23 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For Indoors & Outdoors in 2021

Invoke your artsy side and cheer festive this holiday season.

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Christmas is the perfect time to bring out your inner Charis (The Greek Goddess Of Creativity) and why won’t you? You have all the reason in the world to decorate your place with the most fun Christmas ornaments and light up your trees with some of the best tree toppers. Now, it’s time for you to check out Christmas Decoration Ideas that will make your home look nothing different than a wonderland. 

You might have selected some best-scented Christmas candles and have bought some expensive decor items. After all, it’s Christmas. However, if you don’t know how to put it all together, then you are simply wasting your money. Before you even think about buying anything for your Christmas dinner, have a look at the aesthetic Christmas decoration ideas. 

Who doesn’t want to decorate their house this Christmas? If nothing much, then I am sure we all want at least to have a Christmas tree and some vintage blow molds around our house. Here’s how you can decorate your house for Christmas in the most elegant way possible.  

13 Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorating your Christmas tree is always a fun activity to do with your family members and kids. Talking about kids, if you haven’t thought about what your kids will do on Christmas then you must look for Christmas games for kids. Now, let’s jump right onto the next section and check out the best Christmas Decoration Ideas in 2021. 

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Use Those Fairy Lights

You have all the reasons to get as festive as you can. And nothing can look more festive than some lights on a Christmas tree. However, don’t just leave it there. Use the same lights over the area around your tree and make your house glow.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

2. Hang Stars Around Your House

Only if it was literally possible! Hang some paper stars from your ceiling or around the shield, if possible. It will make sense. You will definitely have a star on your Christmas tree, why not hang some more around your house?

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

3. Include Some Flora On Your Table

If you are looking for Christmas decoration ideas to decorate your whole house, you cannot leave your dining table out of it. Use some flowers and leaves. Some beautiful crockery will make it look extremely elegant. If you don’t have some nice crockery, then you can simply go with the flowers to make it look a little more festive.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

4. Reorganize Your Bookshelf

Christmas Decoration ideas include decorating every single corner of your house, including your wooden bookshelf. Reorganize it a bit, and make some space for some Christmas ornaments. Use Miniature Christmas trees, some leaves from your Christmas tree and that’s more than enough.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

5. Play Smart With Colors

Coming back to the dining table. If you are into some fancy Christmas decoration ideas, then know that every decor isn’t expensive. You just need to know how to play with colors and tones. The brown on the plate here completely incorporates with the faded grey on the plate. Try to bring out the same on your dining table.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

6. Advent Calendar On Ladder

Do you have an old ladder at home? Great! Cause you can use it to make your own Advent Calendar this Christmas. Use some ribbons, some cute little bags, write numbers on them, and Tadaa! Your own personalized Advent Calendar is ready.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

7. Use Planters For Indoor Christmas Decorations

Bring those Planters indoors and use some fairy lights to make them a part of your Christmas decoration ideas. You can even write some words or letters on them to make it even more festive.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

8. Easy Origami Trees For Christmas

Being a fan of Origami myself, you can try this simplistic art to make little paper trees for Christmas. Use colors according to your home decor and choose accordingly. Place them on your dining table, on your fireplace and anywhere you like. Make sure you include your kids in this fun activity.

23 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For Indoors & Outdoors in 2021

9. Use Eucalyptus Accents Around Your House

If you are more on the chic side of the group, then this Christmas decoration idea will definitely catch your eyes. Use a basic minimalistic Christmas tree (a real one), along with some Eucalyptus accents. Use it around your mirror and place some candles on your table to make it more sophisticated.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

10. Use Ribbons For Christmas Decorations

I cannot complete this list without saying the word Ribbons at least once. It’s Christmas, you have to wrap your gifts, wines and God knows what not. Ribbons would be all-around your house, so why not use them as a part of your Christmas decoration ideas. Use them on your stairs and match them with some colored leaves.

23 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For Indoors & Outdoors in 2021

11. Beautify Candleholders | Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

No, I wasn’t going to miss Candleholders! All holiday dinner hosts have a separate fan base for beautiful candle holders. Guess what? You can accessories some candleholders this Christmas and keep them not only on your dining table but also around the corners of your house.

