Roblox Cheese Escape Map | Walkthrough Guide

Cheese Escape Map

Cheese escape is a new quest simulator in Roblox. So let’s move through this Cheese Escape Map Walkthrough and learn where to find hidden cheese in the gameplay. In this escape, you will need to collect nine portions of cheese from evading. So move along with this guide, as I will tell you how to get out of the cheese prison and find all the pieces of cheese. 

Since its launch in March 2020, Cheese Escape Map has had over 9.2 million visits, making it the newest terrifying terror game to hit Roblox. The producer of the popular Roblox horror game Roblox Cheese Escape claims that you must survive a harmless rat while gathering cheese keys and resolving riddles in a cheese-themed maze.

Puzzles in escape rooms can be a lot of fun. However, if you prefer to hurry around solving the puzzle while experiencing the dread of trying to escape a monster in place of some puzzle parts, check out Cheese Escape. Together, you open the doors, but if you want to get out, you are the only one who needs to find all the cheese. The locations of each key in Cheese Escape are listed here. Keep reading to discover how you can collect keys and cheese in the Cheese Escape Map Walkthrough.

What Is Cheese Escape On Roblox?

It’s a survival horror game where you must escape from an innocuous rat. Spirow734 developed the adventure-horror game Cheese Escape on Roblox. There are now eight players per server in the game. In this game, you have to collect keys and cheese and escape a maze at the end.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to collect these keys on Roblox. Keep reading to find out.

How To Collect Green Key For Cheese Escape Map?

To collect the green key for Cheese Escape Map, you need to follow the step guide, which will lead you to open your first door. So scroll down and follow the steps to have your key.

Cheese Escape Map

Steps to Collect the Green Key and Cheese along the way:

  1. The entrance to the maze should be entered immediately when the gate opens.
  2. Move right again and begin taking the cheese from the table after passing the green cheese and exiting the safe zone (a transparent green wall). Continue straight to the most distant wall.
  3. To get another piece of cheese from the table, turn left until you cross the sealed red door.
  4.  Now take a quick right in the next hallway and squeeze through a small doorway.
  5. Once you notice a tiny hole on the right, continue walking down the hallway. Step there, take the third slice of cheese and then turn right down the hallway. 
  6. Take the fourth slice of cheese on your path to the key and ladder on the right by continuing straight down the hallway.
  7. While climbing to the second level, be sure to get the green key that is next to the ladder.

Congrats! Since you have the green key, you can unlock the green locked door.

How To Collect Red Key For Cheese Escape Map?

The red door is the second door for the Cheese Escape Map. Getting the key for this door is tricky but possible. You need to follow the instructions carefully to have the key. So without wasting much time, scroll down and follow the instructions, and you will have the red key with you to unlock the Cheese Escape Map.

Cheese Escape Map

Steps to Collect the Red Key and Cheese Along the Way:

  1. Continue straight till you find the green door at the end of the grey hallway, then turn around and descend into the cheese maze. Please tap on the door to open it, and then enter using your green key.
  2. A keypad and numbers on the wall are in the closed chamber where you will discover yourself. The code that unlocks the door is “3842” when recited from bottom to top.
  3. Till you approach the finish, continue along the grey hallway. Here, you’ll find cheese, soda, and a red key. Eventually, you will end up back in the cheese trap if you collect all three, saving the cheese for last.

The red key can now be used to open the red door.

How To Collect Blue Key For Cheese Escape Map?

Blue is the third and the last Color door to get the Roblox Cheese Escape Map. This map key can be easily obtained if you use an essential trick.  So to get this key, scroll through the article and follow the directions mentioned below, and your key will be with you.

Cheese Escape Map

Steps to Collect the Blue Key and Cheese Along the Way to Cheese Escape Map

  1. Enter the maze by slipping beyond the safe area. Continue to the left until you come to the red door, then enter and take the wood block inside.
  2. Continue to the right as you reenter the maze and exit through the green door using the green key.
  3. You can depart the hallway to the right at the very end, and the next chamber contains a little hobby. 
  4. Now grab the cheese at the end after cautiously navigating the hobby.
  5. After that, leave through the white door.
  6. You will locate yourself on the 2nd layer of the planks-and-cheese maze. Put the wood you previously took down before moving over and grabbing the blue key.

Now, you can access your last color blue door key. So you have collected all the color door keys. Let’s move on to the last cheese slices and learn how to escape the maze.

How To Escape The Maze To Find The Last Cheese Slices?

Your Cheese Escape Map is complete until you escape the maze in the game. This is the final obstacle to be cleared to get the last cheese slices. Now that you have opened all the doors and have reached here, scroll the article a little more, and you will get the steps to escape the maze, and you will be all set to have your last slice of cheese with you.

Cheese Escape Map

Steps to Escape the Maze and Find the Last Cheese Slices

  1. Quickly make your way through the maze till you reach the ladder and green key. Walk into the room on the right after climbing the ladder. Take the following slice of cheese and exit thru the blue door with the blue key at the end of the hallway.
  2. Pick up the next slice of cheese in the next chamber, then push the green button. After that, enter the cheese maze and track the cable going through the roof. This will unlock the door to the departure and direct you to the last slice of cheese.
  3. When you’ve taken the cheese, turn around and walk anywhere along the right side of the room. After passing the red door and continuing down the hallway, turn right through the next tiny doorway and turn right into the white departure.

Congratulations, you have cleared the maze successfully!

Watch How To Get Roblox Cheese Escape Map

Wrapping Up 

Here you go with the Roblox Cheese Escape Map. Enjoying navigating through the maze while evading a gigantic mouse and gathering all the pieces to escape finally are some of the exhilarating moments in the Cheese Escape. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any queries regarding this article, let me know in the comments below. Also, check out Path of EX for many gaming-related articles.

Happy Gaming!

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