10 Cheating Girlfriend Signs | Red Flags That Can Save You

Are you worried that your girlfriend might be cheating on you? Look out for these signs and find out the truth.

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The sudden change of attitude, the repeated lies, and diminishing affection. Is your girlfriend getting distant every day? Or is she cheating on you? Whatever it is, you need to clear all your doubts before it gets too late. In that case, knowing about all “Cheating Girlfriend Signs” becomes super important for you. 

Is your Monica still in love with Richard? Well, let’s hope she’s not. Then why do you keep getting that gut feeling? There are more than 500 million neurons in your gut, so trust it. Also, the people who get cheated on are in the denial phase in the beginning. You can try a million things to make your girl happy, but a cheater will always cheat, no matter what. So, it’s not your fault, and please don’t blame yourself for any of it. 

According to research, men are more likely to cheat than women. But you know what’s surprising? This gap is filling in rapidly. A study in 2017 showed that women are closing the infidelity gap. It has also come out that women are better at hiding infidelity for various reasons. Before going too far, let’s go through all the cheating girlfriend signs. 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs | 10 Signs She’s Cheating On You

There can be many reasons why she’s cheating on you. Maybe you were just a rebound, and she really hasn’t got over an ex. It can be anything. She’ll say she got carried away; you weren’t there for her, and blah blah blah! There’s no excuse for cheating anyone as long as you have been honest and trustworthy to your partner. 

Here are the cheating girlfriend signs that will tell you whether your doubts are legitimate or not. 

1. She’s Less Approachable

This is where things start. Before you start thinking, ‘she has important things to do,’ you should know no one’s ever too busy. If you have been together for quite some time now, there are chances you guys are used to talking around a particular time. Unfortunately, if she isn’t available and continues for days, it is one of the big cheating girlfriend signs. 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs | 10 Signs She’s Cheating On You
Source: The Guardian

Things tend to get worse when you guys share the same place. You will see her every day, you’ll talk, but she’ll still be distant, and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than this. 

2. She’s Super Protective Of Her Devices

Previously, you two shared all your devices, the phones were always open for each other, but now there seems to be a password between you and her phone. Don’t get me wrong; she can have her privacy; you do not need to check her phone. But, the sudden behavior change is indeed a little doubting. Isn’t it? 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs
Source: The New York Times

Also, if you ever try to use her device (not for checking on her), notice her behavior. Is she getting nervous? Is she angry that you used her phone? All these are the cheating girlfriend signs that you must look for. 

3. She Suddenly Wants To Look Sexier

Everything was normal; she was all goofy around you, being the lazy one. But suddenly, she wants to look her best, and you aren’t sure if she’s doing it for herself or someone else. A change in her wardrobe, a shift towards more appealing clothes, is one of the definite cheating girlfriend signs.

Cheating Girlfriend Signs
Source: LovePanky

There is nothing wrong if she’s into her looks. It is suspicious when you are not the one she’s doing it for. Know the difference. Otherwise, if you blame her without any solid proof, you’ll be the one who’s always doubting. I’m sure nobody wants to be “A Creepy Boyfriend.” So, while you are looking for cheating girlfriend signs, please be sure that you refrain from any blame game. 

4. She Fights With You More Often

A cheating girlfriend doesn’t have much affection for her partner. She’ll pick fights without any significant reason behind it. This usually happens because she’s comparing you with the other guy in her head.

10 Cheating Girlfriend Signs | Red Flags That Can Save You

Imagine it from her perspective, the guy or girl she’s interested in right now is much nicer to her than you are. He’s not suspicious; you are! He might flirt with her and lightens her mood while you are the only person she repels (at least for now). 

If her feelings for you are clearly diminishing and she’s fighting without any significant reason, then you should know these are the clear cheating girlfriend signs. 

5. There’s No Intimacy Anymore

Of course, when she’s not reachable when she is always fighting with you and doesn’t even let you around her phone or mails, it would kill the intimacy between you. Here the focus is not on the intimacy instead on the closeness it represents. 

There’s No Intimacy Anymore
Source: Dr. Nisha Khanna

Many people are in LDR; if you are one of them, it must be getting doubly tough for you. How would you know that she’s still the same when there are miles between you? You can look for the cheating girlfriend signs and get an idea of the picture.  

6. She Doesn’t Get Mad When You’re Not There For Her

One of the most important cheating girlfriend signs is that your unavailability won’t matter to her. Every girl wants the attention she deserves, but if she doesn’t feel the need for it. You know that you don’t matter to her anymore. 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs

I know it will sound lame, but it is one of the first cheating girlfriend signs that you’ll ever see. Don’t just be there for some time, and if she notices some distance, she’ll call you out instantly. 

7. She’s Busy And You Don’t Know Her Whereabouts

Being busy here doesn’t mean she’s busy on the phone. Instead, she is off somewhere, and you don’t know where she is. Having her location is not an option; she should tell you she’s visiting her friends or will stay there for the night. 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs

You obviously can’t contact her friends to confirm it, but eventually, you’ll know if she was lying or not. It is one of the major signs she’s cheating on you. 

8. She’s Not Interested In Getting More Serious

It will not be said clearly. Perhaps she’ll say it in a fight, or you deduce it yourself that she’s not getting more serious anymore. Her actions will say it all. Your emotional well-being won’t matter; her effort towards the relationship won’t be there. 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs

In short, you’ll feel like you are the only one thinking about you two. Is that how you want to feel? I am sure not. So, know all the cheating girlfriend signs and beware of cheaters. 

9. She Avoids Public Displays Of Affection

One of the most accurate signs she’s cheating is the PDA. Before, you guys were comfortable holding hands or hugging in public, but now, she refrains from any public display of affection. It means that she doesn’t want to come out as someone who’s in a relationship. Now, that’s a clear cheating girlfriend sign, whether you believe it or not. 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs

If you want to check whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not, you can deliberately try to hold hands. If she pulls away, then you know your answer. 

10. You’ll Catch Her Lies

You will hear more lies often. It can be about where she is going or whom she is talking to, nonetheless, if it is a big lie or a small one. Transparency should be a priority in a relationship. Not that you need to tell your partner everything, but you definitely shouldn’t hide things from them. 

Cheating Girlfriend Signs

When you confront her and tell her that she lied, she’ll probably blame it on you somehow. That is one of the signs of a cheating girlfriend that should know if you are suspicious your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

Wrapping Up

Before you quickly jump on to conclude that your girlfriend is cheating on you, know that it can be a part of a misunderstanding. If you have any doubts, talk to her calmly and ask whether she would like to continue this relationship or not. It is 2021, and there’s no time for failed relationships. 

I hope you liked this article on “Cheating Girlfriend Signs.” Suppose you did, then comment below your views. I would love to hear from you. 

Always remember there’s nothing better than self-love in this whole world. Have a fantastic life!

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