ChatGPT Glasses: How Far Are We From The Future in 2024

ChatGPT Glasses: How Far Are We From The Future in 2023

One thing after another in the world of ChatGPT. And the news about ChatGPT glasses has to be a pivotal point in the history of Artificial Intelligence. The oncoming of ChatGPT 4 has got the attention of all GPT lovers. Although it is not free, you can access GPT-4 without ChatGPT Plus. But let’s talk about ChatGPT glasses here.

The recent news on social media about Stanford students creating RizzGPT (GPT-4 powered AR glasses) has created a sensation. I will go into details shortly. But just imagine living in a world that has AI/AR-powered gadgets to make life easier. It feels like Sci-fi movies are becoming a reality.  It excites and scares me simultaneously. 

This article is going to be all about ChatGPT glasses—the most recent news from the AI world. I will talk about what this device can do and how are Stenford students saying users can be benefitted from the AI & AR device. 

ChatGPT Glasses: RizzGPT

ChatGPT Glasses: How Far Are We From The Future in 2023

RizzGPT, created by Stanford students, is an AI & AR tool to improve conversational skills. It uses GPT-4 language model to generate responses to real-time questions and comments during any kind of conversation. The AI’s responses are then fed into an AR monocle from where the user can easily read it. It is so seamless that it seems as if the user is reading the response from a teleprompter. 

The AR monocle everyone is talking about is a gadget (glasses) with a camera, microphone, and a high-resolution display. These glasses are ChatGPT-integrated. And yes, the user doesn’t need to type anything.

How do Glasses Work With GhatGPT? What Are Their Uses?

ChatGPT Glasses: How Far Are We From The Future in 2023

Have you heard about Whisper? It is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system by OpenAI. Trained on 680,000 hours of data from the web. It is trained on multilingual and multitasking supervised data. To learn more about Whisper AI, visit OpenAI.

RizzGPT uses Whisper AI for speech recognition, and as soon as someone asks you a question while you are wearing it, ChatGPT answers the question, and you can see it on the AR monocle. Monocle is the world’s smallest AR device, and it can display text in high resolution. 

The ChatGPT glasses use Monocle AR, designed by Brilliant Labs. If this technology evolves, and sure it will, things will change really fast. AI and AR will be used by many gadgets to do a bunch of real-life tasks. The ChatGPT glasses are already hoped to be helping people with social anxiety with better conversational skills. One can say that these glasses are inspired by the Xiaomi AR glasses model video released by Xiaomi a couple of weeks ago. 

Whatever the case, reaching this precision and innovation using AI and AR is the new highest point in AI’s journey. Since ChatGPT is now a multimodal model, it is easy for ChatGPT to take prompts in both images and audio. It is only a matter of days before AI and AR will be used by the general public to solve real problems. 

These glasses can be used by interviewees and prepare for common answers with appropriate responses. 

Wrapping Up

These ChatGPT glasses can easily be the future. Or maybe we are already in the future, and there is only more to come. I cannot say when these glasses will be made public, but as soon as they are, they will sell rampantly. I mean, who doesn’t want a personal assistant to answer tough and sensitive questions in real life? The Monocle AR provides multiple potential applications with many AI-powered systems, including ChatGPT. I will come back with more news on ChatGPT and ChatGPT 4. Until then. Ciao!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does ChatGPT stand for?

ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

What is ChatGPT 4?

ChatGPT-4 is the newest version of ChatGPT. ChatGPT was launched in November 2022. And it is now based on the GPT-4 large language model (LLM). 

Is ChatGPT available for download?

No, ChatGPT is not available for download. Instead, it is available on the web and hence requires no download.

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