China finds coronavirus on frozen Ecuador shrimp; goods sealed, contacts quarantined

China finds coronavirus on frozen Ecuador shrimp; goods sealed, contacts quarantined

The Chinese local health authorities on Sunday found novel coronavirus on the packaging of frozen shrimp imported from Ecuador. After the discovery, the authorities sealed the imported shipment of the Ecuador shrimp and quarantined people who came in contact with it.

As the further investigation is underway, the officials based their conclusion on the preliminary test. The nucleic acid on the packaging of some Ecuadorian shrimp, which arrived in central China’s Hubei Province, came back weak positive, post which the packaging was further tested for the virus.

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Coronavirus on imported foods

This isn’t the first time China has discovered coronavirus on imported frozen foods. Earlier this month, Chinese health officials tested two imported frozen food packaging samples of beef from Uruguay and pork from Brazil and found it to be positive for COVID-19.

In another incident, Chinese authorities reported another case of frozen Ecuadorian shrimp, which tested positive for the virus last week. However, last month, coronavirus was found on beef and tripe packaging coming in from Brazil, New Zealand and Bolivia. It had tested 7,500 people, who were in contact with the contaminated products, but they tested negative for the virus.

frozen food

A man looks at frozen food products in a supermarket following an outbreak of the coronavirus disease in Beijing, China, August 13.Reuters

China has ramped up testing on imported frozen foods in fear of letting the virus in, which had originated from a seafood market in Wuhan. China is the biggest importer of beef in the world. Brazil and Argentina are its biggest suppliers.

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