards and make it a festive memory.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

7. Christmas Would You Rather..

Hypothetical questions have always fascinated everybody and you can make use of some great hypothetical questions in your Christmas games for family parties. Play the popular “Would You Rather..” game and put your guests in a little dilemma.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

8. Christmas Gift Wrapping Race

The stress of wrapping all the gifts timely can be an actual pain in the ass. Especially when you have so much to do. What’s the better option? Gather all the kids around, and ask them to pack all the gifts. No doubt they will require a lot of extra paper, but your chore will be done. Whoever does the best wrapping should be gifted.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

9. Christmas Family Trivia

Everyone will write a fact about themselves on cards without them disclosing their names. After the dinner, get all the cards out and let them match the person with the fact. You have no idea how entertaining this one of the Christmas games for family parties can be.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

10. Christmas Dance Freezze Game

Play a Christmas playlist, get everyone to dance. They can dance in pairs or however they like. Stop the music suddenly and say “Freeze“. Whoever is the last one to stop will be out of the game and the winners get a separate gift.

11 Hysterical Christmas Games For Family Gatherings

11. Guess The Christmas Smell!

It is always a fun challenge to test your smelling powers. Take different jars, fill them with different Christmas scents. Use peppermint, pine needles, needles of your Christmas trees, nutmeg, etc., and fill your jars with them. Now blindfold the participant and let them guess the ingredient. And just like the rest of the Christmas games for family gatherings, every winner will get a gift.

Wrapping Up

These were the best Christmas games for family parties. Out of all of them, Christmas Movie Bingo and the Hygge Game are my favorites. Comment below which game is your favorite and why. We will be waiting for your reply.

Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. Have a great Christmas and an amazing New Year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best family Christmas game?

The best family Christmas games are-
1. Mystery stocking
2. Snowman bowling
3. Drumond Park Christmas Articulate
4. Christmas theme charades
5. Gibsons Pass the Pud After-Dinner Party Game

What are some fun Christmas activities?

Some fun Christmas activities are mentioned below-
1. Take polaroids and hang them around the house to treasure them forever.
2. Decorate a Gingerbread House.
3. Plan a Family Photoshoot
4. Host a Christmas Craft Party
5. Write Letters to Santa

How do I make Christmas fun again?

To make Christmas fun again try to do the following things-
1. Spend more time with the people you love.
2. Ditch a tradition you do not like.
3. If you feel comfortable, start a tradition according to your liking.
4. Gift yourself something you deserve.
5. Attend the Christmas parties of your dearest friends.


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