Cheapest Internet Providers in 2023 | Choose the Best One

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

Every one of us is dependent on the internet and we cannot think of doing any task without it. However, if I talk about the high-speed internet connection we begin to consider monthly package rates, device fees, data caps, and price. It is because a high-speed internet connection can appear costly. What if I tell you there are some Internet Providers that offer you the high-speed plans at the cheapest price. Yes, you heard it right, you can use the most affordable internet plans by choosing one of the cheapest Internet Providers.

The best affordable internet plan provides a reasonable speed as well as additional benefits such as unlimited data, equipment fees, and set up savings. Let me tell you most internet plans start at $19 per month and some may cost you $60 per month with additional benefits. 

To know more about the cheapest Internet Providers, go through the list and choose any of the Internet Providers that you want. You can enjoy unlimited streaming and save your money.

7 Best Cheapest Internet Providers

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

We live in the internet world and using inexpensive internet plans can help you to overcome the technology gap. You might be confused about which Internet Provider to choose from several Internet Providers. I am mentioning here the best and cheapest Internet Providers. 

With the help of the Federal Communication Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you can save the expensive monthly bills. I have mentioned the Internet Providers who only offer the cheapest internet plans.

1. Mediacom | Cheapest Cable Internet Provider

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

Mediacom as a cable operator can offer far greater speed than DSL, satellites, or wireless service. However, its coverage is less. Mediacom is the fifth biggest internet service company in the United States. Mediacom serves almost 22 states, most of which are in the midwest and south. In almost every way, its internet plans are ordinary. Mediacom plans are affordable and is also the cheapest Internet Providers.

MediacomCheapest  Cable Internet Provider
Price$19.99-$80 per month
Download Speed60-1,000Mbps
Data Cap200-6,000GB
PlansStarting from $19.99/mo.
Connection TypeCable

Pros of Mediacom-

1. Fastest download speed.

2. Lowest promotional Prices.

Cons of Mediacom-

1. Most of the plans have annual price increases.

2. 60Mbps package comes with limited data.

2. AT&T Internet | Fastest DSL Internet

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

AT&T is the fastest and most affordable fixed wireless internet connection. AT&T brings the internet to rural homes as well as to small businesses. An external antenna and an inside Wifi network router are used to connect business. AT&T provides access to download and stream anything without any buffering issues. Moreover, it is the cheapest Internet Providers.

AT&T InternetFastest DSL Internet
Download Speed75–100 Mbps
Data Cap1 TB–Unlimited
PlansStarting from $55
Connection TypeDSL

Pros of AT&T Internet-

1. No data caps.

2. No annual contract.

3.No hardware fees.

4.24/7 security for fiber subscribers.

Cons of AT&T Internet-

1. Low streaming quality.

2. Limited coverage.

3. CenturyLink | Best Affordable DSL Internet Provider

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

CenturyLink has possibly the largest service area of any internet service provider. It primarily covers urban and rural areas across 36 states. It is considered as the cheapest Internet Providers. The majority of that connectivity, roughly 77 percent, comes through CenturyLink’s DSL connection. It implies that several people in rural areas in CenturyLink’s service centers will probably only be suitable for DSL.

Century LinkBest Affordable DSL Internet Provider
Price$50-$65 per month
Download Speed100-940 Mbps
Data Cap1TB
Plans$50-$105 per month
Connection TypeDSL, fiber-optic

Pros of CenturyLink-

1. Faster Connectivity with 24/7 support.

2. Fast- In-home Wifi.

3. Connects you with streaming providers.

4. No bundling and no contract.

5. Greater Customer satisfaction.

Cons of CenturyLink-

1. The fiber network is available in limited areas.

2. Limited data cap.

3. No internet option for cable.

4. Xfinity | Best cable Internet with Extra Value

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

Xfinity is an amazing broadband service that serves as an internet provider with loads of studies on its rates, download speeds, and data caps. Xfinity has the most reliable download speeds. Although its prices range according to the different locations. However, its speed remains constant throughout the US. Xfinity also provides competitive prices over other internet providers. If you want to know the cheapest Internet Providers, Xfinity is the best option.

XfinityBest cable Internet with Extra Value
Download Speed50–1200 Mbps
Data Cap1.2 TB
PlansStarting from $19.99/mo.
Connection TypeCable 
AvailabilityAcross the US

Pros of Xfinity-

1. Fastest download speed.

2. Competitive prices.

3. Availability across the US.

Cons of Xfinity-

1. Prices vary according to different locations.

2. Poor Customer service

5. Viasat | Best High-Speed Internet Provider

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

Viasat is a telecommunications firm headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with activities throughout the United States and internationally. Viasat is a powerful supplier of high satellite internet services and secured networking technologies. Viasat provides the best high-speed internet to the locations where standard domestic internet providers do not reach. That is why Viasat ranks as the cheapest Internet Providers.

ViasatBest High-Speed Internet Provider
Download Speed12–100 Mbps
Data Cap12–150 GB
Connection TypeSatellite

Pros of Viasat-

1. Speed up to three times quicker than traditional DSL.

2. People can sign up for the download speed up to 100+ MBPS.

3. Price Lock Guarantee. 

4. Avoid any unexpected price rise.

Cons of Viasat-

  1. Limited coverage up to 50 states.
  2. Expensive internet provider.

6. Suddenlink Internet | Fastest and Cheapest Internet Provider

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

Jerry Kent and Howard Wood, two entrepreneurs from St. Louis, formed Suddenlink Communications. It was purchased by the parent company Altice USA in 2015.  Suddenlink provides high-speed internet up to 1 gigabit, mobile plans, cable television, and phone. The majority of Suddenlink’s clients are in the United States South, Midwest, and Western provinces.

With 4.6 million customers, Suddenlink is the fourth largest network operator in the United States, as well as the sixth-largest Pay-TV service provider with 3.50 million.

SuddenlinkFastest and Cheapest Internet Provider
Price$20.00 and higher
Download Speed20 Mbps – 940 Mbps
Data CapUnlimited data for higher plan data limits for low tier plans
PlansStarting from $29
Connection TypeFiber, Cable

Pros of Suddenlink internet-

1. Affordable internet plan.

2. Best for gamers.

3. Customizable internet plan.

Cons of Suddenlink internet-

1. Lower plans come with data caps.

2. Individuals seeking a stable price

7. Astound Broadband | Most Affordable Internet Plans

Cheapest Internet Providers in 2022 | Choose the Best One

Astound Broadband is a fiber optic internet service provider (ISP) in particular areas. The company originated as a cable television and telecommunications company in 1993 when it was known as Astound. Astound began operating as an Internet service provider in 1997 and gradually started rising to be the country’s sixth-largest cable company. Astound Broadband provides digital TV and phone providers to household and corporate users in contrast to fiber and cable internet connectivity.

Astound BroadbandMost Affordable Internet Plans
Price$29.99 and higher
Download Speed50 Mbps – 940 Mbps
Data CapUnlimited
PlansStarting from $29.99
Connection TypeFiber, Cable

Pros of Astound Broadband-

1. Most affordable internet plans.

2. Latest technology.

3. Users can use their own devices.

Cons of Astound Broadband-

1. Not good for users who require gigabit speeds.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about the cheapest Internet Providers. Choose any of the affordable internet plans of the above companies and enjoy streaming. I like the Mediacom internet as it has the cheapest monthly plan. Share your thoughts in the comment section and do not forget to share this article with your friends. Keep visiting Path of EX for all the exciting updates. Have a great day!

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