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

12. Get A Little Artsy

Let’s just admit, we love to indulge in Christmas decoration ideas every year just to get creative and artsy. Mixing colors, matching tones, and using Christmas ornaments gives a different kind of pleasure in this festive season.

23 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For Indoors & Outdoors in 2021

13. Play With Purple

If you are missing out on the most popular Christmas ornaments and decor items then don’t even think for once that you cannot decorate your place. You definitely can and here’s how. Use all the natural things you can get your hands on, flowers, pine leaves, pine cones, berries, planters, etc. All these can make your guests feel a little more inclined with nature and that’s what you should look for this Christmas.

10 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Now that you are done with the Indoor Christmas decoration ideas it’s time to bring your creative Goddess outside of your door. Let’s decorate your place so well from the outside that your neighbors would want to come in just to see the house decor.

Whenever you are ready, scroll down to see some of the best Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas and start decorating your home, now!

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Start With Your Front Porch

Bring some of the green outside. It can be in your wreath, a little tree, or anything. Plus, keeping your logs outside definitely has to be a major tradition-like thing. Add some lanterns and your porch is all ready for Christmas.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

2. Planters For Decorating Porch On Christmas

Everybody likes to include plants in their outdoor Christmas decoration ideas because it’s smart to do so. You already have planters in your house, just add some fairy lights and that’s it.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

3. Berries On Your Entance

It is not any compulsion to use only greens around your porch. You can add some color with red berries and make your entrance a little different from the rest of your neighborhood. Remember all of this is because you are trying to make your outdoor Christmas decoration ideas as creative as the indoor ones.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

4. Ice Skates Wreath | Outdoor Christmas Decoration Idea

Talking about creativity, ice skates definitely give some chill vibes, so you can totally include them in your outdoor Christmas decoration ideas. Moreover, you add some greens in it with some bells or ornaments and your ice skates are ready to be put in place of regular wreaths.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

5. Santa Claus Blow Mold Truck

Do not settle for anything less cute than a Santa riding his jeep. The Christmas tree beneath him is really adding to the charm of this Christmas blow mold. You can buy this Mr. Christmas blow mold from Amazon at $123.22.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

6. Playful Outdoor Wreath Decoration With Mailbox

You can have some fun with your outdoor Christmas decorations too. Use multiple wreaths for starters, keep some logs around with a Christmas tree doormat. Then keep an envelope on the side and write “Letters To Santa” on it. After Christmas you can check how creative your neighbors can be at having fun.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

7. Double Wreaths

Instead of one, opt for two wreaths for your front door. Add some red-checked ribbons to them. This would be best if you have no other ornaments for outdoors. Logs and lanterns are always the options if you want to put more effort into your outdoor Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

8. Christmas Tree Blow Mold

This Christmas tree is a light-up blow mold and is 24 inches long. The LED lights and the star on the top will catch everybody’s eyes. You can buy this Christmas tree blow mold from Wayfair.com for $165.99. You can also net vintage while looking for the best outdoor Christmas decoration ideas.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

9. Simplisitic Outdoor Christmas Decoration Idea

You don’t need to go all blingy for decorating your doors on Christmas. Choose a white wreath and a long artificial ornament branch that looks just as real. It will cover your outdoor completely and will be very easy on the eyes.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

10. Outdoor Christmas Decoration With Ornaments

At last, you can simply get some big baubles. But make sure they are made of plastic instead of glass. Keep them outside on the snow and you need nothing more than this to express your excitement for Christmas.

Wrapping Up

All of these Best Christmas Decoration Ideas are my favorites. I truly cannot choose anyone above them. Still, if I were to make a preferred choice then it will be including all-things-nature in my home decor.

What about you? Do you also feel the same? Or do you like other ideas from this list? Comment below and let us know everything about your favorite choices from this list.

Share this article with your friends and family members. Have a great festive season and keep visiting PathOfEx for more helpful stuff.


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