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What defines Christmas better than freshly baked cookies, the fragrance of pine trees, and a cup of hot chocolate? When you start missing the festive aroma around this season, you just need some Best-scented Christmas candles in your house. These candles will make you fall in love with Christmas even if you aren’t in a festive mood. 

You don’t need to be in Winterfell to have candlelight dinners. If you need a reason for buying beautiful Christmas candles, then Christmas should be enough. Keep them on your fireplace, on your dining table, basically anywhere you feel like. Plus these scents can be super helpful to calm your anxieties down. So, if you are going too busy giving your Christmas trees a decor, then sit back and relax with these scented Christmas candles. 

We have done our best research to sort some of the best-scented Christmas candles here. If you are done with choosing what type of tree do you want to buy and have packed your gifts then scroll down. This list will surely make you want to buy all these candles. 

10 Best Christmas Candles For Every Home In 2021 

You might be too busy looking for the best gifts for friends and family. Now, you need to relax a little and these Christmas candles will help you with that rightly so. Quickly have a look at all these candles. You can even decorate them according to your creativity and decor ideas. 

Best-scented Christmas Candles Under $30

1. White & Gold Candle | West Elm

This gold and matte Christmas Candle on West Elm costs only $28. The brass finish of the Candle vessel will vibe with literally any home decor. With the aroma of spice and amber fill your living room with fresh scents. You can play safe by buying these and no one will ever know.

Best-scented Christmas Candles Under $30

2. Holiday Single Wick Jar Candle | Ralph Lauren

No doubt there are several Christmas candles on the official Ralph Lauren website that are buy-worthy, but this one hits you at all the right spots. You’ll smell red currant, blue juniper, and everything evergreen with a $12 Holiday Single Wick Jar Candle.

Best-scented Christmas Candles Under $30

3. Cinnamon Pump Candle | FRÈRES BRANCHIAUX

The Cinnamon Pump Candle only costs you $22 and will burn for 15 to 22 hours. The reusable glass jar can also be used for storing multiple things. But you know why is it among the best scented Christmas candles? This candle has three layers of scenes. The top one is cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. The middle layer covers sugar, butter, and pumpkin. The last base smells like smoke, vanilla icing, and cream. Now, please don’t tell me you don’t want to buy it.

Best-Scented Christmas Candles Under $30 | Holiday Vibes For All

4. Yankee Christmas Candle

Make the right choice by spending $23 on Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle. By using this candle, you will smell everything like baked cookies, including vanilla, butter, sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Plus they give you 22 ounces for just $23.

Best-Scented Christmas Candles Under $30 | Holiday Vibes For All

5. Winter Forest Christmas Candles | Williams Sonoma

These $19 Winter Forest Christmas Candles smell all of the evergreen Amazon forests. The smell is derived from pure natural oils of pine, cedar, and cinnamon. Having no paraben and Ammonia, these candles are totally cruelty-free. You will get 9 oz of Winter Forest Christmas candles for $19.95.

Best-scented Christmas Candles Under $30

6. Christmas Scented Candle | Sweet Water Decor

Candles that come in a jar are my favorite ones. Especially the Christmas Winter Candles by Sweet Water Decor that you can buy from Etsy. These candles only cost you $21 for 9 fluid ounces. Plus they are handmade, so it’s already special. You must know that this Christmas Candle has orange, cloves, trees, and cinnamon as scent notes.

Best-Scented Christmas Candles Under $30 | Holiday Vibes For All

7. Peppermint Hot Cocoa Soy Candle | The Dancing Wick

Finally, it’s the flavor a lot of you must be looking for. The hot peppermint cocoa will either blow your mind or numb your senses. Whatever it is you are in for a treat of 16 oz of these candles for just $16. You cannot get a better deal on Etsy than this one.

Best-Scented Christmas Candles Under $30 | Holiday Vibes For All

8. Under The Christmas Tree | Bath and Body Works

Under the Christmas Tree is a three-wick white barn scented candle. The $15 Bath and Body Works candle has the fragrance of Fir Balsam, Juniper Berries, Vanilla Eggnog, Sage Leaves with natural essential oils. Do you need anything else to feel more Christmas-y? The official website says, “Sweet, woodsy and oh-so nostalgic, it’s all that Christmas Eve excitement wrapped up in a candle” and we cannot agree more.

Best-Scented Christmas Candles Under $30 | Holiday Vibes For All

9. Santa’s Pipe Scented Jar Candle | Wayfair

Made from the finest soybeans, the Santa’s Pipe Scented Jar Christmas Candles are only for $18.99 at Wayfair. The cruelty-free candles are handmade and you will smell that in these candles. Rose, Amber, and tobacco are merely the highlights of this candle. The weight of Santa’s Pipe is 1 lb.

Best-Scented Christmas Candles Under $30 | Holiday Vibes For All

10. Brown Sugar Chestnut Christmas Candle | Target

What if you haven’t got a fireplace to roast chestnuts? Would you still miss the smell? Definitely not! Get your hands on the Brown Sugar Chestnut Christmas Candles for only $15. These candles come in a 12 oz glass jar making it look really chic. You will smell acorns, maple trees, and fallen leaves with the primary scents of Sugar and Chestnut.

Wrapping Up

It was almost traumatic writing about all these scented Christmas Candles without smelling them. However, you don’t have to go through the same. Buy these aromatic scented Christmas Candles for yourself or gift them to your loved ones.

Comment below your favorite flavors and share this article with your friends and family members. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best Christmas candle?

The best Christmas candles are-
1. Sapin Scented Candle
2. Winter Candle
3. Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle
4. Peace and Love Scented Candle
5. Christmas Wish Candle
6. Christmas Wish Candle
7. Orange Bitters Deluxe Candle

What are the most popular Christmas scents?

The most popular Christmas scents are-
1. Christmas trees
2. Hot chocolate
3. Gingerbread
4. Snow
5. Open fire
6. Roast chestnuts
7. Christmas cake and Christmas pudding
8. Cinnamon


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