Christmas Comet 2021 | How To See Comet Leonard On Christmas?

Spot Christmas Comet above the horizon and start your 2022 watching the brightest thing in the sky.

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Santa and his 10 little reindeer are not the only cosmic thing gracing our sky this Christmas. Last week, a comet, C/2021 A1 Leonard aka Christmas Comet 2021, was seen closest to the earth and its pictures will make your heart bloom. With the brightest tail ever, C/2021 will be seen again in the night sky, not just on Christmas but also on New Year. When exactly? Scroll and find out yourselves.

On December 12, Comet C/2021 was seen marking the title of “The Brightest Comet of 2021“. Visible in the southwest horizon, the C/2021 was seen an hour later after sunset, just beside the left of Venus.

In the article below, you will find out who discovered Christmas Comet, how far is it to be closest to Earth, and how can you see it on Christmas. So with a good holiday cheer, let’s start this article.

Comet Leonard Will Bright Up Your Christmas | Everything About Christmas Comet

The Christmas Comet was exactly 21 million miles away from Earth which is 88 times the distance from Earth to the moon, and yet it is the closest the Christmas Comet has ever been to our planet.

A senior research specialist at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Gregory Leonard discovered C/2021 A1, and therefore, it is now known as Comet Leonard as well.

Leonard said that we can still see the Christmas Comet until around Christmas, however, it is close to the horizon which makes it a little difficult to spot it.

The Christmas Comet brightly shone on December 12, December 20 and now there are many pictures of C/2021 getting bright and brighter every day. It is being said that it could be the final act of Christmas Comet.

Whenever a comet begins to approach its Perihelion, it gets brighter and brighter until it crosses that arc around the sun. Also, it is only around perihelion when a comet begins to heat up and scatters into multiple fragments. The same is speculated about the Christmas Comet.

The increasing brightness of the Christmas Comet can lead to the same, or it will move on unscathed. Moreover, the Christmas Comet first appeared around 80,000 years ago, and won’t be reappearing anytime soon. That’s why everybody should get a view of C/2021 at least once.

Leonard said the beautiful appearance of the comet has happened due to the scattering effect. So basically a comet is made up of largely two parts, “coma” and “tail“. Coma is the cloud of dust and gas and this cloud scatters light behind it. This light lengthens whenever it comes around its perihelion. Hence, the dramatic tail of Christmas Comet.

Another fact about Comet Leonard is that its tail is so long that it is very difficult to capture it.

How To See Comet Leonard?

Since it is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime moment, Gregory Leonard suggests everyone see the Christmas Comet at least once.

If you have missed the spotting of Comet Leonard or the Christmas Comet on the horizon then you haven’t lost the chance yet. Phew! You can still see it.

Christmas Comet 2021 | How To See Comet Leonard On Christmas?
Christmas Comet, seen on 18 December

Despite the fact that the Christmas Comet was nearest to Earth on Dec 12, its Perihelion is due on Jan 3, 2022. So, you can still it brighter than ever.

However, many say that C/2021 will not survive for that long to reach its perihelion. This means that you all should leave your smart devices aside for a while and simply try to see the Christmas Comet as much as you can.

You can see the comet just after sunset, below the southwest horizon. You can use some simple binoculars like 7×35 or 10×50 since it is not possible to see Comet Leonard with naked eyes.

Wrapping Up

You already know how precious this special moment can be. You will never ever get the chance of seeing a phenomenon like this. If we get lucky we will be able to see it on Jan 3, 2022. If not, then you know what to do.

That was all about this article on “Christmas Comet 2021 | How To See Comet Leonard On Christmas?”. If you found it informative then comment below.

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