Chicken Wing Shortage Ahead of Big Game

Chicken Wing Shortage Ahead of Big Game


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The coronavirus pandemic strikes again.  This time in the world of chicken wings. When businesses opened back up after the shutdown in the Spring, chicken wings sales jumped 7%. And now, the Big Game is here, which mean the demand has increased even more. 

General Manager of Capitol Grill in Jackson, Lance Gammill says it’s been tough to get ahold of chicken wings this year because of transportation being shut down as a lot of US factories not being open and working.

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Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner, Andy Gipson say

Factories and plants shut down because of the pandemic challenge. But when the surge in demand took place in the summer, it’s caused a strain on agriculture to produce the amount of wings needed.

Gipson says, this has caused the price of chicken wings to increase.

Gammil says in the past he’s paid $87 for a 40-pound case of wings. This year he’s paying $100.

Around March Madness time last year, chicken wings prices dropped to less than one dollar per pound according to an article from the Washington post. The article adds that pandemic expenses are another reason for the increase in price.

 “The pandemic comes with its own bevy of production expenses: more protective and sanitation equipment, worker shortages, transportation costs. Those all get baked into the price of a wing, and companies have to decide whether to swallow that cost, or pass it along to wholesalers, distributors, restaurants and grocery stores.”

Commissioner Andy Gibson says that America is estimated to eat 1.42 billion chicken wings on game day. He says there’s plenty of wings in the pipeline, it’s just that everyone wants them for the big game.

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