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You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for the cheapest automobile insurance in Texas. We have compiled a list of the best deals in Texas to help you find the cheapest car insurance in Texas. Texas full coverage car insurance costs an average of $1,749 per year, or roughly $146 per month, according to a recent study. The state’s minimum coverage is $611 per year on average, but I found that you may likely buy a plan for less.

The increased number of vehicles across the country has pressed more demand for insurance companies. Various companies are accessible; however, picking the right one is a real challenge.  Before deciding, one needs to get expert advice or go through some available information online regarding the insurer and whether they offer coverage for windshield replacement in Texas.

As well as a description of the cheapest car insurance in Texas, the article will explain what the state’s minimum liability coverage is for a variety of ages and driving records.

Multi-Nature Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

USAA boasts the best automobile insurance prices in the nation. However, State Farm’s average premium in Texas is $51 cheaper per year than USAA’s and $388 less than the state’s average automobile insurance price of $1,382.

Allstate is the most costly provider, with an annual average rate of $2,210. This is almost 60% higher than the state average.

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These vehicle insurance quotes are based on research findings, and yours may vary.

S.NoInsurance CompanyAverage Rate
1State Farm$994
3Farmers Insurance$1156

1. Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Teens and Young Drivers

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

Below is the table which explains well the cheapest car insurance in Texas ages wise for the young and Teens.

Company17-Year Old Females17-Year Old Males
2Farmers Insurance$5,081$5,464
5State Farm$2,558$3,204

It is costly to insure youngsters. However, as alarming as those figures may appear, Texas teenagers have it relatively easy.

Vehicle insurance for teenagers costs an average of $4,515 for females and $5,140 for boys in the United States.

USAA offers the lowest average rates in Texas, while Nationwide has the highest.

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2. Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Young Adults

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

The table given below will explain the cheapest car insurance in Texas for adults and the price.

CompanyFemale-25-Year OldMale-25-Year 
2Farmers Insurance$1,489$1,609
5State Farm$1,019$1,242

Youngsters with Allstate vehicle insurance pay $919 mostly on aggregate than the median for all motorists in the region, with prices $914 higher for females and $919 higher for males.

State Farm has the cheapest insurance for young adults in Texas, charging $565 less for young females and $464 little for young men than the state average.

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3. Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Seniors

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

The cheapest car insurance in Texas is available for seniors also. The rates offered by different companies vary from each other. The table below explains it well.

CompanyFemale-60-Year OldMale-60-Year 
2Farmers Insurance$850$960
5State Farm$882$882

Men are typically paying about $62 more per month in this area than women

Among Texas’ insurance companies, State Farm offers the least expensive policies on a median basis for this age group. The company charges women and men the same average, $882.

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Allstate, the most costly insurance, charges the same prices for senior women and males. 

Accordingly, their motor insurance coverage prices 71 percent more and 63 percent more than the state average.

4. Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Drivers with Poor Credit

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

Now, people with bad credit can also get approved for the cheapest car insurance in Texas. The below table has names of the companies and their rates accordingly enlisted.

Insurance CompanyAnnual Average Price
2Farmers Insurance$1,771
5State Farm$2,091

In Texas, the average price of motor insurance is $1,382. If you’ve a bad credit rating, you may end up paying $2,428, or about 76 percent extra.

USAA has the lowest average rate for bad credit, while Allstate has the most.

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5. Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Drivers with Good Credit

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

The drivers with good credit scores or creditworthiness can also fetch good deals offered by different companies. The rates enlisted here are subject to change. 

Insurance CompanyAnnual Average Price
2Farmers Insurance$1,156
5State Farm$994

When deciding how much you’ll pay for car insurance, following the rules of the traffic can save you money. 

If State Farm insures a good driver, they may pay 28% less than the state average for good drivers.

Allstate is the most costly provider for good motorists, charging roughly 60% more per month than the state average.

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6. Cheapest Car Insurance in Taxes After an Accident

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

Below is the table to explain the comparison between insurance companies and their rates after an accident or mishap occurs.

S.NoInsurance CompanyAnnual Average Price
2Farmers Insurance$1,628
5State Farm$1,187

If you compare the aggregate state premium for motorists with good driving history, your insurance cost with the most expensive insurer on average, Allstate, will increase by 148% after you report a mishap.

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Wrapping Up

The overall comparison of companies that offer the cheapest car insurance in Texas is prepared only after thorough research and experience. The benefits are variously provided to multiple age groups.

Doing so has increased the accessibility of all the companies to the people looking for the cheapest insurance.

The rates and offers shown above are subject to change and don’t remain static all the time. Therefore, one has to look carefully for the cheapest car insurance in Texas.


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